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ELi Technology Inc.: Fast Facts

ELi’s patented Emergency Mobile Location ("EML") methodology is the next step in the evolution of precise location data, providing a verified dispatchable address, including indoor, plus GPS coordinates and a vertical reference. Our methodology will enable first responders to save lives by providing accurate and automatic location in real time for all emergency calls; EML provides the “right door to knock on”. The nationwide network of verified location datapoints established by EML provides a framework for extensive applications in Location Based Services.

Accurate Mobile Location Data

ELi Technology was founded in 2017 to create, for the first time, the ability for 9-1-1 responders in any country to locate callers quickly and accurately, whether in rural, urban or indoor environments. The FCC believes, in the US alone, this can save over 10,000 lives per annum.

Private networks, such as businesses, governments and schools have long been a challenge for 9-1-1. We provide the accurate location and intelligence within these private networks or campuses to enable a rapid and effective response. 

Our patented Emergency Mobile Location (“EML”) provides a nationwide network of verified location datapoints. These datapoints can be used for a variety of services in addition to mobile 9-1-1; in public safety Next Generation 9-1-1, VoIP, IP, Persons with Disabilities and many more. A multitude of commercial services are also created: Location Based Services (i.e. Uber), Point of Sale Advertising, Indoor Mapping, Big Data, Internet of Things and many more

EML Overview Video 


Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development: We have developed and constructed the components that support our EML methodology, and have Beta tested our methodology in a large 70,000+ capacity NFL stadium and in Kista, Sweden to demonstrate real-world functionality. We’ve scaled the functional components to support country-wide traffic levels, completed a technical audit by the Research Institute of Sweden, and have been tested in Canada, the US, Middle East, and several European countries. We have also successfully completed an IBM-led Design Thinking Workshop with the world’s leading emergency services operator. 

Customer Acceptance: CCurrently we are in advanced feasibility and 9-1-1 public networks commercialization discussions with several major U.S. organizations, 2 U.S. states, Canada, 3 European countries and 2 Middle East countries. Commercialization is expected in the next 3-6 months. In addition to 9-1-1 commercialization efforts, we are finalizing our private networks and location based services offering. This process includes several pilot projects with major global brands to fine tune our service offering with potential distribution partners. Private networks have long been problematic for emergency services, have shorter sales cycles and will establish revenue for ELi and reference accounts to be utilized for our public safety sector. 

Patents and IP: WWe obtained a US patent in 2019, Canadian patent 2020 and registered via Patent Cooperative Treaty process in over 50 countries in 2020. Additional patents will be added to our portfolio in 2022.

Partnerships: We have reseller agreements with companies in Romania and Qatar, with a globe Top 10 Telecom signed in Q2. Agency agreements have been executed with organizations in the US, UK, Ghana, Egypt and several others pending. IBM is a key technical delivery partner.

Socially Positive: Based on the IBM-led Design Thinking Workshop completed in February 2020, EML will save between 30-90 seconds per call on the 250M 9-1-1 calls annually in the USA. Also, using FCC’s published numbers, EML will save over 10,120 lives annually in the USA; in Europe, the EU estimates 10,000 lives per year can be saved with improved mobile location.

Distribution: Due to the industry’s public safety conservative nature, decision makers prefer to work with proven trusted current suppliers. ELi's white label reseller program will enable ELi to leverage the reseller partners’ trust, reputation, contracts and sales force within the market. We have distribution and agency agreements in US, Canada, Romania, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Malaysia plus we anticipate one with a globe Top 10 Telecom to be signed in 2022. Several others are pending. AWS is a key technical delivery partner.

Press Mentions: ELi’s CEO and founder has been a featured speaker at several EENA Annual Conferences, NENA-New Jersey Annual Conference, and Invest in Stockholm bi-annual event for top 200 CEOs in Scandinavia. ELi was the featured company for Stockholm City of Unicorns theme. ELi has also hosted major industry stakeholder events in U.S., Sweden, Canada and Romania.

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