Smartphone-control for existing garage door openers



Thank you for visiting Garageio's Fundable campaign. This fundraise will allow us to expand and improve on our exciting new technology -- and enables you to scoop up your own Garageio at below retail price! If you are interested in pre-ordering, please pledge at the $129, $139 or $149 level to reserve your unit. Thank you!

Garageio is the simple and secure way to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world, without replacing your existing garage door opener.

No more turning around to make sure your garage door is closed. No more leaving your garage door open all night long. Give access to your close friends and family and see who is accessing your garage and when.

Alottazs Labs, LLC, a Columbus, Ohio based company, has developed the technology to grant you and your family the peace of mind that comes with constant control over your garage door.

Garageio is a garage door management solution that has been designed with you in mind, from the start. Garageio consists of two main components: the Garageio Blackbox, a small piece of hardware you install in your garage; and the Garageio mobile app, for both Android and iPhone. This simple, seamless solution enables you to take unprecedented control of your garage.

  • Open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world
  • Receive a push notification to your smartphone when your door is left open
  • Receive notifications when your door is opened or closed
  • Monitor who accessed your door and when
  • Receive an alert if your door is left open for too long

Garageio is designed to replace your garage door remote controls. Just think -- you’ll never need to buy another remote! The Garageio solution supports up to 3 doors per garage, and allows you to give access to up to 10 other users. Now your entire family has access, using only their smartphones!

Installing Garageio is easy. Installation can be performed in as little as 20 minutes and requires no special tools. The Garageio Blackbox can typically be installed using only a ladder and a screwdriver.

A single order of Garageio includes:

  • Garageio Blackbox mounting hardware
  • Power adapter (North America)
  • One door sensor (for single-door garages)
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty information
  • A high quality, die-cut Garageio sticker (because everyone loves stickers!)

Note: Additional sensors are available for those who have more than one door.

Garageio is different. It is dependable, quiet and largely unnoticeable, but always there for you.

Garageio is simple. Our product allows you to control and manage your garage from anywhere in the world. It works with most garage door openers manufactured in the past 25 years. Garageio works with one, two or three separate doors. It is compatible with single-panel garage doors, sectional garage doors and many others.

Garageio thinks for you. Receive push notifications to your iPhone or Android device when your door is left open. Close the door - from anywhere in the world. Open your garage door with the swipe of a finger. Then close it again, with another swipe.

Garageio is meant to be shared. Give access to your family, friends, the mailman and the neighbor. Never worry about buying another remote control or programming another keypad ever again. Always keep track of who opened or closed your door, and when.

One rainy evening a little over a year ago, Alottazs Labs co-founder Zak Dziczkowski discovered his garage door remote was missing. After getting soaked while using the keypad, he sought a replacement remote, only to discover they’re outlandishly overpriced. That same night, he called Dave Reif, and the two began their work developing the Garageio concept; Alottazs Labs was born. In the last year we have worked with many talented people and achieved significant milestones as a result. Below, a glance at a few of the most notable.

Established proof of concept for both the online service and the hardware.

Created the first hardware prototype

Revised prototype, created 2nd version

Alpha prototype installed and used daily

Finalized our Beta prototype

Garageio was reviewed by Technology Tell

Garageio was reviewed by CNET

Generated 45 pre-sales

Garageio rolling out to local testers

We are thrilled to see Garageio making headlines and gaining steam -- but we need your help to really get it going! By backing Garageio, not only will you have our undying gratitude, you will also enjoy the lasting satisfaction of having a hand in the growth of our company. Below, some of our goals for the coming months -- which we can only achieve with your help!

Finish local beta testing

Ship the first 100 devices to Fundable backers

Begin taking orders for registered distributors/installers

Roll out updates to device/app to extend current functionality

Ship remaining devices to Fundable backers

Deliver a Windows Phone app

Ship devices to registered distributors/installers

And after that? We’ve got a few other projects waiting in the wings….

The last several months have proven that there is a market for our technology and simple, sleek mobile interface. But we need capital to get it on the shelves and in your garages! Successfully raising $25,000 will allow us to:

  • Cover the tooling costs for the Blackbox enclosure and printed-circuit board
  • Fund remaining development of some really awesome features (you’re gonna want to see these, trust us!)
  • Hire a lawyer to ensure everything we do is on the straight and narrow

Want it broken down?

$8,000 for plastics tooling

$6,000 for parts and materials

$3,000 for software development

$1,500 for assembly/testing costs

$3,000 for service/connectivity costs

$3,000 for legal services, such as trademark

$500 for general liability insurance

A Tweet of Gratitude - $1+
Pledge $1 or more to help us make Garageio a success and we will tweet our thanks to you!

A Die-Cut Garageio Sticker - $10+
Pledge $10 or more and receive a high quality die-cut sticker. Slap it on your car, your locker, wherever you like!

One-Car Garageio - $129+
Pledge $129 or more and receive one of the first Garageio kits to roll off the line! As an early backer, you will receive a limited edition Garageio. Retails at $149.

Two-Car Garageio - $139+
Pledge $139 or more and receive a Garageio kit with everything you need to control your two-door garage. Retails at $159.

Three-Car Garageio - $149+
Pledge $149 or more and receive a Garageio kit with everything you need to control your three-door garage. Retails at $169.

Here at Alottazs Labs, we are committed to developing the best, most-reliable connected devices by using the latest technology available. We pride ourselves on our innovation and dedicate our work to the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

The Alottazs Labs team, defined.

We are passionate about technology and believe technology should make your life better, not more complicated.

We make it simple. We’ve invested a huge amount of time and money into user testing our product and designed Garageio to meet your needs in a simple and straightforward manner. We are personally vested in the pursuit of making our customers lives better.

We are innovative. We are focused on staying ahead of the curve. Our team is made up of some of the best and brightest minds in the world with over 25 years of combined experience in technology and product development.

The Garageio Team

Zak Dziczkowski - Co-Founder

Unrelenting entrepreneur who lives to create products which enrich the world. 

Zak lives at the intersection of technology and life. He believes that life should be made easier by technology. Zak has professional experience in software development, hardware development and teaching. Zak and Dave have pursued other entrepreneurial interests in the past and have joined forces yet again to bring intelligence to the garage. Aside from being a co-founder, Zak is responsible for Garageio’s mobile products, hardware development and business operations. He believes making a great, reliable product is just as important as having a fun doing it.

Dave Reif - Co-Founder

Technology enthusiast passionate about the user experience and improving lives for the better. 

Dave has been passionate about technology and has been designing and developing software since 2005. He founded his first company with friends in 2006 and has been focused on developing new product ideas in the technology space ever since. While Dave has vast experience in all phases of the product development lifecycle, he is especially passionate about user experience, ease of use, and the idea of always making something better. He believes that products must be intuitive to use and should “just work.” Dave carries this philosophy with him everyday while working on Garageio. Zak and Dave have been working together to bring their ideas to market since 2006. Dave is a co-founder of Garageio and is responsible for the Garageio service architecture, database design, testing, and product strategy and user experience.

Zach Cochran - Chief Marketing Officer

Entrepreneurial spirit that looks at challenges head on and overcomes them. 

Zach comes to us from Kansas City, MO, but now lives in Columbus, OH. Zach studied and majored in Business from Park University. Zach has a deep passion for technology and how it used to solve problems. He looks forward to challenges and makes a point to learn something new everyday. Customer service and business acumen has always been a part of Zach’s professional life. He strives for the best at everything he does. Zach works with Zak, Dave, and Greg to collaborate with them about where the team should go from a business perspective. Garageio is synonymous with innovative. Zach states “ I have the privilege of working with and beside some of the best minds in the world of connected devices. The level of collaboration we have as a team is like no other I have ever experienced!” Zach believes that using the technology available to us today will make our lives easier and a little less hectic tomorrow.

Greg Colarich - Business Development and Marketing

Business innovator with a drive to create meaningful technology that continues to improve our lives.  

Greg is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in business modeling and development. Since 2009, Zak and Greg have collaborated on multiple technology projects for use in various industries. Over the last several years Greg has co-created specific applications for law enforcement and has been involved in numerous projects within the public safety sector. Greg is passionate about technology and committed to bringing innovate ideas to market. Greg shares the team's ideology that technology should be simple and easy-to-use. He states "Garageio represents the simplistic concept that any product added to our lives should lessen the complexity from which it was intended to replace." Greg welcomes the challenges and believes that passion the team shares will remain the foundation for a successful product.

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