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Quick Pitch

At EPIC Battle Customs USA, LLC we will work with every customer to bring their gaming fantasies from imagination to reality. We sell both mass-produced gaming merchandise as well as custom designs, depending on the customer's preference. One example of what we are producing are our Celtic Range of model bases (the first two images). We are also in the early production stage for our Industrial Range of bases as well (third image). A third base line we are working on is our Trench line of bases. So, please consider donating to help us reach our goal to get these out on the market!

Celtic Range Model Base

Key Features

We provide mass-produced gaming merchandise as a reseller at a cheaper rate than what a customer can purchase the same item through the producer directly. We are also in the process of developing several lines of customized products for exclusive sale in EPIC Battle Customs stores or web. If a customer wants a fully commissioned job done, we can do that as well. We provide high quality models with unique paint jobs for any commissioned job. There was also a trench set for table top war gaming that only one company produced and sold, and that item has since been discontinued. Our designer came up with a similar design to fill that void that was left by that discontinued item. Examples of our custom designs, as well as examples of items that we will sell from our various suppliers are included for reference only.

Ophiel Model for Warhell the Game - produced by Hitech Miniatures

About the Business and Team

This business began with the intent of being a web-only presence and over time the idea expanded to include a storefront as well. We felt it necessary to provide a family friendly all-in-one location where mothers or fathers can bring their children who are interested in gaming, all the way up to those who are young at heart who still enjoy the fun that is gaming. So, from us we have the games, rule books, game-specific models, modeling accessories such as paint and brushes, novels and movies related to the various games, store merchandise such as t-shirts and baseball caps, plus much more.

The owner of EPIC Battle Customs USA, LLC is Karla Heidt.  She has a background in business administration as well as entrepreneurship. She is also a mother and understands the importance of having a family-oriented business where families of every age and stage feel comfortable. In her spare time, she likes to play one of the tabletop games that the store will be selling.

The manager of the store is Kristopher Torrey. He has an entrepreneur's spirit and a love of gaming that is contagious. He also has a personality that can put anyone at ease, but is also able to make the tough decision of letting someone go if necessary. He is also a model painter of excellent quality, and I have included some of his work for examples.

Our custom designs are being produced by James Muirhead. He is the young man in our group, but don't let his age fool you. He has a head for business and creativity flows through his fingers like magic. He is also the one who does all of our full-commission model painting jobs.

Traction and Funding Needs

Currently, we are in the process of getting a supplier lined up to be able to sell high-quality Vallejo modeling paints. We already have supplier accounts established with Hitech Miniatures as well as Scibor Monster Miniatures. We will also be getting set up to be a Games Workshop supplier as well. We are set up to have a public presence at one of the top war gaming conventions in the United States, and that is WarGamersCon 2013 in Austin, TX the first weekend of June. We are raising money on Fundable because we need some help to raise the funds to obtain the supplies needed to complete production of our various lines of customs before the Trade Show and Convention in Austin. $10,000 will provide the funding we need to purchase all of our supplies that we need for the manufacture of these items.


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