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Introducing EquipmentFX: the innovators revolutionizing the heavy equipment industry with next-gen software to help professionals buy and sell equipment more efficiently and more effectively than ever before.

We’re guiding the industry forward with twenty-first century solutions that have been fundamentally lacking in the global equipment space.

We’re committed to providing forward-thinking mobile, marketing, and digital products for equipment manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers and independent reps around the world, and we’ve harnessed the technology to finally make it possible.

Now is the time to act. We’ve already demonstrated our prototype to multiple competing businesses. The collective reaction? EquipmentFX is poised to completely disrupt the entire industry. Read on to discover just how EquipmentFX is doing it.

The rise of the digital age is pushing the world forward with mobile software technology making it simpler for businesses to improve efficiency and productivity -- and to do it on the go. But the equipment industry just hasn’t kept pace with this rapid innovation.

Current sellers are still uploading photos of equipment to online storage sites, texting visual content and condition reports, emailing themselves report attachments, and creating Excel worksheets with a link to a document or crude web page. And then they waste valuable time revisiting their listings with new photos or driving across town to start the process all over again.

What’s more, there’s no central home for all of this information to live in and to quickly and easily share with others. The result: original dealers offering too little because of high overheads, qualified selling parties walking by opportunity everyday with no real time solution to list equipment immediately, a needlessly difficult process of managing deal settlements, and a lack of equipment source protection and the sales rep’s relationship to it.

That’s where EquipmentFX comes in. Our proprietary mobile platform digitizes and centralizes the entire equipment buying and selling process seamlessly with a single, ultimate user-centric app.

With EquipmentFX, we’re giving our customers better strategies for creating and managing more customers at lower long-term costs in a secure and trusted environment. And we make it simple to implement our technology into their business.

For our customers, EquipmentFX translates to:

What DropBox does for file and document storage, EquipmentFX is doing for equipment listings and more. Our software syncs data across the web and mobile devices and the activities performed by a wide range of users involved in a typical transaction and tracks all activity in real time, with real analytics, and without requiring configuration.

For users, EquipmentFX is an all-in-one mobile platform to:

We’re passionate about empowering users of all types to improve their buying and selling practices no matter what their role or business in the equipment space. That’s EquipmentFX’s philosophy, and we’ve built the product that embodies it.

EquipmentFX lets users create instant equipment listings wherever they are, whenever they want, and from any mobile device. We’re creating the centralized hub for buyers and sellers to connect and easily gather information, evaluate, and sell equipment. With a free app download from the App store, EquipmentFX gives users a way to:

Manage your own virtual inventory for you or your customers.

Create sales events by equipment type and assign an event manager -- typically you or your company.

Notify qualified buyer groups directly, instantly and automatically via text messages

Directly manage leads, quotes, and deals.

Request deal type, financing and settlement, which equals multiple revenue opportunities for users.

Manage commissions and payouts to the people that help you sell the equipment.

Improve trust, confidence and margins between buyer and seller by improving the quality of information exchanged between both parties.

Provide constant feedback about what you like and don’t like about the platform.

EquipmentFX also comes with built-in marketing functionality that automatically generates custom email and text messages to marketing lists of qualified, targeted buyers with the money to settle immediately.

The entire package ensures total privacy and protection of contacts and databases, seamless settlement of deals, and 100% transparency in every transaction.

App Features

EquipmentFX has pinpointed the industry shortcomings and already begun actively putting our solution into motion. We’re currently working on building our momentum to become the world’s go-to mobile platform for equipment sales and purchases. Here are are just a few of our noteworthy accomplishments:

Product Development
We have already established a working prototype with 12 months of testing and version iterations and pre-sold to an enterprise client and other network partners.  

Validated Demand  
We validated our concept with our first customer and original investor. Active discussions with customers and network partners -- representing $3-$5M each in EFX annual sales -- have resulted in collective agreement with our transaction model. Prototype demonstrations gained the interest of large competitors, including Richie Brothers, Iron Planet, Bidadoo Auctions, Dominion Enterprises, and Equify Auctions.

Patents / IP
We own all of the IP and have filed for a provisional patent on the business process of turning a listing into a quote, and other “activities” within our “activity manager” feature associated with the software.

Investor Interest
Flexx Leasing -- a division of CI Capital currently raking in $300-$500M in revenue -- negotiated to purchase the company 9 months ago. Upon company reorganization, CI Capital set a goal to hit $400M in sales for the Flexx division in 5 years. Along with our original investor, we control the network Flexx is leveraging to hit this goal -- which is a direct function of sourcing equipment for their customers that do long term rental and leasing              deals.

We are also in discussions with Kalmar Global to help them liquidate $100M annually with the app/showroom.

Steve Smith | Founder & CEO, EquipmentFX | Never one to let existing standards limit his thinking, Steve’s 25 years of progressive operational efficiencies problem-solving is rooted in a deep understanding of the impact the digital age has on our lives. Before founding EquipmentFX, Steve managed the most profitable equipment dealer in the US and other large companies implementing successful cutting-edge digital solutions. 17 years of bumper-to-bumper LA freeway commutes began taking its toll, and with a handicapped son requiring flexible care, Steve envisioned a better, more virtual lifestyle. So he left cold turkey. Steadfast in his goal to harness the potential of mobile and cloud-based systems, Steve turned down a COO position at a $350M company and a president position at a $2B company to follow his passion. From there, he built his knowledge base from the ground up to a solid understanding of the mobile-to-web syncing process. Equipped with that knowledge, Steve conceived, built, validated, and delivered a lightweight version of the EquipmentFX technology being presented now, and he is on a mission to build this next solution the right way, with the right technology, and with the right support.

Samuel Chen | President, CEO, Ambonare |
The design expert in charge of taking what EquipmentFX creates and making it functional, scalable and fast, Samuel is the owner and founder of Ambonare, Inc., a leading mobile application development company and former Dell Computer Global Cloud Services manager. Samuel and his team are experts in enterprise level mobile applications, back end database and server requirements. He holds four patents on file
transfer and related technologies and is the
engineering company that leading, global mobile development
companies turn to for support. Ambonare’s understanding of
cloud services, scalability, technology platforms, security and
risk management ensure our products and approach is best
in class. Ambonare engineers products that are responsive
in design and configure perfectly to smartphones, tablets,
and devices of all types. Their customers include Dell, GE,
State of Texas, and many others.

Mark Rolston | President, Argo Design, Inc. | Mark was instrumental in growing Frog Designs North American business. Frog design helped Apple design their first PC and smartphones, before migrating to mobile design and ecosystem related projects. Argo Design focuses on product and user experience based products. Technology exposes hope for the future and the opportunity to create                                                        social and business value from innovation.
                                                   Their mission is to create products that hide their                                                        technological prowess, evoke delight and                                                                    demonstrate simplicity and value.

William Craig | President, WebpageFX |
William leads the #1 Heardable-ranked SEO firm, a leading search engine marketing publication. William and his team have several proprietary SEO tools, along with a suite of products and services that ensure our online campaign follows best practices and execution. The WebpageFX team consists of a staff of 100 internet marketing, web development, professional project managers and customer support reps dedicated to client satisfaction.

Paul Hoyt | Business Advisor | Paul is the owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group, with over 40 years’ experience leading teams to improved profitability and productivity. He is an expert at helping new and growing businesses develop their strategic plans, create financial models, and write business plans. Paul is the author of two business books -- The Foundation Factor: Critical Measurementsin Business Strength, and The Capital Coaching Program, which helps entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of raising capital. He is also the author of the Business Survival Boot Camp and Beyond Business Survival information products.

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