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At Freedom Outdoor Living, we’re overturning the perception of distrust associated with home and commercial remodel contracting and changing the way outdoor living experiences are created through a radically different approach than our industry peers.

From custom decks, to pergolas, to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, and beyond, we’re bringing outdoor improvement projects to life through a commitment to quality, affordability, integrity, and reliability -- and all without relying on traditional private remodel contractors.   

We all know somebody who has a remodeling horror story. Maybe that somebody is YOU.

For modern homeowners, finding, hiring, and opening their houses to remodel contractors has become something of a leap of faith.

The reason? Time and time again, consumers have been left high and dry by supposedly reliable contractors due to any number of issues that unexpectedly plunge their dream project into disaster

The unfortunate reality is that the stigma surrounding remodel contracting is entirely
of the industry’s own making.

The remodel contracting business in America has remained relatively unchanged for decades -- a process that involves meeting with the homeowner or business, reviewing the project, and providing a quote.

But when it comes to finding reliable, trustworthy contractors to complete the job at or beyond expectations -- there is a serious lack of effective, comprehensive vetting tools available.

While some online lead providers would argue that they are actively solving this problem, there is no safeguard in place that prevents contractors from forging any of the documentation required.

At the same time, not all states require contractors to be licensed, creating an atmosphere for the unscrupulous builder to easily take advantage of consumers.


A solution is needed to restore trust in the world of remodel contracting and to ensure homeowners and businesses receive the value that they deserve.


At Freedom Outdoor Living, we’re not afraid to innovate or to go against the grain. In fact, our differences are our biggest strengths, and they’re precisely how we’re setting ourselves apart from traditional remodelers to create a brand synonymous with remodeling done right.

Virtual 3D Project View | Customers can view how their project will apply to their home via interactive CAD software so they know exactly what to expect in advance of committing.

Construction Coordination | Our construction coordinators replace traditional remodel contractors, who take the lead on the client’s project from start to finish.

Limited Lifetime Warranty | Customers receive a limited lifetime warranty on all structures and manufacturer warranty on all accessories. They can also choose from annual upkeep contracts and/or extend their accessory warranty -- all industry-first offerings!

Unlike most startups impeded by initial hurdles like idea validation, customer discovery, and product development before they ever see a dime, Freedom Outdoor Living is already way ahead of the curve.

We’ve been in business since 2014
and have a well-established presence in our local San Antonio market. Until now, we’ve operated as a traditional remodeling business leveraging contractors, and now we’re looking to shift our approach.

We’ve demonstrated profitability
with incremental revenue growth over the past 3+ years, proving that there is growing demand for outdoor remodeling among consumers.

We’ve created exceptional customer experiences
and have never had a chargeback, returned check, or refund. We go above and beyond in everything we do. And our customers agree.


As a veteran of the remodeling business, Freedom Outdoor Living Founder and CEO Alan Johnson has developed a keen eye for what quality workmanship looks like -- and also what it doesn’t look like.

For someone who strives to deliver the very best to his customers, nothing has served as a greater source of frustration than witnessing homeowners’ and businesses’ shattered trust when contractors turn their remodeling dreams into remodeling nightmares.

That frustration has been the driving force in Alan’s pursuit of creating a more trustworthy, reliable, and high value approach to an industry that has done little, if anything, to ensure that those who matter most have a go-to solution that they can consistently count on.

The result is Freedom Outdoor Living, and now Alan is on a mission to bring those benefits to homeowners and businesses around the country.

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