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EDDI: Fast Facts

EDDI is an AI powered platform that gives high school students personalized career guidance and education options to achieve your goals based on your personality, passion and talent.

As parents, the co-founders feel the pain of trying to guide their children in their career and educational lives after high school. The idea for EDDI emerged as a result of attending numerous college/career seminars, endless searches and the use of a few online products in trying to make sense of disparate and fragmented data about careers, time to employment, type of schools, grades/ testing requirements, financial aid, scholarships etc., - using spreadsheets

Social Impact - Private counseling is very expensive and public schools provide generic guidance counseling at the ratio of 452 (students) to 1 (guidance counselor). Our core product will be free to all students.

Key Highlights

EDDI is the Solution

EDDI solves these problems from the ground up.

An AI platform, EDDI provides personalized career guidance by first creating a unique Learner Profile based on an individual’s personality, interests, passions and talent. EDDI then analyzes millions of data points to provide the right career guidance and options for higher education. This can include college, vocational, bootcamps or certificate programs and financing options based on a student’s timing and preferences.

Students can also consider various options relative to higher education choices and using “what-if” scenarios and modeling to determine choices. Students are made aware of high demand and emerging careers with higher growth rate/salaries and can select higher education options based on a wide range of criteria.

EDDI students also have the opportunity to join a powerful Lifelong Learner Ecosystem that provides mentors, internships, jobs, community participation, networking, etc.

Why We’ll Lead

EDDI presents an innovative AI solution that's capable of delivering personalized career guidance to a broad audience of end users, from high school students (the beginning phase) to adult individuals (the more advanced phase of EDDI) who desire to learn and plan for new emerging and promising careers in the 21st century.

EDDI’s unique technology creates entities of three key types:

The AI Platform analyzes these profiles, considering additional individual preferences specified by the end-user. The outcome of such comprehensive AI-based analysis is the Personalized Career Guidance.

The EDDI Career Guidance AI Engine would provide for optimization of the suggested "career paths" according to target criteria, specified by the end- user, obtaining tradeoffs between time to employment, total cost of education and their ROE (“Return on Education”)

The Dynamic Learner Profile, Dynamic Career Profile and the Dynamic Education Profile will be monitored and dynamically updated for changes in the underlying data, and accordingly adjusted career recommendations which would be proactively delivered to the learner. Suggested career paths and scenarios can be further optimized either by the time needed to achieve career goals or by minimum investments required to do so.

Your Future, Your Success: Chloe

The EDDI Platform would have robust modeling capabilities so that the end-users (learners) could explore various career paths and options using flexible "what-if" scenarios. Based on such modeling, the EDDI Platform would provide reasonable recommendations related to possible changes in the career.

Chloe’s Software Engineering Choices

EDDI will also suggest high in-demand, high-growth job careers based
on the student talent DNA.

Moreover, in case any relevant academic deficiencies are identified, the EDDI Personalized Adaptive Learning AI Engine would recommend specific educational content from partnering content providers that will be individually tailored to improve learner's competencies and academic scores. Other modeling capabilities would include career and earning outcomes based on a student attending a university, community college, vocational, bootcamp or even a certificate program.

The student would also get an opportunity to join the “Lifelong Learner Ecosystem” consisting of peers, mentors, educational institutions and corporations, presenting employment, and professional development opportunities. The Ecosystem would become an invaluable resource for learners as they continue to grow in their careers, providing them with capabilities to engage and create their own personal networks. Additionally, the career guidance data accumulated and aggregated in the EDDI Platform will be instrumental in helping corporate, government, and public organizations identify relevant expertise needed for future job growth.

Meet The Team

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