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Nanocoating renders face masks and other PPE antiviral


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Standard medical masks and respirators have limited filtration capabilities when it comes to viruses and no ability to kill them on contact.

Even in places where mask-wearing is mandatory, infection rates have continued to soar, which suggests masks aren't working as well as they ought to.

Infection even happens as people remove masks and accidentally make contact with noses and mouths while donning and doffing - viruses can remain alive for up to 28 days on surfaces.


Elizion's nanocoating renders PPE antiviral by applying a thin layer of our proprietary treatment to the middle and top layer of a surgical mask, enhancing filtration and killing viruses and pathogens on contact.

Elizion’s treatment renders PPE inherently antiviral, a beneficial solution not just for COVID-19 but for the season flu, common cold, and other airborne pathogens that put vulnerable populations at elevated risk.


Elizion's proprietary X-NanoG™ viricidal coating works by two modes of action:


Product Development
The Minimum Viable Product is developed. Preliminary viricidal test data already shows 99.2% efficacy of the X-NanoG™
coating on treated fabrics at 10 minutes contact time. Relationships with state-of-the-art contract coaters in the US and Canada have been developed who can process large orders. The solution is functioning as intended in commercial equipment. The treatment improves tensile strength by over 50% when compared to uncoated fabrics, and the biocompatibility assessment is nearly complete for preliminary submission to the FDA and Health Canada for approvals.

Customer Acceptance
The first PO was issued in February 2021 for a new product launch in April 2021. An MOU is in place with O2 Industries, we’re in discussions with global PPE giant, Medicom, in Canada, and have been introduced to Superior Felt, which makes raw materials for respirators and PPE globally.

A US provisional patent application has been filed; novelty of product is determined; trade secrets (confidentiality NDAs) are in place with all applicable project partners.

Social Proof
We are currently working on PR. From a high-level standpoint, there's mixed data on the efficacy of standard masks against viruses, but a viricidal coating enhances people's confidence in mask-wearing.

University of Waterloo, Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ), Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Syracuse University, Syracuse Center of Excellence, Mitacs, Natural Products Canada, Biotalent Canada, York University, Bennett Jones, Osler Emerging High Growth Companies, FoundersBeta

Manufacturing and Distribution
Chemical sourcing identified; Canadian chemical mixer identified; Supply-chain of X-NanoG™ solution secured; Non-woven suppliers established; Working with US and Canadian contract coaters.

Press Mentions

  • Elizion Tech receives prestigious Syracuse COE award
  • Elizion Tech named the No. 1 Tech Company to watch for in 2021


Alia Rahman, CEO, Co-founder:
Senior air quality/air pollution control engineer and product developer with an emphasis on team building and bottom-up leadership. Alia believes in empowering others to do the best work of their lives by developing meaningful products that positively influence the world around them.

Benjamin Barrows, COO:
Ben is an adaptive leader, social entrepreneur, and supply-chain expert who brings to Elizion over 15 years of building startups, driving products, and bringing commercial lending to war-torn countries. Ben has managed hundreds of direct reports across dozens of countries and created value in excess of $250 million.

David Costantini, CFO:
Seasoned CFO and MBA holder, David has raised upwards of $10M for past startups in industries ranging from e-commerce to telecom. David is known for being a motivated, "get things done" executive bringing to Elizion expertise in financial functions, risk management, and investor relations.

Dr. Rob Liang, Head of Product Development, Co-founder:
PhD Materials/Nanotech engineering, Post-doc, innovator, entrepreneur, options trader, and Bitcoin enthusiast. Rob believes in taking science projects and turning them into commercial realities.

Tahbit Chowdhury, Head of Industrial Relations, Co-founder:
Tahbit is an industrial engineer, polyglot, polymath, and elite basketball developer. Tahbit supports strategy and special projects while overseeing industrial relations and partnerships. 

Dr. Norman Zhou, Technical Advisor, Co-founder:
Tenured professor and chair of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Waterloo, Prof. Norman Zhou is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair and Elizion Tech co-founder. Previous business building includes co-founding a successful materials processing company, Smarter Alloys. Prof. Zhou believes in empowering young people to think outside the box and allow their creativity to run loose in his $25M lab.

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