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Fortoff: Fast Facts

With the global problem of tire recycling and just one planet to call home, Fortoff is committed to providing an environmentally friendly solution to this growing problem.

Fortoff, a company located in the Baltic region, will build a first of its kind in this region. The company plans to use mechanical tire recycling, breaking up this sustainable waste and turning it into crumb rubber that can be used in a variety of industries.

A growing garbage tire problem

Tire recycling is an environmental problem all over the world. More than 1 billion tires end up in the trash every year.

There is no widely accepted and cost-effective method to tackle this growing problem.

When tires are thrown into landfills, they take up a huge amount of space and spoil the beauty of the area. Plus, they don't break. These garbage tires will still be thrown into landfill more than 100 years from now.

Other disposal methods are not much better. Burning releases carcinogens and other pollutants into air, water and soil. Heat treatment and pyrolysis are expensive and result in poor quality materials.

Mechanical processing is the best solution for the environment. Although this method creates popular recycled rubber products on the market, there is no centralized collection and only a few small factories do the job.

Thus, tires and their problems accumulate, putting our planet in danger.

Fortoff Green Solution

Fortoff decided to change the world by starting in the Baltic region.

Our state-of-the-art tire recycling plant will be a pioneer in the region, converting 30,000 tonnes of used tires per year from waste into usable building material for sports fields, playgrounds, gyms and roads.

Using state-of-the-art, American-made ECO Green equipment, our facility will protect tires from landfills by converting them into crumb rubber, powder and mulch that can be used in industry, construction, automotive and consumer goods industries.

In addition to helping the environment by cutting down on tire waste, Fortoff will create nearly 40 jobs in the area, cutting down on unemployment.

With a process that is eco-friendly and cost-effective, Fortoff will help to make play areas safer, roads more durable and the planet cleaner. We’re ready to hit the road.

From waste to products that work

Fortoff takes tires from landfills, transforming them into attractive, useful products that improve the spaces where people live, work and play.

Fortoff’s plant, the only one in the Baltics, will feature the ECO Green line of equipment for waste-free mechanical recycling and production.

When fully operational, the plant will have the power to process 30,000 tons per year of car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck and agricultural equipment tires.

Tires will be collected, stored and transported to our site, then run through the Shredder, Grater, Granulator and Krumbster. Next, the rubber crumb is bagged. Some moves on to the warehouse while some moves on to our highly efficient coloring line for a paint job.

Fortoff gives old tires new life, turning them from an environmental hazard into an exceptional construction material.

Getting ready to recycle

Fortoff is currently pre-revenue, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been spinning our wheels. We’re laying the groundwork for our tire recycling mission:

Meet the Fortoff Team

Mikhail Veksler | Founder and Chairman
A graduate of the Petroleum Institute and a petroleum engineer by education, Mikhail Veksler developed an interest in tire disposal when he moved to Tallinn, Estonia. Seeing the first-hand impact of this environmental issue in the Baltics, Veksler engaged in a program dealing with the disposal and recycling of used car tires. He built his expertise through visits to equipment manufacturers and recycling plants, founding Fortoff in 2015.

Anatoly Evstafiev | Technical Director
A mechanical engineer for the maintenance of aviation equipment, Anatoly Evstafyev graduated from the Riga Flight Technical School and the Riga Polytechnic Institute. He has been focused on scrap metal disposal and other environmental problems in Latvia for more than 15 years. With coursework in environmental engineering and a passion for the planet, Evstafyev is committed to building Fortoff’s tire recycling plant.

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