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EVOLUTIONS app is a centralized platform built to help Generation Everyone (X, Y & Z) overcome the challenges learning, organizing and completing complex financial decisions.


In fact, a recent study showed that millions of Americans (27%) cannot afford an unexpected expense of $400.  To pay for it, they would need to borrow or sell something.

As if that weren't enough, one quarter of adults are living without any retirement savings.

In 2018 millions of Americans also skipped necessary medical care because they couldn't afford it.

Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that they are completely lost when it comes to implementing financial strategies that will allow them to live the lives they choose.


EVOLUTIONS solves these problems by providing not just Americans but everyone throughout the entire world with everything they need to form a financial plan.

Not only are we addressing the concerns for retirement, we also focus on financial strategies to enable clients to live their desired lifestyle.

We are driven by the idea of making a meaningful impact on as many individuals as possible.  We are drawing from our experience in working in the world of wellness and we wholeheartedly recognize the correlation of financial well-being to an individuals' overall health score and performance.

By working with individuals, families, elite athletes, etc., we have carefully and thoroughly studied the value in having a financial plan both in preparation for retirement and for meeting daily success goals.

Our EVOLUTIONS platform will efficiently provide what was once viewed as unattainable or ultra-exclusive access to education, evaluation and a team dedicated to the user’s financial success.

EVOLUTIONS is proud to be taking a holistic approach to Financial Fitness.

We are driven by our desire to make what was once viewed as unattainable resources available to absolutely everyone.

We make it possible to create comprehensive plans for financial success:

We are striving to reduce the number of people who say they don't have a financial plan.  We will work tirelessly until consumers no longer turn to YouTube and other video sites for self-education.  And we are committed to helping individuals get out from under the horror of living paycheck to paycheck with no savings or planned retirement.

EVOLUTIONS, which will serve not just you or me but generation everyone, is powered by Magna Carta Wealth.

We are dedicated to serving all consumers with EVOLUTIONS, but we will also continue to offer our specialized concierge service for:

Our concierge services comes with a cohesive global network of professional advisors, including Tax Strategies / Financial / Real Estate / Lending / Legal / Insurance / Mindset.

We also empower athletes/entertainers/high-net worth individuals to make better decisions by offering 1:1 consultations and a personally curated content for every stage of their career: amateur, professional, and retired.

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