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Toll Free #s have been a traditional industry for long with no innovation in many years. They are limited by boundaries (only free when you dial in the region) and come at a significant cost to the businesses.

 Callers make free calls to FreeFly881 busineses with no sign ups, no        downloads, no SIM/Landlines and without any steps of contact add or invite.

For instance, a traditional toll free service for a region for a typical small business costs:

Although communication technologies are so much advanced nowadays, traditional Toll-Free number service (subscription fee and extra minutes charge) is still very expensive for global small-to-medium enterprises.

Further, traditional Toll-Free #s are regional or country use only, not global. It limits the business opportunity from international customers. From a customer perspective, if you are calling a Toll-free # from outside the region or while on roaming, it's not free anymore and costs are significant. No major tech disruption has happened on toll-free so far. 

FreeFly881 solves this international communication problem by creating a virtual Toll-Free communication network (5 patents in pending) without any landlines.

Consumers from anywhere don’t even need to download an app or do any registration- they will simply click a “Free Call” button or scan a QR Code to call the business for free over WiFi (all this powered by FreeFly881 network behind the scenes).

The WiFi network availability is increasing across the world with most cities providing free WiFi at malls, hotels, coffee shops etc. This would be a great enabler for a start up like FreeFly881. They will be able to leverage this trend to their advantage.

Small businesses set up their unique FreeFly881 number for free. That number will be in the form of a “Free Call” button on their business webpage or a QR Code Scan to Call (FreeFly881 Toll-Free services). That number can be called when the caller is on WiFi/Internet and goes directly to the mobile or VoIP handset of the business.

A consumer can call any business that has set up this service - be it any business found on Google search or other tech platforms (Yelp, Groupon, FB and Instagram). 

FreeFly881 goes further in providing accessibility to businesses by creating a Global Phone Book. 

This directory turns the traditional phone book on its head by becoming the largest collection of “free-to-call” business numbers in the world. You’ll be able to find the perfect provider with a quick search, no matter what service you need and no matter where you need it.

The FreeFly881 app (for both iOS and Android) is already working and available to download. Even without any marketing dollars spent, it has already been downloaded by 12,000 users in over 120 countries.

Prototypes for calling businesses through “Free Call” button or QR Code scan are fully ready. Further, prototype for enabling businesses with FreeFly881 on large tech platforms like Google, Yelp etc. is also ready. This would enable FreeFly881 to reach millions of businesses in one go.

FreeFly881 targets the global market of traditional Toll-Free numbers with over $300 billion revenue. Just the USA alone, the revenue of traditional toll free numbers was over $70 billion.

There are over 500 millions small businesses around the world, majority of which cannot afford to subscribe to traditional Toll-free services in their country. This is a huge untapped market for FreeFly881 Toll-Free services.

FreeFly881 Toll-Free intends to stay free for all businesses until it reaches scale.
It will always be free for consumers.

Subscription fees of $10 per month flat (no extra minutes or pay as you go charges) will be charged to businesses for using FreeFly881’s services like “Free Call Widget” or “QR code Scan to call”. Businesses will still be paying a lot less than with traditional toll-free services, which typically cost at $200 per month for a small business. 

Additionally we will charge enabled tech platforms like Yelp and Google a monthly licensing fee.

Major telecommunications companies like Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, China Mobile etc. operate on a massive scale. However, they cannot provide roaming free calls to international customers and their customers often find themselves with roaming charges while abroad. Their marketing efforts are also typically focused on large corporations, often neglecting small and local businesses.

Apps like Skype and WhatsApp offer free peer-to-peer calling; however, these apps are NOT business friendly.

Those stipulations do not allow for easy calling of businesses internationally or while travelling abroad.

FreeFly881 is gaining attention for its undeniable innovation
in the world of telecommunications.






FreeFly881 plans to enable major tech platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook etc. with their product. This would allow consumers to immediately click the “Free Call” button within their use of those platforms. This would make FreeFly881 to reach to millions of restaurants, local businesses etc. in one go.

FreeFly881 plans to begin sales to local businesses to build their base of companies with FreeFly881 phone numbers. We plan to accomplish this through several channels like direct sales, local and regional business associations, wholesaler networks etc.

Over the next few years, FreeFly881 will disrupt the traditional telephone industry without owning a single landline, all by creating a virtual network to connect consumer to business anywhere on the planet. It will make the global, local.

Raymond Kwan
Co-Founder, Product Development
Co-Founder, Product Development | With 20 years experience in the high-tech industry, Raymond Kwan provides expert product development. He previously cofounded Amsdell and won various entrepreneurial awards from different Canadian organizations.

Edward Zheng
Co-Founder, Product Development

Co-Founder, Product Development | With multiple patents to his name in power electronics, Edward Zheng has worked for more than 20 years in the high-tech industry. He was a cofounder at Amsdell.

Kong Wong

Kong Wong is primarily responsible for the technical oversight of FreeFly881 products. He has 20 years experience in technical infrastructure and enterprise operations. He is experienced in VoIP, WebRTC, and cloud computing.

Steve Charikar
Steve is a seasoned CIO with more than 20 years of IT industry experience in Canada. He has also previously advised Government of Ontario on IT infrastructure management and had been CIO for Seneca, the biggest government college in Canada.

Alan Hamm

Alan has over 20 years experience in business development, private and public M&A and strategic financial solutions.  He also designs and builds marketing platforms to achieve better reach while integrating strong engagement plus advanced technology creating higher streams of retention.

Vita Kwan
Vita is experienced in working with technology start-ups to help global brands drive sales and marketing initiatives by leveraging data through campaigns. She specializes in creating value for end users in the technology sector and is currently an Account Manager at Sampler, a digital product sampling company, working with brands such as L'Oréal and Kimberly-Clark. 

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