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Blowing Hot Air

Data centers, housing servers, and other computer equipment, require extensive air-cooling solutions which are both wasteful and ineffective:

Surely there must be a better way?

Meet: Fiberoptiq Liquid Cool Data Center


Fiberoptiq: Fast Facts

LiquidCool Submerged Server Technology (LSST)

The LSST is the next-generation of data center and rack server systems with the highest density and the most effective heat recovery that the data center industry has ever seen.

These disruptively efficient and cost-effective data center racks are set to revolutionize across all sectors with endless possibilities available through a radical infrastructure upgrade.


Keep Your Cool

Liquid Cool Data Centers(LCDC) offer an elegant cooling solution.

Efficient. Power consumption reduced up to 98% and >90% of waste heat can be reclaimed for other uses.


Economical. Reduces cooling costs by 60% or more.


High Density. Reduces physical footprint by up to 75%, eliminating cooling equipment, ducts and need for high ceilings and raised floors.


High-Performance. Best-in-class resilience and reliability.


Silent. Virtually noiseless, with fan noise and vibration eliminated.


Low Maintenance. No moving parts and no HVAC equipment to maintain. Computer equipment is isolated from humidity/ contaminants, significantly increasing lifespan.

Liquid Asset

Liquid Submersion Cooling
All electronic components are immersed in coolant within a liquid-tight chassis. The key to our Liquid Cool Data Centers (LCDC) is the dielectric heat transfer fluid that is:

  • Effective: Liquid has a higher heat-removal capacity than air
  • Eco-friendly: Non-toxic and biodegradable, with a global warming potential of zero.
  • Economical: Inexpensive and never needs to be replaced.
  • Inert: Does not conduct electricity, making safe to use with electronic components. 

Each LiquidCool Data Center rack replaces 5 traditional data center racks

Directed Flow State


  • Pump supplies dielectric liquid to multiple IT racks.
  • “Cool” liquid is circulated directly to hottest components first.
  • Remaining components are cooled by bulk flow as the coolant exits the chassis.
  • Directed flow is a key differentiator. Flow Rate: 0.25 gal/min.
  • Incoming fluid can be as hot as 110°F, completely eliminating mechanical, refrigeration and evaporative cooling.
  • Outgoing fluid can be as hot as 125°F, suitable for energy recovery & reused for building heat.
  • Heat is dissipated by a dry fluid cooler if there is no energy recycling option.
  • No fans or other moving parts in the chassis.
  • Rack-mounted devices are easy to maintain.

​The accepted paradigm is that the electric energy fuelng data centers is used for computing and getting rid of heat is a huge problem. In the Fiberoptiq Universe heat is a desirable byproduct that has great ecconomic and enviromental value because virually all rack input energy can be captured.


Case Studies

Federal Government Agency: Retrofit of a data center:

Facebook Data Hall: Eliminated the need for:


Third party validation and Installations include:

Changing the Data Center World

49 Granted Patents 25 USA; 24 International for the LiquidCool Submerged Server Technology [LSST] are from: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and India. Granted Patents relations are: Server, Workstation, General Purpose Electronic Systems, and Storage/Memory Systems related. Furthermore, the LSST granted patents are related to a Fluid Distribution System applied to Racks; scalable for Harsh Enviroment Applications. A designed Integrated Electronics Enclosure for Immersion Cooling with Fins. Gravity Return Open Flow System in Zero Pressure Encloser is accepted Open Compute Project [OCP] Immersion Cooling Rack concept. The OCP is an organization that shares designs of data center products and best practices among companies, in addition to Nano-Technology Enhancement of Fluid and Thermal Interface Materials.

Fiberoptiq LiquidCool Data Center [LCDC] is a exclusive rights licensed distributor under term with the manufacturer LiquidCool Solutions [LCS] of Rochester, MN. Distributor License cover 7 Western Region United States to include: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington as market territories.  Strategic and technology alliances enables service application and product solution onto the LCDC network, platform-as-a-service, and managed cloud operations over wide-area footprint. Interconnected by extreme-speed bandwidth fixed, wireless, and mobile links central or remote data center, cloud hub, or commercial facility to the Edge. Service application and solution options come with Service Level Support. Intellectual Property licensed by LCS provides as an equipment supplier a much more competative advantage as a data center network operator.

MIRIS and LiquidCool Solutions Partner to Change the Datacenter World”, Source: ABNewswire /
                  Date: 01/09/2020, Excerpt: "To accomplish its objective MIRIS computing facilities will be connected as one virtual datacenter with functionality to move compute where heat is needed. MIRIS also will build a High-Performance Compute (HPC) platform...provides compute services for such applications as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented, and Virtual Reality, Gaming, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Intelligence, Analytics and Internet of Things."

Meet The Founder

Gerry W. Stevens, Chief Executive and Director of Operations [Member Manager] is also Founder of Fiberoptiq. He oversees the current operation, engineering, management, administration, distribution, marketing and sale activities.

As a Certified Government Contractor Mr. Stevens execute Local, State, and Federal non-bid contract and bid contract opportunities as well as government regulated airports and port harbors. Mr. Stevens is approved by the Defense Logistic Agency  as a precursory to a National Defense Contractor.

Further background and experience is in Data Center Systems, Field Service Technician Management, Telecom Facilities Engineering, Aviation Electronics, and was a former co-owner of Tier-1 Cellular Retail Franchises.

A United States Air Force Veteran.

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