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Stylish breathable mask made from exquisite leather


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Meet La Mascherina, The Leather Mask That Protects You In Style

La Mascherina Originale in Denim Blue and Tan

La Mascherina Originale in Tan

La Mascherina Originale in Choco Brown

La Mascherina Originale in Tan


La Mascherina Limitado Vinta

These masks feel and smell luxurious because they're handrcrafted with passion using leather sourced from top European tanneries, and are lined with sheepskin.

La Mascherina Originale in Claret Brown and Sky Blue
with their earloops swapped out for a unique style

La Mascherina protects you and others while making a statement.

La Mascherina Leggera Alligatore in Toscana

La Mascherina Moto Collection in Tan and Blue

La Mascherina Cabretta in Cobalt Blue

La Mascherina Moto Collection

La Mascherina Originale in Taupe

La Mascherina in Burgundy Fuchsia Red

It's an enduring piece that adds personality and flair to any outfit.

La Mascherina Limitado Classic
modeled in NYC by Gucci model, Hannah Locsin

Supple and soft to the touch, La Mascherina is eye-candy.

La Mascherina Originale in Off-White and Burgundy Fuchsia Red
with their earloops swapped out for mega style

5 Styles to Choose From

La Mascherina Originale
French calfskin with sheepskin lining.

La Mascherina Cabretta
Cabretta with sheepskin lining.

La Mascherina Leggera Alligatore
Light Italian calfskin embossed with alligator print with sheepskin lining.
This leather is luxurious and ultra light, but very delicate. Clean only with Lexol leather cleaner or other popular leather cleaning products.

La Mascherina Limitado Vinta
Handcrafted from snake and lizard skin, and lined with sheepskin, its design is inspired by the iconic vinta sail boat.

La Mascherina Limitado Classic
Handcrafted from mock croc leather and lined with sheepskin, it is finished in a semi-gloss patina.

La Mascherina Originale in Black

La Mascherina Cabretta in Medallion

La Mascherina Originale in Cordovan Tan

Product Details

The Filters

Each La Mascherina comes with 2 detachable and washable filters that are easily swapped in and out.

They're easy to clean and keep looking fresh and new

These washable filters are made of molded foam and Thermo-welded with a durable black sports fabric.

Functional Practicality in Smart Design

La Mascherina is designed to have an open-back pocket where the filter slips in easily and is held in place by its thoughtful design. This pocket also allows you to use your own 3rd party filter that might fit!

The Earloops

The earloops are the same kind of leather material and color as the mask. They are designed to be adjustable by removing them and reinserting the stud through a different hole on the earloop.

These are interchangeable! Buy two or more different-colored masks so you can easily swap out earloops for a unique style!

La Mascherina Limitado Classic


We like to offer these in as many tasteful colors as possible and we continue to iterate and experiment in order to give users indivuduality and personal style. Available colors can change between now and the end of this campaign, so we'll email you to choose colors and sizes after the campaign ends, and may email you a survey before then, to help us forecast production. See our Instagram page for other colors and updates.

Mask sizes:

  • Regular (will fit most)
  • Petite (for small faces, children, and teens)

Strap sizes:

  • Regular
  • Small
  • Long

La Mascherina Leggera Alligatore in Teal

La Mascherina Limitado Vinta

La Mascherina Cabretta in Basil

La Mascherina Originale in Claret Brown

La Mascherina Originale in Burgundy Fuchsia Red

La Mascherina Limitado Classic

La Mascherina Originale in Cool Beige

La Mascherina Originale in Dusty Beige

La Mascherina Originale in Off White

La Mascherina Originale in Denim Blue

La Mascherina Cabretta in Red Orange

La Mascherina Limitado Classic

La Mascherina Originale in Sky Blue

La Mascherina Cabretta in Orangina

Leggera Alligatore in Toscana

Leggera Alligatore in Pewter

Leggera Alligatore in Sky

Leggera Alligatore in Pale Lilac

Leggera Alligatore in Sand

Leggera Alligatore in Black

Leggera Alligatore in Red

We've done a lot of research and development on these masks. As you can see, we put a lot of passion in them too!

La Mascherina has been successfully tested in the relatively small fashion world of Manila and we're ready to bring it to the world in limited numbers. We need your backing!



The Original Prototype

The origin of the mask started out as something for personal use by founder and chief designer,  Dr. Rommel Bautista.

He just wanted some protection from pollution whenever he rode his motorcycle.

Founder and Chief Designer at Fino Leatherware, Dr. Rommel Bautista.

He insists that it still is meant to be for motorcycle riders and we continue to develop for that market.

Enter Coronavirus (COVID-19)

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the initial prototype mask found a more general purpose.

We started experimenting with the different colors seen here, and having close photographer friends, we asked them for a professional shoot of these prototypes in the new colors to give people an idea of the different possibilities.


  • Remove washable filter and wash/soak the filter for 1 to 2 minutes in a bowl of water with a small amount of liquid hand soap or shampoo
  • Rinse and squeeze out the excess water then air-dry
  • For the leather material, use Lexol or other popular leather care products
  • Apply leather conditioner occasionally to keep the leather supple

DISCLAIMER: FINO makes no claims that La Mascherina is bio-equivalent or a direct replacement for N-95 certified masks for frontline care of COVID-19 positive patients. However, fashionably sensible users may consider it a stylish replacement for cloth or surgical masks.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the hygienic nature of FINO La Mascherina, which relate to personal hygiene and self care, all items are non-returnable or resalable. We encourage you to carefully review our products before checking out, as we cannot offer replacements especially in these difficult and challenging times. 

If there is a manufacturing defect on your order, FINO Leatherware will replace the products if a report has been made within 36 hours of receiving your article.

To qualify for an exchange or refund:

  • Items must be unused.
  • All tags, clips, and packaging must be included
  • Clear images must be shown and must be emailed to
  • Items that do not meet these requirements are not eligible.
  • Please include your full name and order number in the email.
  • If requesting an exchange, please indicate the new items you would like to exchange your order for.

Traction & Accomplishments

Fino La Mascherina in the Media

Field testing La Mascherina got the attention of a few journalists and has been featured in publications such as Forbes magazine and Business World.

How We're Different

About Fino Leatherware

Fino Leatherware has been in the leather industry for many years. We design and create our own leather bags and accessories.

Up until this year, we had only offered our products in our retail boutiques found in the high-end shopping malls of Manila, Philippines and have never been available online or anywhere else in the world.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to expand on the original mask idea to provide a fashionable and safe alternative to a product that everyone needs in these times, while achieving our long-term goal of going global, starting with this beautiful leather mask.

Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you in our post-campaign survey!

Feel free to shoot us a quick email at

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Jet Balagtas


A software engineer by profession, Jet has been an entrepreneur at various points in his life. He aims to help and represent FINO Leatherware in the United States by helping his longtime friends penetrate the U.S. market.

Dr. Rommel Bautista


An ophthalmologist by profession with his private practice, Rommel founded FINO Leatherware and is its chief designer. Together with his wife, Rose Ann, they run their operations and manage their retail stores.


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