Worlds Friendliest BR30 Bulb With Dual Color And Brightness Modes

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The United States Department of Energy estimates there are at least 500 million recessed downlights installed in U.S. homes, and more than 20 million are sold each year. And yet, consumers are often dissatisfied with the limitations of their lighting selections.

Introducing EVA™ BR30 - Lighting Transformed.

Designed by LEDified, the EVA™ BR30 is the worlds friendliest BR30 bulb. We combined the most efficient LED technology with an everyday practical element of a home: the remote control. Homeowners can now change the brightness and color of their lighting with the click of a button!

The original EVA™ downlight has proven to be a success in other parts of the world with over 50,000 units sold since August 2014. Now, with the launch of the BR30 bulb, homeowners across the U.S. can enjoy the unique yet simple functionality of EVA™ too!

Of course there are also traditional incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs, but many of these options are being phased out around the globe due to being so power hungry or unsafe for the environment!

But across the board, there is one main consideration that lighting providers have not taken into account. You – the consumer! And more specifically, the way in which you use your lights. All too often, homeowners are stuck with lighting that does not meet their needs.

At LEDified we’ve learned that there are many situations in which you rely on your lighting, not just for practical purposes, but also for appropriate aesthetics. Below, you will find a few examples of how widely these needs can vary for the average homeowner, depending on the situation:

Eating at the dinner table - Warm, soft light

Reading - White, clear light

Watching TV at night - Warm, relaxed light

Enjoying your living room at night - Varies widely depending on the occasion

Using the bathroom at night - White bright or warm white

Walking through corridors at night - Warm or white depending on aesthetics

Using the garage at night - Bright warm or white light

Cooking in the kitchen - White bright light

The bottom line? Every day, multiple times of the day, the lighting needs of the average homeowner change! Whether you need to set the mood with a different color, or change the function of your space with a different brightness, your current lighting is simply not meeting your needs.

EVA™ BR30 in action with 4 different modes to choose from plus an advantage of being able to be used with a conventional dimmer.

With EVA™ BR30, all you need to do to change your environment is point and click!

Wipe-off 50% of energy use by changing all your EVA™ BR30 bulbs at the same time.

Or configure just the parts of your house you do not need the extra use of light.

Turn a complete warm relaxed environment into a clean neutral white space or vice versa

Or simply just make one part of your environment suit your needs.

The EVA™ BR30 may still be controlled via wall switches and dimmers, but they can also be controlled via the iDim™ remote control. The iDim™ platform allows you to fully optimize your environment, light by light.

EVA™ stands for Efficient, Versatile and Adaptable.

The EVA™ BR30 is one of the most efficient LED bulbs out there. It achieves a remarkable 80+ lumens per watt, whereas other traditional and some of the other even smarter wifi bulbs produce only 40-50 lumens per watt. That’s right: EVA™ is twice as efficient as the competition!

Furthermore, The EVA™ BR30 uses state of the art LED technology that gives it a lifespan of over 50,000 hours (meaning it may well last you the next 20 years!) as compared to a 3,000 hour lifespan for a traditional bulb.

LEDified is a company composed of some the leading minds in innovations, electronics and mechanical engineering. We developed the patent-pending iDim™ platform, allowing us to simplify the process of building a competitive smart lighting product.

What does this mean for the consumer? We don’t need to add on repetitive rounds of R&D to update our tech, thus allowing us to offer EVA™ suited to other countries at consumer friendly prices.

Plus, all future advancements in technology will result in automatic updates to the iDim™ platform and all iDim™ related lighting products.

Installation instructions included – Heads up, it is just as easy as changing a light bulb!

Simple dual mode toggle – Install with Dimmer Present (DP) or No Dimmer (ND) present

No need for any router or bridge setup

No master / slave complicated setup requirements

No app download required

No WIFI security issues – The iDim™ remote control uses infrared technology

December 2013 - LEDified decides to embark on a quest to combine all their existing 16 different downlights into 1.

January 2014 - After hundreds of combined hours of sleepless nights, all engineering faculties of the company come out with the first concept.

February 2014 - First hand made samples are released for technical and physical valuation.

March 2014 - Back to the drawing board to resolve dimming and minor mechanical issues.

April 2014 - Revised prototype for Australia finessed and updated with latest micro-processor software and chip layout.

May 2014 - While pre-production sampling prototypes are developed, naming ceremony begins and ends unanimously with the name EVA™.

June 2014 - First batch of 50pcs of EVA™ successfully manufactured.

July 2014 - Revisions made to outer lip dimensions and slimline plate to adjust perfectly for Australian and associated regions.

August 2014 - Patents filed and EVA™ is ready to be mass produced pending global pre-orders.

September 2014 - Fundable campaign starts, allowing early US adopters to pre-order EVA™ version for North America.

Jeff Kennett, Chairman
Ex-Premier of Victoria, Australia, well-known political figurehead, proud family man, founder of Beyond Blue, massive Hawks (AFL) supporter and loyal propagator of LEDified.

Suren Chandrajit, CEO
Founder of LEDified and ex-CEO of True Value Solar (Australia's largest solar company), Suren has worked with a financial and investment focus across a range of businesses from blue chip listed entities, to smaller startups. In 2003, Suren founded an e-sports/online gaming business which was number 1 in Australia (BRW Magazine 2004) and was also heavily involved in the Alinta Infrastructure Holdings IPO in 2005.

Matthew Ng, CTO
A.K.A. "mad scientist" and product innovator specialist, Matthew previously designed and manufactured automobile wheels and tyres which is still seen in major retail outlets around the world today. Matthew also has an internet background creating one of the first online electronics retailer superstore in Australia which had a first year turnover of over $38M and was subsequently sold to a large electronics retailer in Australia. 

Ben Williamson, CFO/COO
Ben has a 10 year career spanning accounting, telecommunications, real estate and green-tech. Starting out as an accountant and analyst he has run his own businesses and worked within the renewable energy sector, culminating in a $100M+ transaction of the largest solar business in Australia.
Ben leads our finance and operations functions - working in the background to deliver a first rate product with a first class experience.

Adrian Uberti, General Manager
The only person who has never loss his cool in a team meeting, Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge in the energy industry being a long standing corporate of Australia's largest electricity and gas company AGL.

Tom Rutherford, Head of Marketing
A double degree holder in commerce and law, Tom forefronts all marketing activities of LEDified with utmost integrity, care and precision.

Paul Kelly, GM Trade
Also known as the face of LEDified as Paul has featured in various videos and commercials promoting the business and its products. It's a wonder why 80% of LEDified's clients are females.

Mathew Delaney, Head of Installation
Maty the electrician plays an integral role in leading the extremely skilled yet intense labour force of electricians the business has running around installing all it's projects.

In just a couple years, LEDified has achieved some incredible accomplishments...


Accredited Person (AP) in Victorian Energy Efficient Target (VEET) Scheme

Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) in Energy Saver Scheme (ESS)

Innovations and technology patent owner of iDim™ and SmartFuse™

Largest creator and market share leader of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates for residential and commercial lighting upgrade activites in 2013 and 2014.

Member of the Lighting Council of Australia and Solid State Lighting Sub-Group Commitee Member

Clean Energy Council member

National Electrical and Communications Association member

EcoSmart Electrician (NECA) certified

FluoroCycle Signatory

Major Sponsor of the St Kilda Football Club (AFL) in 2012, 2013, and 2014

Recipient of Innovations Australian Tax Incentive Grant in 2012

Solid State Lighting (SSL) Australia product accreditation

Australian Industry Group certified under Substantial International Trade



Received most number of votes during phase 1 of the #Crowd2Shelf Fundable campaign in September 2014

Our team founded the largest PV solar company in Australia, True Value Solar

Major sponsor of the St. Kilda Football Club

Since mid-August LEDified has pre-sold 25K+ EVA™ units in Victoria, Australia and another 25K EVA™ units outside of Australia.

Signed deal with Russian home innovations store for a first order amounting to $125K USD, to be delivered in early 2015

Signed deal with real estate group in Dubai for roll-out in a new 70-story building, for nearly $130K USD, to start in early 2015

Signed deal with national electrical wholesaler in Australia with 1st order of 20,000 pieces (we expect each monthly order to be equal or greater)

Filed an application with the Patent Cooperation Treaty for an international patent on iDim™

Registered trademarks for LEDified™ and EVA™

Already supply LED products to Coles Supermarkets, Crown Casino, 7-Eleven, Hewlett Packard, Aspen Pharmaceuticals, IGA Supermarkets, Bendigo Stadium among others

Since 2012 LEDified has already brought in nearly $45M in revenue, and provided innovative, efficient lighting solutions to tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings across Australia. Now, we have our sights set on the U.S. This crowdfunding campaign aims to raise additional funds to put down roots in the States. To be able to be provide our full product line and installation services to our customers in the US, we’ll need to employ between 20-25 people and embark on a large-scale marketing campaign. Our goal of $50,000 will allow us to do just that.

To thank you for your support, we’ve lined up some fantastic rewards:  

Receive 1 EVA™ BR30 bulb + 1 iDim™ remote control.
A retail value of $100, plus free delivery anywhere in the US.

Receive 2 EVA™ BR30 bulbs + 1 iDim™ remote control.
A retail value of $175, plus free delivery anywhere in the US.

Receive 5 EVA™ BR30 bulbs + 1 fully functional iDim™ remote control.
A retail value of $400, plus free delivery anywhere in the US. 

Receive 10 EVA™ BR30 bulbs + 2 iDim™ remote controls.
A retail value of $800, plus free delivery anywhere in the US. 

Receive 25 EVA™ BR30 bulbs + 4 iDim™ remote controls.
A retail value of $1,975, plus free delivery anywhere in the US. 

Receive 100 EVA™ BR30 bulbs + 15 iDim™ remote controls. A massive retail value of $7,875
for you to refurbish your mansion or to use in multiple homes. Plus, free delivery anywhere in the US. 

LED Chips: Handpicked Surface Mounted Diodes from Japan (Nichia)

Driver Platform: iDim™ by LEDified

Lamp Circuit Power: 5W / 10W (Usable only on ND mode)

Lumens Package: 400-425LM / 800-850LM

Efficacy: 80-85LM/W

Colour Temperatures: Warm White - 2700K / Neutral White - 4000K

Colour Rendering Index: >80

Beam Angle: >100°

Dimensions: Same as standard BR30 size

Suitable Application: Recessed Cans, Track/Wall Mount & Direcional Lamps

Suitable Working Temperatures: -70°F ~ 110°F

LED Lifetime (L70): >50,000H

Switches: >100,000

Dimming: Default @ 10W (DP mode) - Compatible with most triac and phase dimming systems

Certifications: CE, TUV, RoHS, Energy Star, Government Rebate Accreditations*

*To be applied for when North American EVA™ BR30 product is ready.

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