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Livestock Labs:
Fast Facts

Livestock Labs introduces EmbediVet:
a small implantable device that provides the biometric data of livestock including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature.

It’s perfect for farmers of large scale pasture operations and feedlots of all sizes, because it takes the guesswork out of farming. The data is transformed by proprietary algorithms into actionable information that is sent straight to the farmer’s phone. It’s like an implanted fitness tracker for livestock.

Cattle Supervision
is Costly

When it comes to ensuring healthy livestock, most people do not realize how much work goes into caring for the herd. Large pasture operations and feedlots require the employment of cattle supervisors to oversee essential cattle functions.

It’s costly to pay for supervision to find out if one of the herd is in heat or notice early signs of disease. When cows start calving, a farmer has to check every two hours, day or night, to make sure calves aren’t stuck.

Livestock Labs introduces the EmbediVet Sensor, an implant that monitors livestock and alerts farmers when attention is needed.

EmbediVet Offers
Industry-Leading Solutions

EmbediVet Sensor is a small implantable device that frees the farmer to focus on other aspects of maintaining and operating large scale pastures and feedlots. Our system allows farmers to reduce costs and increase productivity.

By using the EmbediVet system, a farmer will receive accurate symptom reports earlier so they can direct their time and energy to the livestock that need it. The EmbediVet system collects biometric data from each implanted animal and the proprietary algorithms turns it into actionable information and alerts that can be sent straight to the farmers’ phone.

A Complete and Superior
Livestock Sensor

EmbediVet Sensor measures key biological characteristics: heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, temperature, and rate of activity. These biometrics are used individually and as a whole to determine and alert signs of stress, estrus and other information that impacts an animal’s farm value.

The pulse oximetry module measures these biological characteristics by shining light into tissue at different wavelengths and measures how much is reflected. As blood subtly changes color when oxygenated, the curves returned from this instrument show the animal’s heartbeat and blood oxygen saturation level. The precise thermometer will detect changes that indicate regular temperature changes, such as estrus, as well as episodic changes in temperature such as fever.

On-board accelerometer reports animal activity levels. Decreases in activity level in conjunction with other metrics will indicate potential stress or illness, requiring investigation. Increased activity + increase in temperature in females indicates estrus.

EmbediVet’s Rapid
Industry Impact

In 2011, the founding members of a biohacker group began building and designing implantable circuitry. Our success over the years in developing implants led us to the decision to take our hard won expertise to the commercial market. Turning to the agriculture sector, we developed a prototype implant that advances the health and well being of cattle and other livestock.

Livestock Labs’
Visionary Founders

Tim Cannon
An American software developer, entrepreneur, and biohacker based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started his career in the medical device industry and has lead small teams in building low cost implantable technology. Tim has been in new products development for his entire career and lead several teams through the full software development lifecycle.

Amanda Plimpton
Coming from a startup in San Francisco, Amanda brings a diverse technical and operational skill set. As an IT professional and biohacker, she is excited by the opportunity to grow the organization from the ground up, cultivating a positive work culture with a customer success focus.

Marlo Webber
Marlo is an engineer from Mullumbimby, New South Wales who comes from a renewable energy industry background and is passionate about the art of electronic design. He has been recognized for his talent in realising complex implantable devices. In addition to his EE and software skills, Marlo is an accomplished visual artist, published illustrator and is knowledgeable about genetics, biology and materials science.

Livestock Labs’
Board of Directors

Graham Murray
Australian and New Zealand citizen. Tertiary Education in NZ, Australia and USA. Career in IBM Corporation spanning 39 years. Key IBM Roles: VP, Financial Industry Asia Pacific, Chairman and CEO IBM NZ, Director of Marketing, A/NZ.  Consultant and Business Advisor to “scale up” technology companies in 2012-current. Chairman and Member of Board of 4 Companies incl. a Not for Profit Organization. Shareholder, Advisor to CEO and Member of the Board of Livestock Labs.

Atanas Vanchev
Mr. Vanchev, MBA University of California - Berkeley, B.S. Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, is a financial sector veteran who’s been working on Wall Street for the past 15+ years.  For the past 8 years, he’s served as a Quantitative Investment Strategist and Market Risk Manager for XL Catlin, where he’s responsible for providing an unbiased systematic perspective on tactical asset allocation.

Greg Anderson
Anderson Vance Capital Advisors, Managing Partner. Greg Anderson has over 25 years of finance, accounting and tax experience.  He is currently the Managing Partner of Anderson Vance Capital Advisors, a healthcare investment banking firm headquartered in Denver.  For ten years Mr. Anderson led Green Manning & Bunch’s national healthcare investment banking practice.  During his tenure the firm completed over 30 M&A transactions, financings and advisory assignments for both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare companies. At Bear Stearns in New York Mr. Anderson managed sell-side and buy-side M&A transactions, senior, high yield and convertible debt placements, and equity underwriting.  Mr. Anderson’s accounting experience includes tax compliance at Ernst & Young and a controller position at Marriott. Mr. Anderson is a board member of OrthoColorado Hospital, the state’s largest surgical hospital, Omega Hospital, Diathrive and Livestock Labs. He is the former president of the CoBiz Cares Foundation.

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