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Fusematic Corporation is a product R&D company that manufactures and markets the most advanced, portable, latest generation friction welding systems available today.

Friction welding carries a number of advantages over traditional methods - most notably safety, cost savings, and ease of use.  At Fusematic, we’re taking this further through an even wider array of applications with simpler, more portable, more effective technology.



  • Have 6 working prototype systems in inventory
  • Early sales network in place thanks to significant interest from the U. S. Navy, Austal, ECK, and Seaspan, among others.


  • Implementing a testing program for the US Navy’s Naval Sea Command 00C5 Underwater Ship Husbandry
  • Patent pending secured on a set of concepts to facilitate underwater friction welding.



Welding is not an activity to be taken lightly. This is especially true when performed in chemical plants, oil refineries, ships and other potentially combustible environments - a huge number of steps must be taken in order to ensure an entire facility is safe.

Significant investments are made in this arena, because if an unintended shutdown does occur to these facilities (which run 24/7/365), it would likely cost millions of dollars.


The welding industry’s current practices/procedures: – Shut down the asset, clean, purge, degas, evacuate area, shielding, implement a fire watch and then weld. This is very onerous, time consuming and expensive.

Friction welding, however, is emerging recently as a viable alternative.  But there are only 2 major companies that do this, and hiring them comes with multiple drawbacks:

Their tools are complicated to build, operate, maintain, and applications are limited

Available only as a service model, meaning you must rely on them to perform work on-site

Requires a complex service contract to have work performed.

 Limited availability and few competitors increase cost and expense



The need to develop better tools and technology in our rapidly advancing world is ongoing - and it’s about time to do the same in welding.  Enter Fusematic Corporation.

Our proprietary Fusematic Bonding technology uses friction rather than flame to automatically bond metals at the molecular level.  This literally fuses them together to achieve consistent, incredibly high-strength bonding in a fraction of the time.

Furthermore, our machines are powered by compressed air instead of electric or hydraulic powered systems. That makes it an ideal option for dangerous locations where spark & flame are prohibited as well as environmentally sensitive locales where leak or spill incidents can occur.  Use of our systems to repair  leaking assets carries environmental advantages (prevents oil and gas leaks, etc.) and saves on costs significantly.

No more interruptions to daily facility or vessel operations.  Friction welding keeps the heat down to virtually eliminate risk of igniting explosions and allows all assets to continuously operate.

Our mission at Fusematic is to provide a permanent bonding solution to the issues that plague welding today; and in the process, we’ve come across even more industrial applications for our technologies.  The path to market leadership is now clear.


Every welding application is different - and the Fusematic Bonding process has been designed with just that in mind.  It consistently fuses both similar and dissimilar materials in any environment, whether it’s on the surface, underwater, or even in outer space.

Major compelling application examples: Our tools can be used to weld anchor points around leaks on assets in order to attach mechanical seal plates or other repair mechanisms.  Attaching injection ports for online valve stem packing material injections provides permanently reliable, leak-free operating valve performance - and also eliminates the monthly monitoring required by the EPA and state environmental agencies.


A precision pneumatic control system then automatically completes the fusion bonding operation within seconds after the “start” command.  Many applications can be completed without surface preparation - even on oily, dirty, rusty, rough, and painted surfaces.

To this end, we’re making the need for gas/electric arc welding and other more volatile methods obsolete in many instances.  In addition to anchors, Fusematic is also great for joining studs, bosses and other fasteners for many other common repair or retrofit needs.


Just a handful of the many other features & benefits that the Fusematic solution delivers:

Portability for on-location use & easily fits flat or curved surfaces, pipes, and beams

Reduced Operator Skill Level Requirements (certified “welder” not required).

No rods, flux, fillers, flames or noxious fumes emitted

High production rates despite very low energy consumption

Lowers Total Installed Costs & Increases Operational Efficiencies

Joints withstand
high temperature variations (even works with high yield carbon steel)

Self-cleaning feature which reduces prep time & cost

System works underwater and topside

Minimum operator training required to achieve proficiency rating

Increased consistency removes variability in results caused variable operator proficiency (Skill-Level)

We also offer a variety of additional products and services for various customer types around our core technology, including:

DAF (drill & fuse) fittings

 Clamping systems

Handheld bonding stud guns (under development)

Technical design & manufacturing

Specialized support & warranties

Licensing, training, maintenance, repair
and operations & more


Some of the business achievements we’re proudest of to date include:


R&D, Engineering and Operations office established in Ormond Beach, FL.

We are Patent Pending and have further patent efforts both planned and underway to address other developments in our proprietary technology. 

Partnerships and associations secured with SeaRobotics, KN Machine and Tool, Marine Technology Society, ASNE, SNAME, American Welding Society, Seanic, International Institute of Welding and others.


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Fusematic was conceptualized by John M. Griffin, our current President & CEO.  John possesses 35+ years of wide-ranging commercial and industrial business experience - including founding & developing multiple successful Industrial and Commercial startups.

He first became familiar with portable friction welding in the early 90’s, when he co-founded an industrial technology & services business that eventually evolved into the very successful company called Innovative Valve Technologies, Inc. (InVaTec), a $47.25M IPO in 1997 and sale thereof in 2000.

John then served as Chairman, President, and CEO of Forge Tech, Inc. from 2004-2015.  Now, he’s joined on the Fusematic team by these talented individuals:

VP Corporate Development John Rago, a high energy business executive and real estate investor with over 20 years of international business experience.

VP Business Development & Sales John Flynn, former VP Global Marketing Communications at Teledyne Marine and Teledyne Oil & Gas

VP of Engineering & IT Nicole Medina, a seasoned expert in the marine & subsea industries


The Fusematic team includes three additional VP-level executives and a skilled 8-member Advisory Board

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