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Fans Unite! Get into the Game!

Lionsgate is featuring the above video on every Hunger Games Blu-Ray as an "app trailer" to promote our official companion app for THE HUNGER GAMES.

(Collector's note: The Blu-ray version features additional music score not available via the Web.)

Fannotate captures viewer commentary in real time with the movie or TV show you're watching. 

Fannotate Launch!

Movies, TV, music, performances... The full Fannotate app will give you a simple way to make your mark and share your thoughts on all the entertainment you enjoy. You can curate and publish tracks on your own or with friends, or add your thoughts and input to existing content!

Fannotate will debut as part of the official app for THE HUNGER GAMES on August 18, 2012. The app will integrate Metamenu® smart remote for two-screen communication with the Blu-ray. Metabeam backers will get exclusive access to the full app and early access to make their own Fann apps.

Get early access.  Be first to tag everything from the most popular scenes in blockbuster hits ... to your favorite culture reference in that hidden gem.

Raise your voice. Make your tags public so they can become an information resource for the world.

Drive the focus. Blaze a trail with a new Fann page, or post a tribute.

Be the First Fanns of The Hunger Games!

Fannotate is a mobile app platform that personalizes your entertainment experience. Use Fannotate to post comments, tag, and share your thoughts in real time about anything you are watching or listening to.  Imagine being able to share your movie experience with others and engage in conversations about your favorite scene of a movie, in real time, as your favorite scene is playing right in front of you! 

Fannotate is bringing real-time social interaction to your at-home entertainment, and we want YOU to be the trendsetters in bringing our community to life.  We have partnered with Lionsgate to allow you exclusive access to be the first to comment and share your favorite scenes from our newest movie, THE HUNGER GAMES.  Download the app, watch the movie, and share your experience with the world!

Get in with Fannotate Today!

FANNOTATE® is a free app for tagging media. You can tag a movie, song, TV show, event, artist, actor, musician, athlete, political candidate, cause or whatever else motivates your spirit. Fannotate stores your tags on a shared timeline "in the cloud" that runs along with your tag's subject. Fannotate works with anything, because if what you're looking for isn't in the database, you can easily create it. Your tags can store notes, voice memos, images, Web links and short videos. You can choose to:

1. Keep your tags private and use Fannotate as a personal reference for your library

2. Share your tags with just friends or social networks

3. Publish your tags and contribute to the official running commentary and data archive

Fannotate blends home entertainment with social networking and generates citizen journalism syncronized to its subject of inspiration.

The Company Behind Fannotate

Get your t-shirt, hat or tote with this limited-edition version of the Metabeam logo.

Metabeam® specializes in helping artists realize their vision in simultaneous multiscreen scenarios. Our mission is to assist people in their efforts of self-expression and even the playing field in digital distribution to the connected living room by making Hollywood-quality services available to everybody who wants them.

In addition to THE HUNGER GAMES, your support will help us add Fannotate to our other smart-remote apps (currently available on iTunes) as well as a standalone app you can use with a standard remote.

We have also partnered to make companion apps for these box-office hits:

Our Vision

We want to change how people interact with at-home entertainment.  Our goal is to create an easily implemented platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to build an application for their own projects, regardless of what area of entertainment, and allow them to get real-time feedback from their fans.  Fannotate is the first step in this process, and your backing will allow us to continue to build out our company to make this dream a reality.  Become Fanns today and your pledges will help future musicians, actors and other performers realize their dreams.  

Backing our project will give you access to Fannotate before anyone else.  You will be able to explore the app, be the first to comment and share you thoughts on THE HUNGER GAMES, and pick up some cool rewards in the process.  We hope you enjoy the app and share it with your friends!

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