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Brand Overview

Welcome to endoteas

home to 100 hemp tea blends

endoteas delivers whole body hydration with healthful hemp tea blends. 
Our formulas are made with plant-based micronutrients known for their health benefits along with the added goodness of American grown hemp extracts that 
naturally support the systemic endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

Our entire line of hemp foods and beverages provide a convenient way to increase essential micronutrients as a daily part of your personal healthy diet. 

endoteas is the first in a line of organic hemp foods & beverages

Company Landscape

Motivated By A Global Health Crisis

Backed by Science

The scientific discovery of the ECS has ushered in an advanced understanding of the microbiology of life itself.

The EndoCannabinoid System (ECS)
The ECS is a major signaling network between the brain, the nervous system, and our peripheral organs. The ECS acts as your internal world wide web, connecting to the receptors in each cell of your body.

Science and endoteas

Expert Opinions

Meet the Founders & Team

Alisa Dee Daskarolis, Co-founder
Alisa reclaimed her health with cannabis; from being an opioid addicted blob, to a pain & pharma-free functioning being by consuming her cannabis infused foods & beverages.  After 47 years of increasing opioid dosing ‘solutions’ for her chronic, excruciatingly, debilitating back pain, Alisa questioned pharmaceutical solutions, and set out with her own research skill set seeking alternatives to the pharma slow death. 

As a competitive athlete from age 7, Alisa’s back pain, the radiating electrical nerve pulsating throughout sciatica, lumbar and leg kind of pains, were always assumed to be associated with her athletic challenges and injuries. Taught to “push through the pain”, she endured and prevailed. At age 30, she was properly diagnosed with ‘congenital spondylitis’, of course a serious case at that point.  Steffee Plates and Screws surgery was ‘elected’ as her last attempt to cope.  Of course this lead to involuntary, increasing narcotic addictions for another 24 years; casually popping off 1600 mg tramadol every few hours, maxed out on benzodiazepines, and more, ugh.

It took the threat of the ‘eternal’ morphine drip implant to scare Alisa’s into a serious self-medicating cannabis infused menu to detox her pharma contaminated endocannabinoid system (ECS) and regenerate the receptors towards her unique homeostatic physiology.  Within four months Alisa was opioid and PAIN free, 35 pounds of filler weight melted away, and she was back at the gym for an hour a day!

Microdosing cannabinoids and cannabimimetics became the wellness lifestyle model she’s committed to sharing with global consumers as a preventative measure or as a health ailment aid.  Alisa’s lifelong personal health experiences with cannabis is her foundational stone of our business.

Karen Pike, Co-Founder
Schooled in mainstream nursing as well as multiple complementary health sciences, including naturopathy and energy medicine  Karen has practiced private duty palliative care for most of her career.  To help ease the suffering of her beloved patients she made marijuana edibles and oils that helped to lift their spirits and relieve their discomfort.

When CA SB420 passed, she got involved in the CA Medical Marijuana Program as co-founder of The Medical Cannabis Caregivers in Pasadena, CA.  During her tenure MCC taught over 4000 students from all over the country and held lectures featuring trailblazers of the cannabis industry. 

Karen’s mission was and remains today “to empower the individual through knowledge, community, health and action for the highest good of all.”   Karen serves on the community advisory board (CAB) of an ongoing NIH funded longitudinal study on ‘Cannabis, Health and Emerging Young Adults’.

In 2015, Karen switched her focus to CBD, expanding SoothingSweetness Functional Foods and finding like minded hemp entrepreneurs as well as  building bridges with men and women with years of experience in national food industries eager to represent the CBD industry to their colleagues and help bring hemp products to the general retail market.

Karen is a patented inventor* and a passionate advocate and administrator with over 40 years experience in cannabis product development.
* US #6056613

Charlie McMenamin, Director of Business Development
Charlie McMenamin is an accomplished 25-year consumer product veteran who has built and led sales organizations that range from $7m to $12b in annual sales.

His industry successes were accomplished in CPG, IT, Medical, and the BioTech vertical marketplaces, both domestically and internationally with companies such as Nabisco, Kraft Foods, P&G, Mondelez, and with Retailers across the globe. Charlie has been active in C-Level roles and responsibilities that have garnered record-breaking sales and operational efficiencies in the Forbes Top 20 CPG companies worldwide. Charlie has led multiple National Accounts Teams in the CPG industry.

Richie McPeak
Richie's passion for studying food medicine spans 20+ years. Starting in 1996, Richie stocked the shelves of his family’s health food store where he spent time studying the benefits of organic fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, mushrooms, and Probiotics. He listened to consumers and their families and the healthy goodness they were seeking.   

The interaction and trust that occurs while handing people products and looking them in the eyes is something he has carried with him throughout his journey to create pesticide free, organic, plant based gummy supplements, protein bars, powders, hemp and probiotics.

Richie then began education, sales and product branding for innovative food-based companies who created organic products with fruits, spices, vegetables and mushrooms in vitamin the supplements industry.

Inspired while having lunch with his kindergarten son, Conner, in the early 2000s, Richie noticed a lack of fruits, vegetables, and spices in kids’ products. Richie and his family created the first kids and adult certified organic, plant-based gummy supplements with the USDA Organic Seal, European Union Seal, and non-GMO project verification. These delicious supplements were placed worldwide in top retailers such as Publix, Wegmans, and H-E-B, plus thousands of health food stores, online retailers and households globally.

Richie’s fun facts - He can ride a horse backwards, wrestled in Mexico, and created the world’s first certified organic, non-GMO project verified organic gummy supplements for kids and adults.

Todd Mock - Graphics and Branding
Over 30 years of award-winning packaging and promotions design experience. Supervised creative staff, client contact, customer support and creative sales.

Responsible for creative photography, environmental design and key projects from concept through production, including Disney®and Hasbro® worldwide movie promotions, McDonald’s® food packaging Jim Henson® children’s products. Currently designing new packaging for products in major retail stores such as Costco®, Walgreens®, Rite Aid®, Fred Meyer®/Kroger®, New Seasons®, Market Whole Foods® and Amazon Private Label items.

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