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EventTitans: Fast Facts

EventTitans provides a user-friendly, flexible solution for all of your event management needs. Whether you’re planning a small fundraising dinner or a big business Conference, we give you the tools to ensure your event is a humongous success.

From a customized event page to post-event feedback, we make sure your job is easy and your attendees are engaged. EventTitans will help you fall in love with event management so people fall in love with your event.

Key Highlights:

EventTitans is in market earning revenue and great reviews from satisfied customers.

We have partnerships with Innovations Domain, Card Connect and Zapier.

EventTitans was selected to participate in the Innovations Meet the Market Regional Preliminary Competition hosted by USPAACC.

Most events have some BIG problems

Siva Vangala has been involved with quite a lot of events as an attendee, a sponsor and an organizer. With all of his event experience, he’s noticed some problems. BIG problems.

Events require a lot of manual effort. Managing registrations is cumbersome. On boarding sponsors requires back and forth communication, often through a third party.

There’s no continuous and engaging feedback mechanism, so it’s tough for attendees and sponsors to gauge event quality and decide if it’s a worthwhile investment of time and money.

Every event has its own app, so event regulars end up with data spread across multiple apps. Sponsors and attendees trade piles of business cards that most likely end up thrown in a desk drawer.

Even something fun like a Challenge, voting by judges or attendees, business card raffle to give away a product or service falls flat. These raffles are supposed to increase engagement, but who wins? Who knows? And what happens to all of that contact information once the event is over?

EventTitans is a huge help

Vangala decided to put his solution design expertise to work on all of his event frustrations and the result is EventTitans.

EventTitans provides a full spectrum of solutions to handle every detail from event creation to ROI analysis, making sure you don’t miss a single thing. Start by creating a customized webpage for your event, and manage every detail all the way through post-event feedback.

Our powerful and flexible platform performs a variety tasks via one simple user interface, with no need to worry about multiple apps or complicated software integration. The

EventTitans solution offers centralized CRM support to retain the data of each event participant. Best of all, EventTitans offers something for everyone, increasing the ROI for organizers, sponsors and attendees so the event journey is memorable and highly successful for all from end-to-end.

EventTitans – the solution for everyone

Organizers | Our end-to-end solution gives organizers the power to automate the event management process, from pre-event registration to post-event feedback collection. By simplifying these processes, EventTitans improves communication, attendance, engagement and sponsor retention, reducing manual tasks and administrative costs.

Attendees | Attendees need to download just one app. They can use EventTitans in place of physical business cards and create unlimited, multiple business cards with customized information. Use the app to scan physical business cards, integrate with their CRM and immediately send an introductory email when a card is added to your group.

Sponsors | Collect business cards and scan them using the EventTitans app on your iPad. Link it to a big TV screen and spin a wheel to make your giveaways visible and fun. You can also combine rewards with surveys, quizzes and trivia. Gather data on interested attendees and maintain event-linked web presence even after the event. EventTitans can increase response rates by 50 to 60% and you increase your ROI.

After the event, our full feedback mechanism lets everyone share great ratings about your event, to keep attendees and sponsors coming back year after year.

How EventTitans works

We’re here to help you make your event the best it can possibly be.

With one powerful but hassle-free user interface, EventTitans provides multiple features and customized, end-to-end support:

Major steps toward success

EventTitans is just getting started, but our innovative, event management solution positions us to be a giant in the events industry.

Our fully operational product is in market.

Ten customers are already using our solution to ensure simple, successful event management.

We’ve partnered with Innovations Domain, Card Connect and Zapier.

EventTitans was selected to participate in the Innovations Meet the Market Regional Preliminary Competition hosted by the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC).


We’re new, but we’re already making a big impact. Here’s what just one of our satisfied customers had to say:

“Best place for creating and organizing events, marketing them using unique features to improving our sales.”
– Jajimi

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