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Flooid Power: Fast Facts

Introducing Flooid Power:

  • A novel, patented energy system that combines and re-configures proven, mature technologies to create an entirely new category in power generation.
  • Flooid Power produces electricity in a way that’s similar to hydropower, but without the need for a river, dam, or flowing water at all.
  • Flooid Power super-efficiently compresses huge volumes of air while capturing and concentrating ambient atmospheric heat released through the compression cycle.
  • This super-efficiently compressed air and heat are converted into electricity via displacement in the patented Flooid Tower. Modified hydropower turbines convert kinetic flooid energy into electricity.
  • Flooid Power is a distributed energy resource that can be sited anywhere on solid ground, is scalable, continuous, reliable, and has a high output on a small footprint.
  • With industry-standard construction, maintenance and operational costs, and without fuel costs or the need for battery storage, Flooid Power can sell electricity at rates below those of other producers—all while making high rates-of-return for project-based investors.
  • Powered by the Planet, Flooid Power is an energy supplier for entire cities and towns, not one-off residential installations. Flooid  Power can provide affordable, reliable, continuous, utility-scale service for communities and high-volume commercial and industrial power customers.

What We’re All About

  • Flooid Power Systems, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based “Benefit Corporation,” committed to developing carbon-free economies around the world utilizing our patented, emissions-free energy system.
  • Benefit Corporations aim to “create a material, positive impact on society and the environment,” as well as making a financial return for investors.
  • Flooid Power will provide reliable, affordable, 100% clean energy to our customers, strengthening local grids.
  • We will be an active “citizen” in the communities we serve, with a significant portion of revenues going to local projects and non-profits.

Key Highlights

  • Strongly patented in 95% of the global power market.
  • Good Relationship with the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electrical Company, which has ~550 MW of
    fossil-fuel-powered generation capacity and is interested
    in providing Flooid Power with a demonstration site and helping grow our relationships with Munis and IOUs.
  • Letter-of-Intent signed with Holyoke Gas & Electric Department to sell power at low, long-term rate; site designated on HG&E property to build 5MW systems. Early projects will be in higher base-rate markets to maximize revenues and company growth.
  • Key relationships established in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Taunton, Framingham, and multiple small towns in western MA—all of which want to be first in line when we complete Project A.

The Climate Crisis: A Challenge We Must, and Can, Overcome

For more than 150 years, humans have burnt wood, coal, oil, and natural gas for everything from heating homes and fueling cars to powering industry and business around the globe. Electricity is the foundational commodity for development and the global economy, and demand is only increasing. 

Combustion produces the greenhouse gases causing accelerated climate change—the need for clean, efficient, scalable solutions is urgent. Doing nothing (or not enough) is not an option.

Current renewable energy technologies make a positive impact, but they only go part of the way, and all have significant limitations:

Power output, cost, reliability and intermittence—these are the factors limiting current renewable  technologies’ ability to meet demand and address the crisis we have created. Solar and wind don’t produce power 24/7/365, meaning that batteries are required to store electricity for later use. This adds to overall cost, reduces system efficiency, and the production of batteries requires additional resources (rare Earth elements, energy, etc.).  

The need is urgent for a new energy technology that can produce renewable electricity continuously, scalably, profitably, affordably, reliably—and without environmental cost. Flooid Power is that technology.

Hydropower In A Tower™

Flooid Power is a patented, paradigm-shifting energy system that combines two things the Earth has in abundance, ambient atmospheric heat and the gravitational forces inherent in Earth’s mass—to generate affordable, continuous electricity for homes and businesses—all within a self-contained, non-polluting unit that pays for itself in 1.5-3 years with compelling returns thereafter for project-based investors.

How it Works:

Powered By The Planet™

Impact—Doing Well and Doing Good
Because Flooid Power does not burn fuel like coal, oil, or natural gas, it is both significantly less costly and it allows us to leave these resources where they belong—underground. This levelizes Flooid Power’s costs over time, allowing us to offer customers low, long-term rates while also making significant profits. Flooid Power Centers will become long-term community assets, with customers offered not only low rates, but also the opportunity to invest in these local Flooid Power centers. Municipalities, households and local businesses that choose this option will receive quarterly cash distributions after the asset is paid for. 

Small Footprint
Needing only 1-2 acres to site a 5-7MW power center, Flooid Power uses a small amount of land to produce a high, continuous output. Ideal for new construction projects, Flooid Power can also be contained within a building as one of its operating systems. Requiring only 200 sq/ft per floor up-and-down 12-40 floors of a building (similar to an elevator shaft) and a portion of the basement for equipment, Flooid Power can provide electricity to not only the “host building,” but also 8-10 buildings around it. Needing only enclosed, vertical space to produce electricity, Flooid Power offers far better value for property owners than solar or wind. 

Revenue Generating
Flooid Power provides standalone, continuous power for its “host building” as well as the surrounding community. The owner of the host building not only saves money, but also generates revenue by selling power to a local microgrid. 

Faster, Higher ROI
Because Flooid Power is continuous, with no fuel costs and industry-standard construction and operational costs, payback times for investors are considerably accelerated. Short payback time and profitability are ideal for project-based investors, farmers’ cooperatives, businesses, local governments, and other stakeholders. 

Savings & Revenue
Flooid Power will sell directly to high-volume power customers, supplying 100% of their needs at discounted retail rates. Surplus power will be sold through the local transmission grid at a below-market, mixed wholesale rate. If they are involved in the initial financing of the system, direct-connect customers make revenue from sale of surplus power to the grid.

Scalable & Unobtrusive
Because ambient heat and buoyant forces are ubiquitous on Earth's surface, Flooid Power can operate anywhere on solid ground. A continuous, high-output system, Flooid Power is not suitable for one-off residential applications; Flooid Power will serve entire neighborhoods, towns and large cities. With a small footprint and a design that’s easily “hidden in plain sight,” Flooid Towers can accommodate to local preferences, scenery, and energy needs. Flooid Power Centers do not make noise disturbance for neighbors, and the only “emissions” is the air that goes through the system.

Power Where It’s Needed
Standalone energy production will hasten infrastructure development where reliable electricity is currently unavailable, improving quality-of-life by providing the developing world with affordable, uninterrupted power. Flooid Power’s lower short- and long-term costs facilitate adoption by countries lacking modern power infrastructure.

Long-term Social Impact
As a registered “Benefit Corporation,” Flooid Power Systems, Inc. is committed to directly benefitting the communities we serve. We aim to maximize Flooid Power’s impact globally and locally, and will allocate a significant portion of revenues to local projects and non-profits.

Project A

Flooid Power Project A will be our first fully-operational, grid-connected Flooid Power Center, and is on track for completion in the first half of 2021. Key milestones in our 3-phase plan:

Flooid Is Powering Up

Flooid Power is well beyond proof-of-concept, is strongly patented, all systems and subsystems are fully tested and validated, and our team has built the foundation for rapid expansion in the months and years ahead.

The Flooid Tower was awarded a US patent in June, 2020 and our entire system is strongly protected in 95% of the worldwide power market.

Letter-of-Intent with Holyoke Gas & Electric to buy power at a low, long-term rate—HG&E’s engineering staff has done exhaustive due diligence on our technology, and their early understanding and support has been helpful as we enter the Massachusetts Muni and IOU power markets.

Stakeholders and sites identified for multiple projects, customer relationships established—Town of North Attleboro/North Attleboro Electric Department, a Muni; Attleboro, MA, and National Grid, the IOU serving that city; Seaman Paper, Templeton, MA; Erving Paper, Erving, MA

Multiple additional cities, towns and distributed power users identified and in the queue to be among Flooid Power's first customers, including Westfield, Chicopee, South Hadley, and Taunton.

Three of our vendors, Emax Compressors, Eastern Refrigeration, and Pantermehl Land Clearing, are direct investors in Flooid Power Systems, Inc. These vendors were initially approached as technology development partners and for services and equipment sales, and after they fully understood the technology and its likely impact, they wanted to invest in Flooid Power Systems, Inc.

Team Flooid

Mark Maynard
A scientist, mathematician, inventor, and entrepreneur with a track record of finding new ways to solve old problems, Mark Maynard is a graduate of UMass/Amherst with a B.S. in Utility Management. Mr. Maynard worked most of his career for corporate and municipal employers, in recent years utilizing his technical talent and accumulated knowledge to develop new renewable energy technologies. In addition to being the primary developer of IP for Flooid Power and our revolutionary technology, he has developed industry-changing IP throughout his career — in healthcare, agribusiness, water & sewer systems, and now in renewable energy.

Ben Schwartz
An entrepreneur, consultant, and author, Mr. Schwartz brings a wide-ranging background to his role as Flooid Power’s chief executive. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he attended Bowdoin College in Maine, graduating with majors in Government & Legal Studies and Classics. Prior to co-founding Flooid Power Systems, Mr. Schwartz was a principal at Emphasis Consulting Group, where he worked with business, non-profit, municipal, political, and other clients, developing comprehensive strategies to accomplish short- and long-term client goals. Mr. Schwartz brings to Flooid Power his experience in renewable power, organization building, communications, business & non-profit fundraising, government & community relations, and strategic planning in a variety of contexts.

Brian Richards, MBA
Former CFO at Holyoke Gas & Electric, Mr. Richards has deep knowledge of municipal utilities, as well as the larger power industry.

Mark Szalankiewicz
A master electrician, business owner, and manager, Mr. Szalankiewicz will supervise our technical interactions with utilities and other customers.

Jon G. McGowan, PhD.
A professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Dr. McGowan has published research on thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermal systems analysis, with a focus on renewable energy systems and fluid dynamics.

Scott Bauer
A demonstrated achiever with exceptional knowledge of mechanical design, business management, sales, and fabrication processes, Mr. Bauer has more than 20 years of combined experience in areas directly relevant to Flooid Power’s future operations.

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