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Connections made through real conversation are always more meaningful.

On Gather, conversations only last a few days before disappearing, ensuring everything is always fresh and active. We’re simulating real life in this way: when you meet someone new, it’s usually at an event or location where you only have a limited amount of time to connect and get to know one another. Time constraints drive people to take action before losing the opportunity so this fosters engagement and meaningful conversation.

The internet and social media have given us access to a world full of interesting people. Unfortunately, all social media platforms today are based around passive consumption rather than a true back and forth exchange that’s needed to make genuine connections.

That’s where Gather comes in.

Whether you’re looking to meet other new moms, enhance networking at a conference, find love, or simply meet people with the same hobbies and interests, Gather is the perfect place.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the first six months since launch. Read on to see how many users we have now and where we’re going next!

These connections are not meaningful.

Gather is for people who value quality over quantity; it’s for people who understand that 1,000 Facebook friends or 100,000 Instagram followers means nothing if you feel you can’t engage in a meaningful conversation with any of them.

Why can’t these platforms foster meaningful conversation? Because they create no urgency, no reason to interact right now, so little or no interaction ever happens.

Traditional online groups don’t work because they quickly become stale with few people remaining active and little engagement.

Moreover, on any of today’s major social media platforms, how would one go about discovering like-minded people? Not friends of friends or people who work at the same place or live in the same city, but people with shared core values and interests.

The answer: there isn’t an effective way.

So, the question now becomes, how does Gather foster meaningful, engaging, and timely conversations?

A few ways:

On Gather, you can forget about the inconvenience of attending a real-life meetups to find like-minded people -- you can pre-screen a Gathering first, then engage online, and only later connect in real life, when you are sure it is worth your time.

We launched Gather just 6 months ago and already have over 30,000 users and more than 400,000 unique visitors to site.

And that was only with a web version of the platform. The Gather mobile app just launched in January 2017 and will only further accelerate our growth.

As part of our rollout plan, we have already run conferences for the CFA Society who wanted to increase engagement and networking among attendees, and we have agreements in place with 10 of Australia’s top tier universities to launch on their campus.

We’ve also built a unique artificial intelligence algorithm that searches other platforms for content and attracts users engaging in those conversations to Gather. We are also curating content by partnering with large online content providers.  

In terms of press, we’ve already received significant press coverage in Australia and South Africa, and even have some R&B artists and other big Australian celebrities endorsing Gather!

Although we currently are not publicly releasing details of all the next feature enhancements, please make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into our company!

David Price, Founder & CEO
David relocated to Australia from South Africa in his early twenties and lost touch with much of his newly formed Australian network when he briefly lived in the UK. On returning to Australia, he tried to use existing social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) to make new friends, and for business and romantic networking, but found none of them close to satisfactory.

While thinking about this problem, he attended a Sunday BBQ, where he knew a number of people, and found he quickly met the others he didn’t. The limited duration of the BBQ – i.e. it had a beginning and an end – created an urgency and stimulus for people to interact before losing the opportunity. David thus set about creating a similar dynamic online – an environment with a limited time duration which would drive people to interact; Gather was born.

David is an experienced technology entrepreneur and strategist, having managed a $100 million private equity fund of SMEs, and previously built multiple startups, two of which were acquired.

Michael Van Andel, Chairman
A highly qualified accountant and CFA who currently manages an award-winning large investment portfolio at a Barclays Group Company, and previously worked at a Big 4 Accounting firm. Michael has also been involved in multiple technology startups.

Vincent Dravert, Technology Lead
Vincent is an exceptional software engineer who was the lead developer for the French Tax Ministry Portal, a project where he managed a huge team of software developers, and the highest levels of security were required. He now manages Gather’s team of 7 software developers.

Danielle Olivier, Marketing Director
Senior marketing strategist at a leading Australian digital marketing agency, with a focus on fast-growing an innovative technology startups.

Mark Bryson, COO
Top management consultant capable of guiding Gather to the top of the industry.

Kevin O’Hara, Investor & Advisor
CIO of Tulla group.

Ian Jordan, Advisor
Former head of Innovation at eBay.

Nolan Woolf, Advisor
Former head of Trust and Safety at eBay Europe.

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