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fastcast: fast facts

We are making talent scouting and hiring as easy as Tinder dating.

Fastcast is an online platform for on-demand talent booking for the creative industries such as movies, fashion, influencers, commercials, Hollywood and more.

It allows content creators to reach millions of creative talent worldwide, without middlemen, and saves money during the hiring process. It focuses on scouting with amazing matchmaking tech and automating 100% of the mundane jobs to be done.

discovering the problem

In 2015, David was a drummer awarded with an MTV music award and simultaneously working with Oscar winning movie directors on big content production projects. He discovered how hard it is for creators and creative talent to really find each other and collaborate on projects.

That's when he started building a community, followed by a platform, to do just that: matching creative and performance talent with jobs, and helping navigate their own career without agents.

David and Jošt, an industry connection with a passion for tech and entrepreneurship, created a simple MVP and had a few hundred clients in a matter of weeks.

They realized that 300M+ people per year spend their time going to auditions and looking for the perfect agent, and neither pays off. Going to an audition simply costs too much and there is no way of knowing if this audition should be the focus.

Enter Fastcast.

fastcast: the new agent in town

Fastcast is disrupting the entertainment and content creation industry by placing the power in the hands of the talent. We give people the ability to find creative opportunities without relying on traditional auditions and agents. We’re “pimping” the industry with great tech and a massive global community.

Fastcast removes geographical constraints and simplifies talent acquisition for companies by eliminating all administrative inefficiencies.

We are killing the audition, as we know it, in creative industries with an AI-driven recruiting, matchmaking, and career advancement platform for talent:

how it works

  1. ▪ Fastcast is the talent booking platform that makes scouting amazing:
  2. ▪ The world's largest vetted talent pool with a social hiring twist
  3. State-of-the art user experience that can, and will, replace the traditional agent
  4. Like a dating app, but for jobs - superior matchmaking technology
  5. ▪ Fully simplified/automated scouting and hiring process
  6. ▪ Recommended top-rated talent
  7. Automated contracting and payments world-wide

fastcast performance

the founders of fastcast

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