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Music has always been a defining element of human expression. Full Body Sound now allows users to do more than just hear the music, they can actually feel it.

Thanks to a unique wearable device, both the hearing impaired and those interested in a more robust and immersive listening experience can take in music like never before. Step into the world of sound!

Music is a powerful tool. It can change your mood, bring people together, rejuvenate the soul, and inspire movement. For most of human history, music has been limited to the auditory senses. However, modern technology has started to incorporate more of the senses into the listening experience.

Current options in the market are limited though.

So, why hasn’t anyone tapped into these frequencies? Existing products vibrate and move like a speaker, but they are limited by their solid state. This makes it difficult to experience anything more than bass.

Full Body Sound believes that it’s time to move beyond bass. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that adding new senses and sensations only serves to further immerse listeners into a world a sound.

Full Body Sound allows listeners to actually feel music.

It’s a revolutionary audio and tactile experience.

In addition to the music, many concert-goers love the sensation of vibrations moving from large speakers into their body. When using Full Body Sound, music fans can get this fully-immersive concert experience without paying inflated prices for tickets or having to deal with large crowds.

Not only is Full Body Sound great for audiophiles, it’s also a game-changer for video game and virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts. Gamers are always looking for ways to “get in the game.” There’s no better way than with Full Body Sound.

Full Body Sound offers the opportunity to stimulate the senses on a budget - from your living room, on a hike, or anywhere you love to listen to music or consume your favorite media.

How does it work? Full Body Sound is a small device - about the size of a cellphone - that provides a revolutionary listening experience.

The multiple output channels have several advantages for users.

  • Listeners can feel left audio on the left side of their body and right audio on the right.
  • The outputs have pre-filtered signals. This means that one output will be geared towards low frequencies and act as a subwoofer, while another will be geared towards higher frequencies and act as a tweeter.
  • Full Body Sound is already compatible with most TENS and EMS electrodes,

There are two more unique features of Full Body Sound.

  • Users can control the strength and frequency of the signal. Some people may want stronger electrical stimulation, while others may barely want to feel it.
  • Full Body Sound can be utilized by multiple users simultaneously. For example, one user can place a positive electrode on his right hand and a second user can place the negative electrode on their right hand. When the two users hold hands, the electrical circuit is completed and both users feel the music or audio though their hands.

Full Body Sound started as an idea two years ago, and we now have a working prototype. This is only the beginning for our company, but we have already accomplished some incredible things.

Always Improving – Early user feedback as well as initial profits will be fed into R&D in order to produce our next upgraded product.

While our primary goal is to complete a functional and affordable product as quickly as possible, we already have new products in the pipeline and about 10% of our funding will go towards R&D. We plan to get our product in people's hands, so we can get feedback as soon as possible and incorporate it into our future products.

Some of the improvements we plan to include in future versions of the product, include wireless, Bluetooth, and software upgrades. Additionally, we plan to explore ways to increase the number of electrodes, while decreasing the bulkiness of the wires.

Want to learn more about Full Body Sound and what we have planned for the future? Request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Griffin Hale, Founder and Inventor
When he is not working on Full Body Sound, Griffin is a rocket scientist. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in aerospace engineering, he is currently running a lab and works on the life support systems for Bigelow Aerospace. Griffin is an avid adventurer and his hobbies include skiing, rock climbing, slack lining, kite flying, kayaking, pogo-ing, long boarding, running, biking, swimming, triathlons, trampoline, and trapeze. He recently taught himself to guide a raft and led a trip down the Grand Canyon. While he lacks musical talent, he loves music and he can't wait to help the world feel the music.

Allison Schaiberger, Head of Operations
Allison is a master of rocks. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Music and the expression of sound has always held an important place in Allison’s life, and she is eager to share the Full Body Sound experience with others. Allison helps promote Full Body Sound by creating a solid media presence, and she offers a realistic and grounded point-of-view for the company. Allison is also an outdoor enthusiast and her hobbies include skiing, singing, dancing, rock climbing, running, biking, backpacking, and swimming.

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