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What is Fleksy?

Fleksy is a keyboard application technology developed by Syntellia. It allows users to type without looking on the screen. Fleksy has been developed with the blind and visually impaired users in mind and as such is extremely accurate in predicting any user's typing. Fleksy's first iteration is available for iOS, distributed in the AppStore as a free demo and can be unlocked to a full version through an in-app purchase upgrade.

How does Fleksy work?

We use proprietary and patent pending technology for text entry, which has been developed in-house from the ground up.

Unlike other solutions in the market, our system does not require the user to accurately press the buttons on the screen.

What does the paid upgrade offer?

Fleksy is distributed for free in the AppStore. Users can experience the full fledged Fleksy typing experience in order to make an informed decision. If they so choose, users can upgrade to the full version through the in-app purchase and enjoy the following features:

  • Copy entered text to paste in any other app and text field
  • Message, Email and Tweet directly from Fleksy
  • Add and manage Favorites in order to communicate faster with those contacts
  • Set up reply links in your texts and emails for other Fleksy users to benefit from

Does this mean users can replace the iOS keyboard with Fleksy?

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the iOS platform, not even with the paid upgrade.

What languages are supported?

We only support US English at present. We plan to integrate other languages in the future, and are already working behind the scenes to integrate Spanish, French and Italian.

What platforms are supported?

Fleksy works on iPhone with iOS 5 or later. We are planning to support more platforms soon, such as Android and Windows Phone 8. We also have an iPad version planned for the near future.

Is there an online manual?

The instructions to the latest version can be found here. The instructions are formatted for blind (VoiceOver) users who have purchased the full version of the current Fleksy application.

Who is behind Fleksy?

Fleksy was developed by Syntellia. Inspired by the application of artificial intelligence in everyday technology, Syntellia is a new startup focused on disruptive innovations in the technology sector. For more information, visit our corporate website.

Can I use Fleksy in another app?

We are looking to integrate with more applications in the future, and have developed a platform for developers to use Fleksy in their app as an accessibility feature.

Elevator Pitch

Fleksy is a revolutionary technology which makes typing text on a touch-screen easy.

Ever dreamt of an auto-correct system powerful enough to work even when you don’t look at the screen? Yes, it’s possible.

In fact, Fleksy is being used today by the blind and visually impaired to type faster and easier than many sighted people.

It is set to revolutionize the way people think about mobile devices and to challenge the traditional barriers in touch-screen typing for everyone.

Featuring Syntellia’s patent pending technologies, Fleksy uses the familiar QWERTY layout, coupled with probably the most powerful text prediction engine out there.

It is a new experience and a leap forward in mobile computing and the ability to use touch-screen device for content creation by everyone.



App of the Month - AppleVis (August 2012)

"The biggest innovation to come to touch typing, now free to try!" ★★★★★

“Awesome! Amazing! Unbelievable!” ★★★★★

“This app is a game changer” ★★★★★
- David Woodbridge, Apple Ambassador

"Awesome new predictive text input method. Perhaps next year it will be highlighted by Apple" - AppAdvice

The biggest innovation to come to touch typing, now free to try! ★★★★★

"Awesome new predictive text input method. Perhaps next year it will be highlighted by Apple" - AppAdvice

"Awesome! Amazing! Unbelievable! God, I hope Apple builds this into iOS” ★★★★★

"This is better than Swype" ★★★★★

I'm a Typing Speed Demon ★★★★★
This app update absolutely ROCKS!!! With every update this keyboard becomes more and more intuitive. Their definitely is no sluggishness to this keyboard. I didn't think I could get any faster typing with this app. Fleksy proved me wrong. Great job guys. You are awesome. - Jer72

OMG! ★★★★★
Its amazing! Wish Apple will implement it to the next iOS! - Pavel Kholyavkin

typing gets much better ★★★★★
Typing on a touch screen can be difficult at times, but this app changes all of that by allowing one to guess where the letters are, instead of knowing where they are. I have to say I'm enjoying it more and more. - Riley_86

How it works

Fleksy allows users to type text on the familiar keyboard layout, by tapping on the screen. Our patent pending technology does not need accuracy – just tap on the screen and Fleksy will automatically detect the text you meant to enter – even if you have missed every single key.

It is like nothing you have used before.

The current Fleksy app gives a demonstration of the technology. It also lets a visually impaired user purchase the full version to send the text as an SMS message, or as an email, or to copy the text to use in another app on the phone.

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