Daily fantasy crypto trading competitions with real rewards.

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our mission


We're building a product that lowers the barrier of entry into the crypto market by creating a gaming environment that generates actual returns for the user and familiarizes them with the thousands of tokens available on the market.

key highlights

Users will access daily contests through an app, similar to sports betting companies such as DraftKings and FanDuel. 

The folioboost beta contests are currently being played in our Discord server on a weekly basis by a growing community of engaged users.

folioboost was accepted into the gener8tor studio startup program on the concept alone.

The folioboost app is in the development phase. Web App launch in Q1 2022 with hundreds of first adopters already registered.


the market

target user

Retail investors, fantasy sports gamers 18+

market outlook

Over the next decade, we expect billions of new users to enter crypto markets through gaming or investing. folioboost plays at the center of gaming and investing, and our intention is to be a gateway for users to become educated on the market with minimal risk and substantial upside.

gameplay - BETA contests

The project is currently in its BETA phase. The experience on the app will foundationally be the same with the added experience of an interface and access to information that improves the experience i.e. coin market prices, user dashboard, contest lobby, etc. 

how gameplay works

All contestants begin with a total virtual portfolio value of $1 million. 

Each asset class is weighted differently and allocated a portion of the $1 million dollar budget.

The value of your portfolio increases or decreases in accordance with the gains or losses of the coins you selected. It's up to you to pick the biggest winner in each category. 

our example player: john

At the start of a contest, John picked the following coins within each Category. At the contest end, the difference between the starting price (contest start) and the end price (contest end) of each token John selected is calculated as a percentage and added to the total sum of his portfolio.

Category 1 ($400k budget) - BTC - Gain of 4%

Category 2 ($200k budget) - SOL - Gain of 2%

Category 3 ($200k budget) - RNDR - Loss of -4%

Category 4 ($200k budget) - CRV -  Gain of 10%

The contestant with the biggest gains (or smallest losses) wins!

the app

The folioboost app is built using javascript—one of the most popular languages for software development. Its libraries and frameworks like jquery, react, angular, and node, are the engine that drives modern web development. 

The main feature that makes javascript perfectly suited for blockchain operations is its ability to handle asynchronous actions. As the number of users increases, all performing actions at the same time, javascript can more than easily handle the communications between all the different blockchain nodes. 

Using proven, audited technology and best practices is the ideal way to maximize security. The basic infrastructure on folioboost is built by integrating already existing solutions that have been proven over time.

product roadmap

Q1 2022

  • folioboost alpha (testing) launch with first live competitions
  • $1M folioboost competition begins taking entries (first 15,000 users gain free entry with any $boost token purchase) 
  • $boost coin presale
  • $boost airdrop to first 1,000 users to purchase $500 or more in $boost tokens
  • folioboost completes equity seed funding round

Q2 2022 

  • Platform beta launch with multiple competitions 
  • $boost coin IDO
  • $1M competition goes live and a user wins $1M in $boost tokens 
  • Wallet exchange integrated to enable more trading pairs with $boost
  • $boost goes live on exchanges 

Q3 2022

  • Platform full launch with live trading enabled inter-competition 
  • $boost staking rewards and DeFi tools go live 
  • Project sponsored games go live with airdrops directly from the coin sponsors to the winners

Q4 2022

  • Mobile application goes live for iOS and Android 
  • Series A equity financing targeted to scale user acquisition

meet the team

David Woodburydavid woodbury • ceo
Serial entrepreneur and Crypto Evangelist. David is a crypto subject matter expert, and crypto consultant at the state government level. 


Brent Ranganbrent rangen • coo
Over 15 years of project management and digital marketing leadership. Led go-to-market for four startups, two of which achieved billion-dollar valuations. 


REV7Rev7 • startup studio
Owned by Woodbury and Rangen, REV7 is an operating partner with existing team members that support the concept at the earliest stages until the startup can spin out independently.

gener8torGener8tor • startup accelerator
A nationally-ranked accelerator that brings together startup founders, investors, corporations, job seekers, universities, musicians, and artists. The gener8tor platform includes more than 40 different programs spanning accelerators, corporate programming, speaker series, conferences, upskilling, and fellowships.

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