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EquityRoots is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping investors everywhere connect with the next great real estate opportunity, select service hotel assets from brands like Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, IHG, and Wyndham.

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has emerged as a tremendous force in the US economy, transforming everything from charity fundraising to the next big technology innovation getting off the ground.

At EquityRoots, we think it’s high time the crowdfunding revolution came to hotels and other income producing real estate assets.

EquityRoots is the ultimate crowdfunding platform for qualified investors to connect with unique opportunities to invest in well-known branded hotel assets.

For savvy investors, EquityRoots means the chance to discover great real estate investment opportunities, no brokers or commissions in sight.

For innovative property owners, EquityRoots means the ability to raise capital for new developments and existing properties - on your terms.

Select Service hotels have been a highly rewarding investment opportunity for decades. These assets typically offer 100-120 room-keys, and cost between $8-12 million.  Too often, these investment opportunities are limited to corporations and select individuals.


Revenue Pattern: Hotel assets are easily quantified in terms of size, type, cost. The revenue pattern is predictable and relates to market trends. At EquityRoots we've been around the block to see how one particular brand or market is performing compared to another. We understand the ingredients that go into a good hotel, and we understand why hotels are winners in the real-estate game.

Centralized Reservation System: Hotel assets are quickly quantified in terms of number of rooms (keys) and other performance metrics because of centralized reservation systems and point of sale software being directly tied to the front desk. This technology and franchise standard provides for a very transparent view of actual revenues.

Management Teams: Efficient operators can really make the difference. Partnering with the right management team is just as important as the capital stack for the asset. Having a competent team with a strong sense for sales, customer service, and property upkeep can make a big difference.  EquityRoots has strong relationships with national operators that have been operating profitable hotels for decades.

Frequent Travelers: Select-Service products make money. These products offer many of the same amenities you find at full-service hotels but are nestled in more convenient corporate destinations with less overhead. They typically offer 80-120 interior corridor guest rooms with free WIFI, parking, and hot breakfast options. Select-Service hotels are designed for frequent business and leisure travelers. Today's corporate traveler will often overlook cheaper options or shopping around because they're hooked on earning loyalty points with their preferred brand. Properties with strong brand loyalty translates into higher revenues and we actively monitor this at EquityRoots.

EquityRoots is on a mission to level the playing field, and give qualified individuals who are not in a position to finance a project by themselves a unique chance to pool their capital with bigger hotel developers and other like-minded investors.  Our mission is to create flexible access to capital for well-established hoteliers and as a byproduct, create rewarding invesment opportunities for the general public here at home and abroad.

With a perfect balance of vision and experience, the EquityRoots team can confidently stand behind the technology and serve as the go to destination for Hotel finance and investment opportunity.

Experience: We coordinate and organize the capital stack in well planned projects and great markets. Our experience working with land-use attorneys, local governments, and qualified hotel operators allows us to identify profitable new development opportunities, or make offers to acquire existing cash flow-positive hotels before they go to market. We are legal minds with hotel development experience.  We can identify and organize solutions for the legal and tax services that often come paired with real-estate investing.

Additional Services: Get help with the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa. Foreign investors can learn how to qualify to become a United States Permanent Resident by investing in offerings EquityRoots. Learn how you might defer your capital gains tax on the disposition of your assets with 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges. Wanting to invest through Individual Retirement Accounts?  Investment vehicles like Self Directed-IRA accounts are compatible with invesing in deals on EquityRoots' platform. 

Our experience working with other attorneys, land-use experts, local governments, and qualified hotel operators gives us unique insight into the real estate investment place, and allows us to identify sustainable new development opportunities or help acquire existing cashflow positive hotels before they go to market.

Management is highly competent with the business dynamics and history of branded hotels, supplemented with formal backgrounds in real property, construction, and land-use law. Management has spent a lot of time organizing solutions for services that often come paired with real-estate deals , such as EB-5 Immigrant Investor and IRC Section 1031, tax-deferred like kind exchanges. 

In short: EquityRoots is uniquely positioned to become a one-stop shop for real-estate investors and hotel developers.

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