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Edible Science LLC is a technology-driven company that’s disrupting the fastest-growing sector of the fastest-growing industry in the US - cannabis.

The days of “guessing” whether the next edible you consume is produced with accurate dosing standards are over.  We are focused on eliminating the #1 problem in the edibles space with Xactibles™ - our new, consistent, and precision-dosed brand of edibles products that deliver superior consumer and patient experiences. Every time, every edible.


Our proprietary 3-D software and hardware platform will be licensed, along with our Xactibles Brand name to established customers in all the recreational and medical cannabis states in the U.S. who will produce and sell Xactibles-branded products.



U.S. states are quickly catching on to the benefits of cannabis legalization, and more specifically, the tax revenues it delivers. 


28 states and the District of Columbia have passed recreational or medical use, with states like California, Colorado & Washington already surpassing $1B in tax collections.

Early in this rapidly expanding market, cannabis edibles products have stepped up as the fastest-growing segment for consumers - with a large market forming for products dosed at 10mg and under.



But don’t be fooled; dosing is a huge issue that’s holding the market back.  

It’s the worst-kept secret in the industry
and frequently causes negative
consumer experiences, and
Edible Science has developed technologies to solve this pernicious issue.

If 83% of organic meat you bought wasn’t really organic, would you keep buying it? NO.

Consumers deserve the same consistent, predictable experience with edibles that they get with other regulated products. 

It’s time for a new trusted, market-leading brand.


With so many edibles manufacturers entering the market and side-stepping the mis-dosing issue, how do new brands go about standing out as the
trusted alternative that delivers a consistent experience, each
and every time?


No more crossing your fingers and consuming brands and products that don’t
necessarily deserve your trust. Edible Science holds the worldwide license to the
only patent-pending 3-D printing technology platform devoted exclusively
to printing precision-dosed legal cannabis edibles.

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Our 3-D printer platform, integrated with our state-of-the-art software powers
our proprietary Xactibles “edibles recipes” which is precisely the kind of solution needed to create the new standard of excellence in this exploding category.

The inventors of our vertically-integrated 3-D hardware/software solution are now deploying their solution for precision-dosing in the pharmaceutical and medical research industries.

The innovation they’re bringing to the pharmaceutical category underscores how we’re ensuring that each edible is dosed perfectly.

The consistency associated with the Xactibles brand will resonate with consumers, retail dispensaries, medical practitioners and the industry at large, and provides us with a significant competitive advantage. 

We’re creating an entirely new 
standard of excellence in the cannabis industry!


Check out some of the things we’re most proud of during our short time in business:


The Edible Science vision sprung from the Founder’s early work in the cannabis industry.  After discovering the small 3-D printing company that was developing precision-dosing technology, the a-ha! moment struck - and the rest is history. Let’s meet him and the rest of the Edible Science team!

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