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We Hit Our Initial Target in 4 Days! Now, on to $75,000!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we've blown past our initial fundraise target in 4 days! There's been a ton of interest in our FIT Radio for Life offer, and we want to keep it available for all of our early supporters.

Each and every dollar helps us make FIT Radio better, and we have an aggressive roadmap for additional improvements to the product! Please continue to help Back FIT Radio to help us get to $75,000!

If we reach our new goal of $75,000 everyone who pledges $60 or more will ALSO receive a FIT Radio sweat band!

Push Play and Go!

It takes a lot of time and energy to search for and download music for your workout. What you typically listen to throughout the day may not be what keeps you moving at the gym. Other streaming music apps give you one song at a time and have no control over BPMs (beats per minute) – Pandora, for example, will give you a fast, upbeat song but it will be followed by a slow, drawn out song that in no way matches the rhythm of the song you just previously heard. Spotify is just like iTunes, it lets you decide what you want to hear. However, flipping through songs can be very distracting when you’re trying to reach your goal of a seven-minute mile.

With FIT Radio, manually putting together upbeat playlists for the gym is now a thing of the past.  FIT Radio lets you push play and go. Now, thousands of mixes are all in one easy place for our listeners to simply choose their favorite genre, push play and go! The music never stops, not even for ads and we upload new mixes daily, providing users with only their favorite tracks and the best music available.

We are giving you the chance to get unlimited, premium access to our ad-free and daily updated app.  By showing your support for $60, you'll get a lifetime premium membership to keep your jams rocking every day you work out, without ads, and with new music added daily.  Typically $35 per year, you're getting Fit Radio for life at less than the cost of a 2-year membership.

FIT Radio is ready to begin developing new and exciting features for the mobile apps, implement new designs, expand to new platforms (Roku, Blackberry, Sonos, X-Box, Windows phones, Apple TV, etc.), and keep FIT Radio free of advertisements! Our entire team thanks you for your support!

The Product

There really isn’t anything else on the market like FIT Radio. Sure, there are other streaming music apps and ways to listen to music, but when people go to the gym they want what only FIT Radio provides: non-stop, high-energy music that stays at a consistent BPM at the press of one button.

Using online and smartphone platforms, FIT Radio strives to provide listeners with music that:

  • Is profesionally mixed by the world's most popular DJs
  • Stimulates and increases listeners motivation
  • Satisfies a market of listeners who demand club-inspired, DJ-constructed mixes


FIT Radio will offer two versions of the app, a basic free version and a more sophisticated and robust premium version. In the beginning, the user will get the premium version for free for 30 days. After 30 days, users may either pay for the premium service or downgrade to the free version.


Premium at $2.99/month ($35/year):

  • Users will pay a small monthly fee for unlimited access
  • Ad Free
  • Content managers will perform daily quality insurance checks of all content available on FIT Radio to ensure user satisfaction

Already use Pandora, Spotify, or download? Read on.

Despite the multiple ways people can currently access music, FIT Radio has managed to set itself apart from the competition with its distinct features, attention to user demands, and premium content. Our DMCA license has also set us apart while giving us a lot of freedom in the streaming music world.

FIT Radio truly provides a unique listening experience compared to its competitors.

Traction and Early Success

FIT Radio launched its Android and iPhone applications in July of 2011. Since its introduction to the app stores, FIT Radio’s popularity has continued to grow through word-of-mouth and minimal “grassroots” marketing strategies to hundreds of thousands of users world wide. FIT Radio launched it's Subscription version in January and has had an amazing response thus far.

The company has also made a lot of headway into bringing the apps to a broader market base. Here’s what has been accomplished so far.

  • FIT Radio has begun to substantially ramp up marketing efforts in order to catalyze the organic growth we are already experiencing.  Our promotional activities and events coupled with our online social media presence will provide a steady increase to a large number of new users.
  • We are in the process of partnering up and aligning ourselves with the top companies in our industry.  Our current partners include:

  • We have signed an agreement with TAG Strategic, a digital entertainment consulting firm focused on leveraging their collective experience and expertise in building relationships, identifying market opportunities, growing brands and defining best practices for the entertainment, technology and mobile industries.

  • We have put forth focused efforts to avoid expensive legal pitfalls concerning copyright and royalty issues.  We are DMCA compliant while setting ourselves apart with our unique revenue structure.

Awesome Testimonials and Press Coverage

Those who have downloaded the app use the app frequently and have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Users love FIT Radio so much that they’re even making video blogs about it:

Click on the video thumbnails to view


We have been featured in numerous articles, app reviews and blogs. (Click the logos to view)


We have been featured twice early this year in Mashable and were nominated as one of the Top Seven Best Music Services/Apps at The 5th Annual Mashable Awards.



Meet Our Founders and Amazing Team

Russell Green, Founder and CEO of FIT Radio brings a host of experience, leadership, and insight to the company. 

Night Club and Bar Magazine recognized Russell as one of the TOP Club Operators in the Country.  He has served as Partner and Operating Manager of Opera Nightclub, the most renowned club in Atlanta since opening its doors in 2007. He has established and maintained multiple relationships with many of the World’s most famous and sought-after DJs.

Russell’s professional relationship combined with his established knowledge base in the Nightlife industry have functioned as springboards for him to boost FIT Radio into its initial stages of development and success.

Daniel LiptonFounding Partner of FIT Radio

Daniel was born in Brooklyn, NY where he was raised in the suburbs and began his entrepreneurial ventures at the age of 15. It was then that he developed his lifelong formula for success: to have pride in your job no matter what you do, maintain your work ethic and determination, and always have humility.

He has 25 years experience as a professional trader, and continues to invest and operate a multitude of businesses. When he moved to Atlanta, GA, he became the managing partner of Opera Nightclub. Due in part to his guidance, Opera is now into one of the top clubs in the country, as voted by Nightclub and Bar Magazine.
His most exciting investment to date, however, is his partnership in FIT Radio, a mobile app that provides high-BPM DJ-engineered mixes to people hosting parties or working out. Lipton’s faith in the idea is largely due to his admiration for FIT Radio’s founder, Russell Greene, also a partner at Opera.

Lipton urges ambitious young people to never become complacent with their achievements and always put in 110% effort. But he stresses one mantra above all: Maintain humility on your journey through life, and your achievements will be even better when you look back on them.

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