Elliptical Stroller

The world’s first stroller propelled by elliptical motion


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SoBe Strollers: What You Should Know

Introducing SoBe Elliptical Strollers: created with a sleek and trendy Italian design. This functional and visually-appealing stroller provides users with a non-competitive full body workout, without compromising quality TIME away from their children. The disk brake system allows the rider easy turning and stability throughout the workout.

With the added digital tracking systems for calories burned, distance and weight loss per week, this stroller will keep parents fit and focused on their healthy lifestyles. New moms can finally lose post-pregnancy weight after delivery with an impact free workout, using the stroller for the first time as an active aerobic machine.

Through the use of geotagging, mothers can locate other active mothers to stroll with, promoting social bonding and networking.


Fitness Falling Short? 

For many new parents, finding ways to get a workout in has created more obstacles such as:


Our vision is to manufacture stylish and sportive strollers that are also sexy in design (Italian design), unique and customizable. We would like to create a new movement for new moms and let them regain their pre-baby body and by doing so regain their confidence while having fun doing it.


Mothers and active dads can use the patented Elliptical Stroller to carry children, pets and objects as well!

With its easy transformative model, from standard stroller to Elliptical Stroller, this impact-free and safe aerobic exercise stroller will have you and your family fit and ready for fun each and every day!


Versatile | The stroller is very versatile as the entire mechanism folds allowing for a conventional stroller and when opened it allows for a fitness machine use.

Fitness-Forward | The stepping/elliptical motion propels the stroller forward and provides a legitimate workout toning your legs, gluteus, shoulders, abdominals and arms. This impact-free work out is for everyone, regardless of their fitness level! This is the first time in the history of strollers that a parent can actively use a stroller as a fitness machine!

Safety-Focused | The machine is sturdy, safe, and does not rely on speed to keep stability like bikes do!

Non-Competitive Activity | The machine meets the full needs of new mothers, offering a non-competitive activity that mothers can engage in.

Time-Saver | Takes little time to do and increases parental well-being by releasing endorphins while using the machine. Using the machine also promotes parental bonding while teaching their children the importance of being active from a young age.



Demand for our product is high…

We tested our first prototype in Times Square, and it was very well received by everyone.

Our first prototype being a crowd-pleaser has paved the way for our second lighter, and foldable prototype to be just as successful.

F I R S T  P R O T O T Y P E  I N  A C T I O N

S E C O N D   P R O T O T Y P E   V I D E O S


This is the 1st model we have envisioned for the market


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