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Meet the new standard of self-care. Fast Facts

More than half (60% to 80%) of all adults will experience back pain within their lifetime. As many as 70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities. This has spawned a $100 billion industry as people search for a solution and -- at the end of a long journey that often yields disappointing results -- salvation. was founded to deliver a new therapeutic solution, both natural and sustainable, to help consumers correct and train posture by engaging muscle memory.

Meet the new standard of self-care.
This Problem Affects ALL Of Us

No matter how young or old, we are all at risk for poor posture, back and neck pain

Poor posture has been referred to as the silent killer of the workplace. This is because most office workers spend their days sitting in a wide range of positions. Facing a computer screen or iphone and little else, it's easy to fidget, bend and hunch over -- none of which feel terribly good, and all of which can cause long-term problems. But breaking that habit is easier said than done.

Occupation fixed forward posture and repetitive stress exacerbate these issues, so shoulder, back and neck problems are also common among people who do physical work. Even the most elite athletes are at risk -- and with increasing demand to recover faster than ever, they are often pressured to get back to their profession. Think about a pro golfers playing 5-6 rounds a week for a whole year and year after year.  The stress placed on the spine and increased muscle tension often lead to injury and surgery.

What about when the day is over? Surely, we must all end our bad work habits and stand up straight, right?

Wrong -- our mobile devices have turned us into a "tech neck society," causing additional problems that, if not rectified, could turn into even bigger problems down the line.


Meet the new standard of self-care.
The Natural and Sustainable Solution The World Has Been Waiting For solves these problems with the first therapeutic wearable technology that can be applied to a wide variety of apparel and sports wear, including (but not limited to) t-shirts, shorts, leggings, bras, and socks (to be launched 2022).

Built to serve consumers in any setting, Forme® patented technology is a wire-free, muscle-engaging wearable that easily and effectively transform your body, correct posture, and re-train spine muscle memory to relieve neck and back pain. In addition, it improves spine mobility for better breathing and movements (Fast company 2021)

Designed to correct and train the wearer's posture by engaging muscle memory, wearables are built for daily wear, travel, sleep, athletic performance, and faster recovery.

Meet the new standard of self-care.
Key Features

Looks like normal sportswear

Comfortable and therapeutic

Highly compliant by wearers

Provides a whole-body posture solution by engaging muscle memory without efforts

Meet the new standard of self-care.
Traction & Accomplishments 

Meet the new standard of self-care.
Meet The Founder 

Dr. Stephen Liu | Founder and CEO

  • Orthopedic Sports surgeon
  • UCLA Med school faculty
  • Partner BioVentures Investors
  • Previous exits on Med device
  • Was inspired to develop after watching his mom (who was sick and receiving chemotherapy at the time) struggle with progressive muscle wasting, a slouching pose, and poor breathing
  • While he could manually pull her shoulders back to help her breathing and posture, he knew there was a better way

Meet the new standard of self-care.
Meet Our Advisors

Answorth Allen, MD

  • Head Team Physician, New York Knicks and US
  • Olympic Basketball Team,
  • Hospital for Special Surgery 

Hyun Bae, MD

  • Medical Director, Cedars-Sinai Spine Education
  • Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai
  • Medical Center
  • Partner, LA Spine Institute 

Rhonda Germany Ballintyn

  • Former Corp. VP, Chief Marketing and Chief
  • Strategy Officer of Honeywell International,
  • Board Director, Aegion, Integra LifeSciences, Hypertherm, Univar, UMUC Ventures

Willie Banks

  • IAAF Council Member
  • USA Track & Field Hall of Fame
  • Former President, US Olympians Association
  • CEO of ANOC World Beach Games
  • Triple Jump World
  • Record Holder 

Earl Brien, MD

  • Professor of Orthopedic
  • Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Board
  • Director, CytRX 

Fabrice Gautier

  • Osteopath/Physical Therapist for French National Teams and dozens of NBA Champions/players, NHL, Tennis and other athletic professionals
  • Owner, LA Main Physical Therapy

Michael Gerhardt, MD

  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Team Physician, US Men’s National Soccer Team, LA Galaxy, LA Football Club and Pepperdine University 

Glen March, MD

  • UnitedHealth Executive (sold March Vision Care to UnitedHealth)
  • Board Trustee, Ahmanson Foundation 

Norm Nixon

  • 2x NBA Champion, Los Angeles Lakers (Showtime)
  • Executive VP, Debbie Allen Dance Academy
  • NBA Analyst
  • Former VP, NBA Players Association Board
  • Homeland Security Advisory Council

William Wang

  • Founder/Chairman/CEO of Vizio (public company VZIO) 

Maurice Wilson

  • Head Coach of the Jamaican Olympic Track Team

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