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GASHIE offers its users the chance to make incredibly low-cost (or even free) mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-landline international calls, text messaging and photo sharing. Welcome to our fundable page. The video above and sections below explain our intentions to make our platform accessible to all and to help families and loved ones stay connected. Also check out our website at

“We believe in bringing loved ones closer together using technology.” 

Key Features

What is Gashie?
GASHIE is a company inspired by a genuine desire to challenge the network operators and their insistence on exorbitant international calling rates. GASHIE is an early stage technology startup company, which will be based in New Jersey, USA. Gashie is a proposed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platform that will provide low-cost local and international calling services to our customers in our target market, utilizing their mobile and landline capabilities. GASHIE offers its users the chance to make incredibly low-cost (or even free) mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-landline international calls, text messaging and photo sharing.

GASHIE is a platform that allows users to make free and low-cost international calling, texting and photo sharing via a mobile app or by using a landline.

GASHIE for landlines and mobiles gives you:
• Free Calls to GASHIE users
• Cheap international calls anywhere in the world
• Cheap international SMS

Our technology creates new possibilities for cheaper international and domestic communication, text as well as voice based.  We see ourselves as a service in a constant state of progression to provide the most reliable and cost-effective service for our users.

Our Prototype

Traction and Funding Needs

How does your support help Gashie?
Providing a platform for families to connect and share experiences that bring them closer together is what we believe in. We want to bring families closer together through shared experiences, and Gashie can use as much support as you are able give. The general goal of this Fundable campaign is to begin gathering the resources and support we will need to develop Gashie. I have developed the software through my personal efforts, but that’s not enough to take this to market.

The primary goal with this Fundable campaign is to raise the money that will be used to secure a strong infrastructure (servers, soft switch, termination carriers), perform stability testing and quality control, fully develop the software, and to market our product in beta version.

With your help I promise we can help families stay connect anywhere in the world.  As the company moves forward and pursues other fundraising avenues the support of the network from Fundable will give Gashie a great foundation for success.

What can you do to help Gashie?
If you are excited about Gashie then here are some ways you can help and below are some places where you can find more information.
• Email friends and family to let them know about Gashie, including our profile link
• Post or tweet about Gashie
• Post a picture of Gashie’s logo on your social media
• Join our Facebook Group
• Voice your opinion with a donation

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About the Business and Team

The Genesis of Gashie.

The idea for Gashie sprung forth from my experience in moving to the United States for education.  As I arrived in the United States with nothing but one suit case, and my family back in Africa, little did I know it will be very difficult to communicate and share my new life experience with my family and friends back home.

As a college student, calling internationally was expensive and in most instances I wouldn't even get to the reason for calling before I would run out of minutes or calling time. The frustration of not being able to talk and share my college experience in the United States instantly with my family back home, especially my Mom, got me thinking hard.  After completing my degree in managing information systems from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, I decided to use my knowledge to find a solution to this problem, which I quickly discovered was a big problem for almost all international citizens.  The solution is Gashie.

I believe there is a better and more affordable way to stay connected with families and friends abroad. That is why I created Gashie.

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