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Gather is the first streaming network where viewers can use video to plan and create travel, events, and experiences from thousands of connected devices.

Viewers can watch video and virtual tours, visual planning guides, expert reviews, and content created by travel and event brands alongside original and curated tv shows, live streaming events, and documentaries. Search by destination, activity, and more to find tons of content that make traveling during and after COVID easier.

Travelers use our visual planning tools on our Android, iPhone, and ROKU apps or watch Gather on hotel and convention and visitor's bureaus' websites.

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Travel search is proven to be a protracted, complex, and sometimes annoying process.

The average purchase journey for a single hotel room lasts 36 days; hits 45 touchpoints, distributed among search engines and the sites of intermediaries and suppliers; and involves multiple devices.

Travel is a complex, high-anxiety purchase. You cannot return it, and to avoid a bad experience, time has an almost infinite opportunity cost.

  • Travelers visit up to 140 websites before making a buying decision
  • 65% of travelers search for videos online by destination
  • 67% more bookings are likely to happen when a video tour is available

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Gather is the first platform where viewers can watch, plan, and create travel and event experiences.

Gather is an AVOD/SVOD multi-channel streaming network where hospitality and travel brands (channel partners) can spread their message to all of their audiences by broadcasting entertaining, snackable content that viewers can use.

Channels are broken down by destination, travel type, and category. Viewers can watch travel content online, on mobile, or streaming on ROKU. Leisure, group, and business travelers alike can discover thousands of hours of video and virtual tours of cities, destinations, reviews, and original cooking, travel, adventure, concert, festival, and interactive experiences.

Gather is always free. We don’t gate our content with a paid subscription. Users only need to provide a name and email address to begin using Gather for entertainment or education. Not only can viewers watch content on Gather apps but Gather partners with Convention and Visitor's Bureaus (CVBs), Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Cities, Resorts, and Hotels to deploy content on custom video players that we place on their websites.

Each city’s channel consist of video:

  • City tours
  • Neighborhood tours
  • Destination culture & historical content
  • Dining guides
  • Festival and special event content
  • Bar & Nightlife content
  • Event and meetings guide
  • Group and leisure trip planners

Viewers can also watch reviews and original shows that inspire them to travel the world, indulge in shared experiences, and create exceptional moments in their everyday lives.

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Until we can gather out there, gather here.

Gather channel partners (advertisers) get viewership, engagement, and conversion data helping them to make better marketing decisions, encourage direct bookings, and create a new level of brand loyalty.

Also, Gather offers unique advertising opportunities that could only occur when travel and video come together. Brands can create custom content partnership opportunities, add on-screen lead forms online and on mobile, QR codes, and in-app promotions just for mobile, web, or ROKU, standard programmatic advertising through Google Ad Manager, create and sponsor live or virtual fan events, and so much more.

We’re minority-owned and woman-led. Our goal is to bring diverse voices to travel, tourism, and live event content.​

We’re the first streaming network targeting travel and event enthusiasts, a powerful niche where diversity and inclusion are its greatest strength. We empower content creators from various backgrounds to share their content online, mobile and streaming audiences.

Audiences enjoy adrenaline-filled adventures, once-in-a-lifetime vacations, unique experiences, and unforgettable events from thousands of connected devices.

Until we can gather out there, gather here.

Until we can gather out there, gather here.

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