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No matter what your interest is, there are people on the Internet who share it, who are excited about the same things and looking for the same information.

But the digital frontier comes with its perils, too. Much as westward-bound American settlers were met with one obstacle after another, we digital pioneers are bombarded with wave after wave of new content, and the things that truly matter get lost too easily in a sea of spam ads and distractions.

Who has the time and energy to sift through all of that? In the midst of the chaos, how do you actually find the people who share your interests, who are talking about the things you want to talk about?

At FRONTBURNR, our goal is to tame the Wild Wild West of the Internet and help users connect with the content and conversations that matter to them.

FRONTBURNR is an innovative new social media platform that lets users control the kinds of content they see based on their preferences and interests, giving them a more personalized internet experience.

The content that matters to users is put on their “FRONTBURNR,” filtering out the white noise of spam ads and irrelevant content so that:

The result: FRONTBURNR helps people connect in the digitial universe, creating online communities that foster conversation and the exchange of ideas.

For the time being, we're focusing our solution on the video gaming community. In just our first six months of operation, we've seen a number of promising developments, including:

$120,000 in revenues from retail and publishing clients

90,000 weekly pageviews and 3 million social impressions per week

Partnerships with Toys 'R' Us, leading video game distribution company COKEM, and gaming publishers like Warner Brothers, Activision, Take Two and Disney Interactive

Interest from Best Buy, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA and others

A helpful way to think about our vision is to look at a famous example: in its early days, the creators of Facebook tested their revolutionary social networking tool in the small market of people with email addresses, before expanding to other universities and, over time, becoming the world's go-to social networking site.

In the same way, FRONTBURNR is launching its innovative curation platform within the small but informative pond of the gaming community. This target audience is often at the forefront of digital movements, and will help us to expand our reach to an ever wider population as we explore new territory.

Josh Deane, CEO, manages all facets of the FRONTBURNR, from web design to social marketing and community development.


Matt Atkinson, CMO, focuses on business development and retail partnerships.

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