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EZ Resort Vacations is an online marketplace for listing and renting timeshare properties, dedicated to helping vacationers everywhere get that easy, breezy, hassle-free dream getaway.

Timeshares provide a great opportunity for people to spend their ideal vacation in a beautiful location — without having to shell out big bucks to make it happen. But finding and renting timeshare can quickly turn to a complicated, risky nightmare — both for timeshare owners and the vacationers that they rent to.

EZ Resort Vacations aims to change the timesharing landscape by providing an online, automated, and integrated marketplace for timeshare owners and renters alike. The EZ Resort Vacations timeshare rental process is simple, inexpensive and secure, giving people on both sides of the timeshare rental equation a worry-free, money-saving timeshare rental experience.

Vacation timeshare is a booming business, with 8 million Americans owning a time share unit.  While timeshare provides a more affordable and practical way to own or rent a vacation property, it also has its share of hassles, risks and stresses: 

For owners, having their properties rented out so they can get back on their investments and expenses can be stressful and time-consuming due to existing rental processes.  

Meanwhile, renters who are looking forward to a memorable vacation may find themselves short-changed or even scammed by hard-selling agents and cons. 

EZ Resort Vacations takes the risk and worry out of the timeshare rental experience by providing an online and automated process where owners can list their properties for rent and vacationers can rent these units directly from owners. This online marketplace provides a convenient, safe and secure environment where owners can negotiate directly with the renters and renters can be sure that they get their money’s worth—which means less risk and more peace of mind for everybody. 

EZ Resort Vacations is a one-stop-shop online marketplace that gives timeshare owners a venue to advertise their properties to thousands—if not millions—of interested renters.

Our platform provides a classified advertising service through its website, with integrated value-added tools that benefits both parties.

EZ Resort Vacations simplifies the timeshare process by allowing owners to directly deal and negotiate with interested renters. Owners simply post their ads in our marketplace. From there, they can negotiate with renters and manage payments electronically, eliminating traditional paperwork and the headaches associated with manual timeshare rental processing. Renters can also easily search for available rentals in their preferred locations, make offers, and submit payments—all in one place.

From signing rental agreements to rental escrow services, EZ Resort Vacations makes it all quick and simple with its automated, fully integrated system. There are also unlimited placement times so owners can create listings for any check-in date in the future, giving renters more options.

Payments are done electronically and securely online through our platform, speeding up the process and eliminating fraudulent activities.

Our services are offered at low prices, with many payment options to choose from.
Aside from being affordable, the rental listing fees are 100% refundable if the listing did not generate any leads or communication from any of the users or renters to the owner.

With the rental process done through EZ Resort Vacations, owners can easily rent out their units to interested renters, while vacationers can be sure that their next trip will be a blast.

EZ Resort Vacations has been live for more than a year now, and is already helping hundreds of timeshare property owners and interested renters to connect through the website.

EZ Resort Vacations currently caters to more than 665 online users, with over 2,280 online visitors per month. Its marketplace offers approximately $1.7 million worth of rental inventory all over the United States, giving renters a wide array of affordable vacation destinations, from snowy cabin hotels in the mountains to the beach resorts near the tropics.

We are also negotiating partnerships with TimeSharing Today, Factiva Resorts, Florida Timeshare Owners Group, Timeshare Advisor, and Timeshares by Owner, who are all interested in adopting our rental system. 

Isaac has over 17 years of IT experience working in companies ranging from startups to corporate giants, including Google. He was VP of Technology at Rightsflow, a startup that was later on acquired by Google in 2011. Isaac has also received diversified formal education, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Master’s degree in Computer Science, Ph.D. degree in Information Systems, and MBA degree in Technology Management, Marketing, and Ecommerce. 

EZ Resort Vacations got its start when Isaac rented out his unit to a vacationer, and later on rented a timeshare unit for himself from another owner. Isaac found the whole rental process complicated, lengthy, risky, and totally frustrating, and he started envisioning a simpler, more streamlined rental method that would make the process simple, inexpensive and secure for timeshare owners and renters alike. 

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