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Fassen has developed and launched Fuse: a web-based welding quality and project controls software program. Our software provides the industrial construction and fabrication industries with effective and efficient tools to manage their work.

Fuse offers the essential features for managing large-scale welding projects in a single program. Our software is tailored specifically to the needs of weld tracking and quality control.


For over 600,000 construction and fabrication companies, performing large-scale, high-risk projects with pencil, paper and spreadsheets consumes too many resources, causing schedules to slip and budgets to increase in a highly competitive market.

Fuse provides robust planning, execution and documentation tools unique to the construction and welding industry to empower these companies and their project teams to outperform their competition and delight their customers.


Large scale welding projects are incredibly complex and require robust Planning, Execution and Closure processes. Quality and efficiency suffer as a result of outdated methods.

With thousands of companies tracking their work with pencil and paper, projects grow out of control, overwhelming precious resources and causing schedules to slip and budgets to increase.

Every member of the project team, including stakeholders, managers and craftsmen, work much harder than necessary as they struggle to keep ahead of paperwork and organize the project effectively.

Existing software programs fragment the paperwork, procedures and work execution. None of them provide all the essential functions for welding projects in a single platform.

Fuse is a holistic solution that combines all the needs of the industry in a user-friendly and affordable software package.


Fassen has designed Fuse to standardize the best practices in the industry and empower companies to be more competitive. The Fuse platform aligns solutions which address the needs of all participants in all stages of a project.

By eliminating paper and spreadsheets, end users can now execute complex processes and perform welding documentation practices more accurately and efficiently.

With flexible best practices, business logic and centralized data, Fuse enables teams to make decisions based on business intelligence and properly allocate resources to improve on every project.

With Fuse, the data and information is at your fingertips, helping to more effectively and effortlessly plan, execute, document and close out projects in a competitive market.


Current industry practice is to manage all documentation for large and small high-risk projects with pencil, paper and spreadsheets.

Fuse implements best practices from the industry in a practical software program. It assists the user in creation, maintenance and deployment of required procedures and worker qualifications.

Fuse also has an integrated weld joining and inspection feature that tracks work assignments and completion allowing for greater transparency and real-time progress tracking.

The supporting features of Fuse include pressure testing, RFIs, punchlists, NCRs, transmittals, material tracking and reports. Our pack feature assists the user with the time-consuming process of compiling all these documents in a more accurate, presentable and timely way.

With features for the entire project team, Fuse promotes collaboration, increases efficiency and employee satisfaction and reduces duplication of efforts allowing more time for employees to do their work.


Fassen is working to rapidly expand and integrate feedback to bring Fuse center-stage in the industrial construction and fabrication industries. Fuse has finished Alpha testing and is currently in its Beta stage. Feedback from Beta testing for Fuse has been highly positive.

Fassen is working to implement our access database FabPro to streamline data management within the platform. We currently have one copy in use and are tracking feedback for implementation into Fuse.

Fassen’s solution has captured the interest from from several industry contacts to participate in beta testing/early adoption.

Fassen’s promising results thus far are made possible through our founders, who bring a combined 40+ years of industry experience and software expertise.


Co-founder of Fassen, Flynn Painter began building his vision in 2018 after having worked in the industrial construction industry for 20 years.

To manage the complexity of weld tracking and robust quality programs, he found himself creating large-scale solutions in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

On many projects, Flynn tried to incorporate existing welding management programs into his work but found that his needs quickly outgrew the software. Drawing on best practices from the industry, Flynn and co-founder Mac Baker set out to create Fuse.

Flynn Painter is a subject matter expert on the welding industry and software features. He brings 20+ years of experience in welding, welding engineering, quality systems and code welding applications. He is the inventor of FabPro, TOPS and Fuse.

Mac Baker has 20+ years of experience in design and strategy for software and hardware companies. He is the co-founder of Basis Science which sold to Intel in 2012.

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