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Galuku Group: Fast Facts

Galuku Group creates high-quality, value-added coconut products on a global scale. For the past twenty-five years, Galuku Group has created reliable and innovative products in the fields of horticulture, industrial absorbents, pet products, healthy consumer food products, and bio-filtration. In particular Galuku Group seeks to expand their foothold in the market of environmentally-friendly pet product

Founder Joe Davids was inspired two and a half decades ago when he saw mounds of coconut waste on the island of Sri Lanka, and thus began his journey to find sustainable uses for coconut products that assist the local communities from which they are farmed.

Key Company Highlights

International launch at Zoomark in Bolognafiere, Italy, May 6-9 2019

Key Pet Market Highlights
Consumers seeking eco-friendly products now more than ever

Patent-pending technology on new Cats Comfort™ cat litter and Sift-Magic™ litter scoop reduces waste by 80% - creates superior value at competitive pricing

Cats Comfort litter provides eco-friendly superior odor control, absorbability, and scoopability

Pet products and pet care

Market Size
$30 Billion Global Pet Product Market ($16 Billion U.S. market)

Target Customer
Performance and Environmentally-Conscious Pet Owners

Litter and Waste

Cat owners in the United States and around the world are tasked with one particularly unpleasant errand: scooping the cat litter. It’s something no owner wants to spend more time thinking about, but the quality of the product deeply affects the quality of life of both cat and owner.

In recent years, the pet product industry has seen an influx of new technology and eco-friendly products, but those innovations have not been applied to the cat litter department.

More cat owners than ever are extending their love of the wild from their domesticated friends to the conservation of nature, and with that they’re seeking products, including cat litter, that are made in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

Cat owners no longer want to settle for traditional litter, which is made from heavy, dangerous and wasteful clay and riddled with dangerous chemicals and silica dust.

Cats Comfort and Beyond

Galuku Group answered the call for sustainable pet care solutions. We created Cats Comfort to be the most cost-effective and sustainable option available to cat owners, all without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Through six years of development, Galuku Group turned their original product called Kitty’s Crumble into Cats Comfort, a highly absorbent, compressed tablet created with patent pending equipment.

Comfort Range Pet Products
Galuku Group expands on the successful creation of Cats Comfort litter through the use of similar, coconut-based products in the Comfort Range Pet Products line.

Available products will include:

Key Features

Sustainable Creations
Traditional cat litters are comprised of silica and clay products that do not break down easily and take up extensive space in landfills. These ineffective litters need additional, dangerous chemicals for odor control. Cats Comfort and other Galuku Group products use only eco-friendly, sustainable materials made from 100% coconut waste.

Social Responsibility
As a socially responsible member of the global trade community, Galuku Group believes in a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility and Fair Trade, treating all community members fairly, whether they work with raw material or final product. Galuku Group seeks to improve the communities in Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia where the coconut waste is collected and the product is manufactured.

High-Quality Products
The Comfort Range Pet Products offer sustainable goods that consumers can be proud of, without sacrificing the quality they expect from top brand competitors.


Meet The Team

Joe Davids | Group Executive Chairman, Joint CEO

  • Founded Galuku Group in 1993 to create high-quality coir-based products
  • Extensive computer science experience
  • Led the production, branding, and marketing strategies

Michael Dean | Group CFO, Joint CEO

  • 40 years experience as a management accountant, company secretary, business consultant, and entrepreneur
  • Experienced in manufacturing, retail, and agribusiness
  • Worked in the coir industry since 2003

Philip Martyn | EVP Global Sales

  • Managed horticultural operations for Australian, New Zealand, and Asian divisions
  • Senior management level experience in telecommunications and information technology
  • Expertise in business, vendor, client, and infrastructure management

Janet Reynolds | EVP, Strategy & Sustainability

  • 10+ years experience in financial services, food and beverage, and mission-driven companies
  • Expertise in sustainability and social impact, innovation management, and strategy
  • Duke MBA and Masters in Environmental Management 

Kate Dean | EVP Marketing

  • 10+ Years sales, events and marketing management experience
  • International business expertise in new company and product launches
  • Seasoned facilitator and sales & marketing team leader  

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