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Gamified brain training for athletes at all levels and ages.


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GameSense is democratizing groundbreaking sports performance improvement technology. We help players at all levels react faster with sport-specific brain training games.


Athletes aren’t hitting their potential because sports training hasn’t evolved with technology.

Almost all athletic development focuses on physical or mechanical aspects – not the cognitive, and more specifically  - critical split-second decision making

Prior to now, there hasn’t been a qualitative way to measure and train split-second decisions such as reading a pitch, returning a serve, defend against a penalty kick, etc.

Players need a more effective and efficient way to train these critical skills. 


GameSense helps athletes react faster and play better through sport-specific brain training games.  [Like Duo lingo for sports]

Our technology is qualitatively different.  Weight training & conditioning 40 years ago wasn’t a thing, now it’s the status quo.   GameSense, and convenient split-second decision-making training will become commonplace.

For the first time, GameSense’s proprietary technology enables the measurement and training of sports-specific reactions.   What can be measured, can be improved.


On their mobile device or computer, users interact with thousands of specialized live-action video clips.  Leveraging mass repetition, immediate feedback, and increasing difficulty - this concentrated brain challenge process enables athletes to acquire crucial skills over 100x more efficiently than traditional methods.  Athletes can do masses of cognitive reps anytime, building their mental database and sharpening critical skills for game time.


Product Development: MVP has been in the market for 3 years. We conducted significant user discovery, tested the market and used those insights to re-design the product. We are in the process of building that new 2nd generation product from the ground up. 

Teams include the Detroit Tigers, Mizzou, St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Rockies, Mets, Texas State, and more.

Distribution Channels:

400,000 Ideal Customers
We’ve recently closed several large distribution channels, including Diamond Connect, Nike US Sports Camps, and others reaching over 400,000 users.  Converting 7% of closed channel users in 2022 generates $3.1M ARR to start.

Additional distribution partners are in the pipeline and will enable us to efficiently reach over 3,000,000 and growing.

Case Study: A 3rd party reviewed controlled study involved an entire D1 college baseball conference. The worst performing team in the conference was provided with the technology. In the first year, this team realized over 35% performance increase across several offensive metrics.


We are a TechStars portfolio company and have been accepted into the prestigious TechStars’ Sports Technology Accelerator.



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