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At A Glance

EduPortle’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) provides the technology and tools to digitize any education content and create an online learning environment for continued education in corporate leadership and management.

Powered by our partner company and co-founder, Swiss Connect Academy, our LXP offers all of modular, AI-powered and secure learning features to help employees thrive in their role.

A Dynamic Education Landscape 

Education is among the many worldwide industries experiencing sweeping social, economic, technological and demographic changes as a result of the pandemic.

Digital transformation will fuel the evolution of new educational models, transforming institution’s operations, strategic directions and value proposition.

Centralized Education Platform For All 

EduPortle is a centralized online education platform that expands, enhances and advances global leadership and management education for corporations, employees and their partners.

Our Education-as-a-Service portal provides tools for all individuals in the education environment to excel in their role, including:

Our modular solution enables secure access by any user on any device through a modern web browser and a minimum 3G internet connection at any location in the world. 

Key Features

Key features of EduPortle’s LXP include:

Modularity: Our LXP can be customized to fit any company’s needs, with an easy-to-manage interface.

Increased security: We offer secure SSO to the portal’s front-end, with increased security and cyber assurance everywhere else.

Team collaboration tools: These include Video Chat, Video Coaching, a Newsfeed, Group Chat and 1:1 Chat.

Custom, AI-powered content: With our AI & Self Learning App, companies can build custom courses and quizzes for continued learning.

Traction & Partnerships 

EduPortle is fully developed and launched in several European markets. We currently have approx. 25,000 paying users among our co-founding mother companies (oneclick & Swiss Connect Academy) in Europe, with larger corporations using our platform for their leadership and management education. 

Since the launch in Europe with Swiss Connect Academy, we’ve:

We are partnered with several additional EdTech organizations to offer additional education content for our leadership course library, including, Medical Valley Academy and Blockchain Academy.

Executive Leadership

Team Overview

Our 20 full-time team members are based in Switzerland. They bring expertise in:

  • Instructional Design
  • Learning Content Production and Development
  • UX research and AI Development
  • Training and Teaching

We have 15 full-time team members based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for continuous IT Development and Improvement of our LXP.

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