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What We Do

Right now, Game Godz produces hand made dice bags that are sold in local game stores. These bags are used by many players of role-playing games, and we want to expand by producing a complementary product for our bags. This complementary product will be our own set of multi-sided role-playing dice that will match the quality of dice that are currently on the market. We are also interested in producing a "starter pack" that includes a bag, two sets of dice, a pad of paper, a folder, pencils and a pencil sharpener.

How It Works

Our product is currently hand crafted and personally delivered to each store. The dice bags are created with care and surpass the quality of many mass-produced bags. As such, I am able to obtain customers quickly. The dice will be manufactured by a third party and re-branded under our own label. They will then be sold to the same stores we are currently in as well as new retail customers. Most of my current retail stores have already agreed to buy my dice if I can get the product online. The dice will match the quality of the mass produced dice that are currently popular right now and will be sold at a similar price point.

Why Buy / How We're Different

Our target market is the game stores that carry RPGs and host events put on by producers of RPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. We already have  6 stores just in our city (Kansas City) that carry Game Godz products. Any store that carries RPG dice will be a target. Additionally, gamers between the ages of 13-45 are potential future customers when we being online retail.

History, Traction, & Why We're Raising

I have been making dice bags and selling them at stores for over a year. The dice are a natural progression in the product line, and a majority of the stores that I currently sell dice bags to have agreed to buy dice sets from me upon production. Currently, I am in a start up phase. I do most of this on my own at my house, but I can't create dice at home. I have contacted a dice manufacturer, and they will re-brand and repackage their product for Game Godz. I would also like to build up my inventory. That is why I am here. My little company needs to launch a complementary product line that will make more money than dice bags that have a low stock turn value. Dice sell fast, and the stores that carry my product now have said they usually have to order dice at least every 2 weeks. This will allow my company to grow and expand and move away from a one man operation in my house. I need a small amount of funds to be able to order my first order of inventory to start this line and be able to grow my company.


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