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High Demand But Limited Space

Every year about 10 million individuals take tertiary education entrance admission exams in Africa. Unfortunately, due to limited space, less than one million applicants are accepted. The continent currently has 4.1 million students in its tertiary institutions despite having three times the population of U.S. which has 22 million students. With access as a problem, Africa's working adult population cannot further their education as universities do not have available space to accept them. Besides space in classrooms, quality remains poor bedeviled by inadequate teaching tools and largely unprepared faculty.

Expanding University Access Through Technology

By providing university-level educational opportunities focusing largely on training in a hybrid of physical and satellite campuses with online components, Africa’s middle class are given more opportunities and chances to pursue relevant careers and acquire higher learning. We will be the first Pan-African university that will use technologies like video and Internet to expand university access in Africa. In addition, we want to expand to capture non-traditional students (working adult) utilizing year round schedules, self-paced courses, only offer degrees with strong market demand, and utilize strong customer service/recruiting/student support practices. Integrate regular and non-traditional students by requiring the latter to spend time on the physical campus for reputation and quality reasons. Deploy technology, operate lean and deliver quality training programs in high-demand fields in Africa.

Education Playing a Crucial Role in the Modern World

Higher education is playing a crucial role in the modern world due to the changing economy as knowledge continues to supplant physical capital as the source of present and future wealth. As a source of ideas and innovation, higher education is the bastion of continued economic viability of any nation. And quality education is the instrument that will prepare any nation for this competitive global readiness, and that education must be multi-faceted, world-class and balanced to account for the complexity of the new world system. A system where youth unemployment is high even when there is a critical shortage of skilled manpower is not sustainable and must be redesigned.

Developing countries, such as Nigeria, needs to bridge the knowledge gap with the industrialized world by making sure that tertiary institutions in the country provide high academic quality that exerts regional economic impacts beyond providing source of graduates for employments. The 21st century graduate is not just going to be one prepared to work for a company, but one with capability to create new opportunities through innovation and entrepreneurship. And that entrepreneurship cuts across all disciplines because business innovation does not have to be confined to the technology space.

How We're Different

We will use technologies like video and Internet to scale university access in the region. Broadband access is already available in most African countries. We will offer superior teaching quality by recruiting internationally some of our faculty. Since our reputation will depend on the quality of our students, we will invest in attracting great faculty and providing them with tools to educate. We will offer good customer service to our students by using technology to drive our operations. Our program will be designed to be market-relevant and we will forge partnerships with some industrial certification providers as well as linkages with U.S. schools. Exchange programs with U.S. schools will ensure our faculty educate effectively and pick patterns ahead of local competition.

Traction & Accomplishments

All the goals and steps that we have developed for this project have been or are being accomplished on time. So far we have accomplished the following:


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