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Flow Immersive:
Founders Journey

“To be or not to be?” That’s the question Jason Marsh asked participants during his first experiment visualizing a massive 180,000 letters of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Virtual Reality. The consensus was “to-be” with participants describing the profound way they now saw and explored the story.

Jason then created Flow Immersive, a software platform that allows users to collaborate around data, whether they’re in the same room or on opposite sides of the world.

Multiple meetings, limited engagement

There’s also no shortage of data, but there is a lack of understanding and engagement.

Static data visualizations are not engaging nor interactive, and depending on the data, may be too technical for an audience that’s not tech-savvy.

The enterprise needs to make good data-driven decisions, but too often choices are made based on assumptions or emotion, instead of comprehensive analysis.

For virtual meetings, engagement, interactivity, and understanding can be even more of a challenge.

Flow tells the story

Data does not speak for itself, and with Flow, users can tell compelling, data-driven stories that people can truly understand. This drives better data-driven decisions, engages potential customers, and better communicates important insights often lost in data.

Flows work on flat-screens, mobile phones, and AR/VR headsets for remote or in-person meetings, in addition Flows being posted or shared asynchronously.

Climate is a prime example; more data won’t change the world, but more effective communication using data will change the hearts and minds of world leaders.

Flow is a web-based enterprise SaaS platform for the creation and presentation of interactive data visualizations and diagrams we call ‘Flows’. Whether meeting in-person or virtually, Flow is there to ignite better conversations around data.

Flow’s proprietary software works on all devices through the browser, so whether on a laptop, phone, or AR/VR headset, anyone can join a Flow-powered meeting and have an experience optimized for that device.

How Flow provides value

Flow sells a 12-month SaaS license for Flow presentations or collaborative meeting environments. Users can build Flows themselves with the self-service Flow editor, or contract with Flow for the creation of the presentation or collaborative meeting environment. 

Companies can encourage faster, more informed decision-making.

Flow makes waves

Since our founding in 2016, Flow Immersive has been making waves

Customer connections | Customers include UNDP, BlackRock, The World Bank, Honeywell, Cisco, and Deloitte. Flow was a part of the 75th UN General Assembly In September 2020, and World Economic Forum in Davos in 2018.

Patented solution | A patent was issued to founder Jason Marsh on Augmented Virtual Reality Data Visualization Environments in 2020.

Social Media validation Viral sharing of Flows have garnered millions of views just in September, 2020.

Powerful partnerships | We have an alliance partnership agreement with Magic Leap to sell Flow to major government and corporate entities. We also have partner agreements with VR/AR headset manufacturers Oculus and Qualcomm.

Social standing | Flow shines online. Our content marketing showcases our own product. In fact, videos made using Flow have been viewed 1.5M times during September, 2020.

Media mentions | We received media mentions from outlets including Road to VR, Next Reality, AR Insider, Bloomberg, and Forbes.

The Flow Immersive Team


  • UI and UX design
  • Information architecture in healthcare, financial services, educational reform and digital marketing
  • Enterprise software
  • Enterprise sales
  • SaaS tech
  • 5-time Entrepreneur


  • B2B Marketing
  • Enterprise Sales
  • M&A due diligence
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Data visualization 

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