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We're a startup in Boulder, Colorado that gets its kicks in making niche products for geeks and science aficionados. We've had huge success with our Neverending Story replica covers for Kindles and iPads, and we're currently ready to launch a digital gauntlet for roleplaying and tabletop gamers.


Check out our video of the features and functions here: The Gauntlet Tech Demo

       So much can be lost in the roll of a die. What better way to challenge and defy the iron grip of fate than with a defiant shake of your fist? Presenting the Dice Gauntlet, by Geekify Inc. Powered by an ATMega system, the Dice Gauntlet is a multi-purpose piece of gaming gear designed to turn your game sessions into an impressive display of dice-rolling prowess. Featuring two independent displays, the Gauntlet can roll two separate dice of any type at a time. Set the mode to whatever dice setting you need, shake your fist at destiny or defiantly pound the table, and watch as the bracer produces your digital dice roll. Do away with your hoard of multi-sided dice - this bracer can do it all! Coin flips, d6, d8, d20, d100, and everything in between! Each display also features a counter mode to keep track of life and score, allowing you to track your character's status at any time, as well as an optional timer mode to keep track of time spent, or to count down in a race against time.

Help Us Bring the Gauntlet to the World

This is for players of Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, the countless board games of the world, and even Monopoly! We aim to have the Dice Gauntlet available in every geek and gaming venue, boutique, and tienda on the planet. Right now we're selling in a very limited capacity, and would love to be able to ramp up production and bring down the prices for everyone.

Our company is all about bringing geeky projects to life. We all love coming up with new ideas that embrace our geeky sides and seeing how our customers love the things we make. Every dollar you help us raise is money we can put towards getting this project off the ground so we can improve it and enhance the gaming experience for everyone, not to mention supporting a company that loves doing things like this for *fun*!

Check us out on CNET's Crave Blog: Dice Gauntlet puts unlimited rolling power on your wrist

Why We'd Love Your Help

We've got some working prototypes and have our circuit boards currently being printed at the fab house. We're moving into production and looking to offset costs and bring down prices by purchasing volume quantities of components. The idea was first conceived of by a friend at SparkFun, and we decided to make it bigger, better, and more versatile. 

Having more funding available will also give us the resources to come up with more skins and design new exteriors for it, to theme them for specific games. The two we've designed so far have been a general leather gauntlet and a more Barbarian-themed bracer, but we're also trying to develop them for different classes - druids, necromancers, etc, to fit the various themes and styles of play. We're aiming to make new bracers out of cloth, leather, metal, and any other interesting material we can lay hands on, and having some extra money to experiment with will help us create new skins and give you more options to customize your own bracer with.

We'd love to get any feedback, and to hear any suggestions you might have on how to improve it!

About us!

We're a small invention studio that started out in a basement and has now grown to occupy a warehouse in Boulder, CO. 

We're a mixed bunch of people: our evil overlord John is a long time inventor, world-traveler, tinkerer, gamer, and enginerd. Jason is our circuits guru and robotic - he's personally designed a Spiderbot, available soon. Mike is our prototyping engineer. Heather is the organizational brains, and Phil is our quality control. Kiko is our resident concept artist and Head of Prettifying Things. We all come from creative backgrounds and love to take on new projects. We've done custom costuming, cosplay, movie replicas, and gaming accessories for customers in the past, and we've all collaborated to make this new project come to life. We've got a company culture that aims to play as hard as we work, and dearly enjoy our Margarita Fridays. 


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