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Dr. Jacob Wilson of University of Tampa calls The Frog "The Next Big Thing in Fitness".

The Frog

If you could have gotten in on the ground floor of Total Gym (TM) or Bow Flex (TM), both now billion dollars brands...would you have done it?  Many think the FROG is the next big thing in fitness.

A lot of exercise products have already came out of the market, promising to change the way you exercise.  Eventually you lost interest for not seeing the result you wanted or you just don't have the time to exercise. The result, another exercise machine left gathering dust in your basement.

Frog Fitness™ would like to address that head on. Our mission is to bring to market revolutionary exercise products that allow for the investment of minimum time to receive maximum results. That is what FROG Fitness is all about.

FROG Fitness ™ was formed to fill a massive current need in the exercise and fitness industry by creating exercise products and equipment concentrating on total body fitness through strength and aerobic, concurrent training.

Currently the fitness market is split into two major portions or focus points with respect to function of the product, equipment or exercises, that being aerobic or strength training. Frog Fitness will change all of that. While doing so we will create a long term sustainable global company which consistently creates and delivers high quality first of their kind products, markets them relentlessly and generates significant profits for its shareholders.

First time Frog users Testimonials. 

The Frog is Versatile.

Meet Our Team

Richard Pearce, Managing member / CEO

Richard Pearce is not only a lifelong serial entrepreneur, but an all-around athlete as well. He is also a survivor and a fighter.  After experiencing two serious accidents, one from motocross racing and another from a car accident, Mr. Pearce still managed to come back and successfully create five revolutionary products and successfully bringing them to market and then onto successful sales and acquisition. (We incourage you to read the success magazine article about Mr. Pearce and more of his incredible life story, under Documents Richards Story and success magazine article.pdf.)

He has a firm understanding of what it takes to bring raw concept through the R&D phase into the production, distribution and expansion phases all entrepreneurs must understand.

Jim Jernigan, COO/CIO

Has an incredible lifetime of being responsible for developing, sourcing and bringing to market over 3,000 products for some of the world's most premier companies including Gunthy-Renker. (Read more about Jim Jernigan and the Industry Overview under Documents James Jernigan and Industry Overview. pdf.) 

Robert Armstrong, CFO

He has spent 10 years as an independent financial consultant advising small and rapidly growing companies in all aspects of financial management. (Read about our Team under Documents Company Description. pdf.)

Matt Lowe, VP of Sales

A 14 year veteran Natural Bodybuilder and health and fitness industry professional with 5 years of continued study in the Human Performance and Sports department at Metropolitan State University.  Two time Mr. Natural Colorado. (Read about our Team under Documents Company Description. pdf.)

Amy Rosser, Tradeshow Event Coordinator

A dedicated, passionate fitness enthusiast with over 10 years experience in the sports and fitness world. (Read about our Team under Documents Company Description. pdf.)

Peter Stumpp, VP Marketing

A design/marketing professional with over 20 years experience as a freelancer and has also worked in major advertising & promotions agencies. ( Read about our Team under Documents Company Description. pdf.)

"The single most effective piece of full body exercise equipment ever invented." Dr. Jacob Wilson

Study by Dr. Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., CSCS*D

According to Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., CSCS*D of University of Tampa, many individuals strive to have the perfect combination of functionality, strength, power, and cardiovascular health with their fitness exercise.  However, based on Dr. Wilson's (et al.) studies, traditional cardiovascular exercise almost always hurts gain in strength, and muscle. The only way to harmonize the two is with short, high intensity intervals (HIT) which will increase endurance, and boost cardiovascular health. HIT also helps individuals gain strength and muscle.

With all the exercise products that Dr. Wilson and his team studied, the FROG is the only one that stood out.  It is the only device he had seen that could legitimately target the whole body in one fluid and seamless movement. Studies show that the motion provided by the FROG would activate every major muscle group all at once! But not just that, it would drastically stimulate the cardiovascular system.

"As a scientist with a large track record in experimentation in elite human performance, I give my highest recommendation for Mr. Richard Pearce’s revolutionary new product. I believe that this device has the chance to change thousands of people’s lives and revolutionize the fitness industry in a new and exciting way."
                                                                          - Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., CSCS*D

(Click the video below to hear Dr. Wilsons opinion on The Frog.)

Dr. Jacob Wilson about the Frog

Adding weight is a simple as using two fingers.

Adjust resistance from just 20Lbs to a Jaw dropping 600lbs with just two fingers.


Introducing the World's 1st Total Body Strength & Aerobic Concurrent Trainer!

The FROG™ is for people interested in gaining maximum strength and aerobic benefits simultaneously with the investment of minimal time.  With a keen focus on serious health-conscious and athletic types.

Unlike any other device ever created, The FROG™ “while used in its primary or
signature movement” effectively trains and strengthens all major muscle groups at the same time! This includes, Calves, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Hip flexors, Glutes, as well as Chest, Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps and Forearms and perhaps most importantly the entire core of one’s body is constantly engaged as well as all stabilizing muscle groups all at the same time which naturally drastically increases aerobic capacity.

The versatility of The FROG will ensure that this one piece of exercise equipment can provide an entire full body stationary or rolling workout as well as traditional exercises of squats, presses and curls.

Anatomy of the FROG™

The FROG™ is both a portable and compact piece of exercise equipment where band resistance can be adjusted from 20-600 pounds.

How to use the FROG™

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