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Edifius offers a no-code web platform for businesses to configure, train, and deploy a conversational AI voice representative that responds to any call inquiry the business can design for self-service - freeing up call center agents’ time for more complex issues, saving the company money, and improving customer satisfaction.

Using our software dramatically reduces the cost of operating a call center, and increases overall company profitability.

IMAGINE: You’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. Only to get transferred to the wrong person, and then transferred to the right person, and finally have your 2 minute question answered.

Your experience is the result of a company who does not have the resources to properly and fully service every single customer service inquiry.

If there’s no system in place to handle simple calls, the overwhelming volume causes customer’s problems to be put on hold. Causing the businesses to:

Lose revenue due to poor customer service. They don’t have enough people to pick up the phone because they have such a high call volume.

Pay for more resources, humans, and technology to provide better customer service, which greatly affects their bottom-line.

Edifius offers Simba -- a virtual call center assistant that handles all those simple to complex repetitive inquiries so employees don’t have to.

But let’s be clear -- Simba’s not some frustrating automated menu.

It’s a machine learning chatbot that speaks to customers with a company’s unique voice and tone, answers questions promptly and reliably, books appointments, or completes other more complex tasks -- reducing the number of calls transferred out to a live agent.


Simba is built completely on cloud infrastructure, featuring:

Customers can use call logs to re-train Simba on incorrect responses, or expand its training to respond to other inquiries.

Set-up is easy, quick, and stress-free, designed for non-techies. Our customers will:

Perla Humphrey
Perla brings over 30 years of experience in management consulting, leading global software engineering teams, project management implementing tier-1 B2B software projects, finance and accounting, and business development.

Her focus is marketing & sales, business development, finance, accounting, and operations.

Adrian Humphrey
Adrian is a Senior Full-Stack software engineer; has created end-2-end mobile and web applications for 2 previous start-ups; has worked as a Front-End Engineer at a Start-up in the scale stage, and is the sole engineer for Simba.

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