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When it comes to fishing, there’s nothing like the thrill of the catch.


However, traditional lures lack excitement and aren’t as effective as fishermen desire.

That’s why First Fish LLC offers a variety of high-quality products to help fishermen of all skill levels achieve success at the sport. We design and build lures that don’t just attract fishermen but really work on fish!

Our lures mimic the sounds and movements of real bait fish and frogs, and our electronic lures are rechargeable for convenience.

Plus, we offer the Bill Dance Ultimate Fishing Tool to make cutting, repairing and adjusting a breeze.

Fishing is a popular American pastime enjoyed by amateurs and professionals alike. There’s nothing like the thrill of the catch but, unfortunately, traditional lures aren’t the most effective.

Fishermen desire products that use cutting-edge technology to make them more successful in catching a wide diversity of fish species in a variety of water conditions.

That’s why First Fish LLC produces top-notch fishing products, including a variety of rechargeable electronic lures and lifelike jigs.

First Fish LLC is an outdoor lifestyle gear company dedicated to producing the most lifelike artificial baits in the world through technology, engineering and design.

Our innovative and effective products help anglers achieve more successful fishing trips and increase the amount of time they’re able to spend pursuing the sport.

First Fish LLC’s high-quality products include:

Twitching Lures
Twitching Lures are rechargeable lures that use Vibra-Strike technology to buzz, twitch, vibrate and flash when they hit the water. They’re designed to mimic the spasmodic actions of wounded bait fish and minnows—which fish love—and attract fish by engaging the three senses that compel them to feed: Sight, touch and sound. The lures trigger coding in the fish’s DNA that sends them into a feeding frenzy.

Using fish body designs that have been proven to be successful “catchers,” the lures attract and catch all species of fresh and saltwater fish.

With the included USB charger, the lures recharge as easily as a cell phone.


The MagnaStrike Frog and MagnaStrike Croaker are USB-rechargeable lures that use sound to attract and catch fish.

The MagnaStrike Frog is the only artificial croaking frog in the world. A patented sound chamber design recreates the sound of frogs in their natural habitat, which makes a vibration and attracts fish.


The MagnaStrike Croaker recreates the feel, sight and sound of croakers. It creates a vibration that moves through the water at 3,400 feet per second to attract fish, and comes in a variety of colors. Plus, the MagnaStrike Croaker lure is a top-notch alternative to the dwindling live croaker population.

Nekid Ball Jigz
Nekid Ball Jigz are glow-in-the-dark ball chain lures that are patterned after fish fossils with a design that mimics the earliest movements of ancient species. The lures attract fish using wavelike, fluid motion and a crystal flash teaser tail.

Nekid Ball Jigz are the only lures in the world to catch nearly 80 species of inshore & offshore fish.


Bill Dance Ultimate Fishing Tool
The Bill Dance Ultimate Fishing Tool is a multi-use, plier-like tool designed by famed fisherman Bill Dance that assists in virtually any situation that arises in or near the water.

Features include:

1) Stainless steel construction with titanium coating for years of worry-free service

2) Changeable blades to cut it all, plus two extra blades

3) Includes lanyard and carrying belt holster

4) Nylon sheath with belt loop and Velcro security strap

5) Tough but soft rubber handles

6) Index finger out for more control

7) Anti-rust and anti-corrosion

8) Multiple built-in tools

  • Regular & Phillips screwdriver for quick repairs and adjustments
  • Crimper for sinkers
  • Simple nut driver
  • Razor sharp blades
  • Quick Hook extractor
  • Ring splitter tip for easy hook changes
  • Quick line cutter
  • Bottle opener


Product Development
It’s taken nearly three years and nine versions to perfect our electronic lures. They’ve been tested extensively in the laboratory and in the field by some of the top fisherman, undergoing tests in freshwater, inshore and offshore to 100 miles. We are now ready for a full round of manufacturing.

Customer Acceptance
Brand awareness raised by licensee marketing from more than six months ago has continued to expand, bringing in orders for our twitching lures on a daily basis.

Dozens of fishermen have added the Bill Dance Ultimate Fishing Tool to their tackle bags, and we have yet to receive a single negative review. Bass Pro Shops even sold out of 200 units during a test order.

The Nekid Ball Jigz has a bit of a cult following around the Central West Coast of Florida.

All of our lures have IP protected by patents

We’ve partnered with professional fishermen Bill Dance and Peter Deeks, who serve as special advisors to First Fish LLC.

Press Mentions
Coast Angler
USA Today

Our next focus is to acquire customers through a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, which is currently in the works. The campaign will include engaging instructional videos, tips and tricks for fishermen of all experience levels, and a call to action for customers to send in photos of their catches for free First Fish gear.

Additionally, we’ll attend tournaments and fishing events to leverage media and photo opportunities with pros and fans.

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Bobby has over 30 years in the direct response/live TV shopping business and is also the founder of Mann Marketing. His achievements include launching Serious Skin Care with Jennifer Flavin – a line that has been running for 20 years and has done billions in sales, and creating the World's Finest Seafood with Ben White, airing on HSN.

Mann is an inventor with a passion for fishing and is responsible for creating the electronic Twitching Lure, which aired in 2016 on every TV market with millions of dollars on planned media spending.

He recently made his mark in the outdoor sportsman world and is an owner in the outdoor celebrity brand, Th3 Legends, comprised of fishing legends Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin.

Gus is also the president of Worldwide TV Products, LLC. He’s been in the business of sourcing, developing, marketing and merchandising products through TV shopping channels like HSN, QVC, The Shopping Channel – Canada, and QVC-UK for the past 18 years and has been responsible for airing hundreds of products generating well over $500 million in retail sales through live TV shopping.

As an accomplished marketing professional, Gus has used his expertise to assist companies in identifying untapped markets. He has a diverse knowledge of the entire marketing process, from product/service inception to branding strategies to creative campaign development. Gus is also president of Concepts Marketing Solution Inc., a fulfillment and logistics provider. He maintains executive offices and a fulfillment facility in Clearwater, FL.

Together with Bobby Mann, Ron and his team have successfully developed and perfected the production of the Electronic Twitching Lure, the MagnaStrike line of lures, plus many other consumer products in the outdoor category. Ron maintains an office in China to oversee engineering, manufacturing and logistics for all First Fish LLC products.

Todd is a lifelong angler with an extensive background in promotions and marketing. He will act as the on-site representative of First Fish products, provide interviews and TV appearances and help demonstrate products. Todd will continue to create and introduce new designs into the First Fish lineup.



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