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Motivated By A Global Health Crisis


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Alisa Dee Daskarolis, Co-founder
Alisa reclaimed her health with cannabis; from being an opioid addicted blob, to a pain & pharma-free functioning being by consuming her cannabis infused foods & beverages.  After 47 years of increasing opioid dosing ‘solutions’ for her chronic, excruciatingly, debilitating back pain, Alisa questioned pharmaceutical solutions, and set out with her own research skill set seeking alternatives to the pharma slow death. 

As a competitive athlete from age 7, Alisa’s back pain, the radiating electrical nerve pulsating throughout sciatica, lumbar and leg kind of pains, were always assumed to be associated with her athletic challenges and injuries. Taught to “push through the pain”, she endured and prevailed. At age 30, she was properly diagnosed with ‘congenital spondylitis’, of course a serious case at that point.  Steffee Plates and Screws surgery was ‘elected’ as her last attempt to cope.  Of course this lead to involuntary, increasing narcotic addictions for another 24 years; casually popping off 1600 mg tramadol every few hours, maxed out on benzodiazepines, and more, ugh.

It took the threat of the ‘eternal’ morphine drip implant to scare Alisa’s into a serious self-medicating cannabis infused menu to detox her pharma contaminated endocannabinoid system (ECS) and regenerate the receptors towards her unique homeostatic physiology.  Within four months Alisa was opioid and PAIN free, 35 pounds of filler weight melted away, and she was back at the gym for an hour a day!

Microdosing cannabinoids and cannabimimetics became the wellness lifestyle model she’s committed to sharing with global consumers as a preventative measure or as a health ailment aid.  Alisa’s lifelong personal health experiences with cannabis is her foundational stone of our business.

CPG Product Placement Group 
Douglas Haase

Versatile and forward-looking professional company with vision, experience, business acumen and proven ability to construct and execute aggressive initiatives. Focused on delivering new customers, growing existing customers, increasing revenue growth and maximizing market penetration. Aggressive hunter mentality whether start-up company or existing expansion. More than 30 years of successful experience in positions of progressive responsibility within all channels.  Extensive history of innovating process and efficiency improvements resulting in revenue gains and long-term growth. Influential Team leaders with a sincere commitment to people development. Cultivate talent and cohesive, positively focused teams. Experienced at extensive weekly travel to build businesses and manage teams. Contacts in all channels to get in the doors!

Areas of Expertise
Team Leadership & Motivation – P&L - Project Management - Strategic Planning - Inventory Management
Vendor Relations - Process Improvement - Scheduling - Workflow Optimization - Budgeting - Financial Analysis
New Business Development - Competitive & Market Analysis – Product Marketing - Customer Service – Private label and Branded -

Public Relations – Merchandising - Diversity Management – Performance Evaluation - Staff Training & Development

Companies we have worked for in our professional careers
Nabisco , Kraft, Rico’s, Mars Advertising, La Familia/Nogales Food Distribution, Big Train Beverage Company, Novelty Inc, Scobee Foods, Ciclon Beverage, Winn Dixie, Haaseline Entertainment
CPG currently work with over 150 retailers and wholesale/distributors in All Classes of Trade: Mass, Grocery, Club, Drug, Pharmacy, Convenience, Pet, Military, and Specialty

CPG currently has products in the following categories Snack Foods, Beef Jerky, Beverage, Oil/Vinegar, Honey, Cheese, Business Supplies, Apparel, Medical equipment, Health, Cleaning supplies, Candy, Tea and Condiments. Represent ing sales of 15 M.

Todd Mock - Graphics and Branding
Over 30 years of award-winning packaging and promotions design experience. Supervised creative staff, client contact, customer support and creative sales.

Responsible for creative photography, environmental design and key projects from concept through production, including Disney®and Hasbro® worldwide movie promotions, McDonald’s® food packaging Jim Henson® children’s products. Currently designing new packaging for products in major retail stores such as Costco®, Walgreens®, Rite Aid®, Fred Meyer®/Kroger®, New Seasons®, Market Whole Foods® and Amazon Private Label items.

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