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OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE AN INNOVATIVE, SECURE, CLOUD BASED TRADING PLATFORM that streamlines communication between 10 Million shippers (buyer) and carriers (seller), expanding the current marketplace from a few thousands brokers to millions of individual buyers, sellers.

FetchDesk™ will revolutionize freight transportation with the Nations FIRST self-brokering platform. Direct on line access between buyers (shippers) and sellers (carriers), eliminates most vetting paperwork, saves time in sourcing and securing transportation, AND eliminates extra middleman commissions. FetchDesk.com is beyond the brokering of UBER, there is no middleman costs.

Welcome to the world of FetchDesk™.

The current transportation marketplace is served by obsolete electronic bulletin boards.

In short: shippers with loads can’t find truckers, and truckers, who may actually be going right through a shipper’s location, have no reliable or efficient technology to make advance arrangements.

Enter: FetchDesk

FetchDesk™ is the first airline reservation-type system with real time information. We are the first to solve this problem of availability and financial irresponsibility by connecting shippers directly with truckers in an $880 billion a year marketplace.  

For a nominal, annual subscription fee to access the software service, shippers, brokers, and carriers can use their own internet-connected computer or mobile device to secure transportation transactions, anywhere, anytime.

Accredited, subscribing carriers post notifications of their availability to a mobile dashboard up to 8 days in advance, and shippers/brokers use the dashboard to identify available backhauling carriers.

Shippers/brokers vet and directly contact their desired carrier and negotiate the terms of the contract.

FetchDesk™ is not an electronic bulletin board, but a secure cloud app. Yesterday’s electronic bulletin board system permits gaming the system, creating financial irresponsibility, and costly transactions. Today, FetchDesk™ eliminates gaming and 90% of transaction paperwork exchange.

Carrier logs into FetchDesk™ using mobile device or computer.

Carrier enters zip code of their destination (where empty), and the julian date when empty on any keypad.

FetchDesk™ processes and supplies shipper/broker online inquiry of backhauling trucking companies that correspond to their load to and                         from locations. 

Carrier updates availability once freight is booked.

Benefits Of Fetchdesk™ For Carriers

Shipper/broker logs into FetchDesk™ using mobile device or computer.

Shipper/broker enters “To” and “From” cities and required transport equipment.

FetchDesk™ displays matching backhauling carriers within a 1 to 200 mile radius of loading point, with 8 days before required loading time. 

Shipper/broker vets carriers’ qualifications and contacts them to negotiate rates. Eg. “I see you have a truck in Houston on the 14th ( y or n) . I have a load from Houston to your HOME area, interested? Then, what is your rate for a load like this load description?  Good, Lets make a deal…” Or, they can express interest through the mobile app which will send the carrier a push notification.

Shipper/broker sends text of proposed rate and booking confirmation to carrier for approval.

FetchDesk™ can save 27.8 BILLION gallons of diesel fuel every year.

The FetchDesk™ application is demonstrable and has gone through focus group testing.

Focus Group Results

Based on the percentage results from our focus group, and the size of our market, FetchDesk™ has roughly 6.5 million potential subscribers.

The 98% of truckers who said they would subscribe indicated they would do so at a price point of $70 a year. The 50% of shippers who said they would subscribe indicated they would do so at a (somewhat surprising) price of $150 a month.

We already have 66 subscribers, Shippers and Carriers, signed up.

Up next: Our first order of business is to update our cloud computational metrics. After our software is up to date, we’re focused on expanding our user base. Our goal is to capture just over 10% of the available market (715,000 subscribers) by year 5 leading to a projected income of $50.05 million.

David G Dwinell, CEO
David has been in surface transportation since 1958 as a trucking company owner, world wide distribution manager, a licensed broker, professor of brokering, and a forensic transportation expert accepted by the US Justice Department. From this unique position, he has brought automation for brokering from a monopolistic realm of a small group of brokers to an expanded market place for all participants. He owns the nation's largest (and first) brokering school, LoadTraining and the property brokerage, Truckalocity, which provides placement services to all broker school graduates, aka Master Brokers®.       

Bette B Dwinell, CFO
Bette is Dave’s wife and manages all the financial transactions coming through FetchDesk, LoadTraining, and Truckalocity. The latter two created $1.1 million in revenue through Q3 of 2015.

Steve Perez, CIO
Steve is a Master Broker® and owns several forwarding logistics companies under the umbrella of Cargo USA Logistics. As CIO of FetchDesk, he manages the existing software cloud while also expanding the cloud software to users in a real time interface.

Joel Petersen, Sales Manager
Joel is currently the Sales Manager for LoadTraining. He maintains all data leads while growing leads for all three companies listed above and a 30,000 e-mail databases.

Michelle Garcia, Office Administrator
Michelle manages all databases for the three companies run by Dave.

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