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Genie built an innovative augmented reality technology platform utilizing a proprietary business solution that can be applied across multiple industries. Our first, tailored solutions target the design and real estate markets.

At Genie, a cutting-edge home improvement and lifestyle app development company, we are revolutionizing the interior design industry with our latest innovation: an all-in-one e-commerce platform and visualization tool that simplifies the fragmented design, product selection, and procurement processes by bringing each sector together into one cohesive visual representation.

Using the latest in Augmented Reality technology, Genie’s visionary platform allows users to search and choose home design products from an extensive online marketplace. Users can visualize their products in real time by overlaying the product in whatever space they’re designing. Thus, creating a private digital showroom. More than just a design tool, Genie is a modern proprietary business solution for interior designers and manufacturers who want to offer the very best services to their clients.

Designing a space is an exciting process, but it’s also one that’s lengthy, painstaking, and often confusing. Between the initial brainstorming and product research, the showroom visits and design iterations, it seems to take months, even years, to set a design plan in motion, let alone see the finished results.

The current standard design process is time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating for the average consumer, interior designer, and manufacturer alike.

You deserve perfection. Genie makes that possible.


Product manufacturers deal with three significant challenges that impact their costs and revenues directly:Genie's platform solves these three significant issues resulting in the following benefits for product manufacturers:

As a result, Genie helps companies better plan future product collections, launches, sales and marketing strategies.

Let’s face it: the design process is a nightmare, one that keeps you up at night wondering if all the time, money, and effort you’re putting into it will be worth it in the end. And how can you tell, really, if the choices you’re making are right without a simple yet realistic way of envisioning all the design products together before they’re purchased and installed?

You deserve perfection. Genie makes that possible.

With Genie’s solution, you can finally see the space of your dreams come together before your very own eyes. An e-commerce and design platform, Genie enables users to search for design products in an online marketplace, select the exact looks they desire, and visualize them all together instantly in a photorealistic manner in the actual space they’re designing. A true rendering of design choices in real time, Genie finally lets consumers and designers see a clear picture of their hard work.

Utilizing pioneering Augmented Reality  technology, Genie helps users create a personalized, private digital showroom that displays product choices overlaid in real spaces, making it possible to design and visualize the design of your dreams.

Here’s how.

Using the cutting-edge technology supported by our patented, proprietary surface recognition algorithms that allow our platform to capture the true dimensions and aspect ratio of a room, users can take a photo of their space, select manufacturer’s products they’re interested in, and put it all together to create a finished, photorealistic virtual design.

Genie’s goal is to optimize the purchase and sales process, making it easier and more effective for everyone involved.

A main focus for future growth, Genie is dedicated to building a robust marketplace, one that has enough supply to meet demand. We plan to onboard as many manufacturers as possible, but our target market in the beginning is surfaces, including walls, flooring, and countertops.

The current design process makes it nearly impossible for manufacturers to communicate with or influence consumers, but with Genie, they finally have a way to engage directly with the people who are buying and using their products. Our interactive platform and online marketplace establishes a direct communication channel between the two previously distanced sides of the design process.

Genie plans to launch its Beta Genie product in January 2017 for both iOS and Android operating systems. We have already sold our enterprise solution to a large international Italian porcelain manufacturer whose annual revenue is €800 across 60 countries. We are also in negotiations with over 100 other product manufacturers, 15 of whom are leading international companies, 12 of whom have already signed up for our services.

Notable Industry Interest:

  • Iris Group: A multi-million euro Italian porcelain manufacturer with 15+ subsidiaries across 60 countries
  • Chad Stark: VP of industry leader Stark Carpet, a leading product manufacturer & industry influencer, and member of Genie’s advisory board
  • Kerry Delrose: Notable high end interior designer, featured on HGTV, House & Garden, Elle, Luxe, and more, partnered with Genie and brought 50+ potential product manufacturers

Genie already has several clients online, and we’re thrilled to be showcasing their designs and products on the platform at industry shows in the coming year. One of our main focuses is getting more manufacturers onboard. Next, we will open the platform to interior designers and casual users. Once we have sufficient traction, we will begin to collect indispensable consumer and industry data. In February, we will be introducing our platform to some of the people who will benefit from it the most, interior designers, at interior design pop ups and showcases.

Our soft launch goals will get Genie’s revolutionary platform off the ground and into the hands of real industry influencers. From there, we’re confident the network effect will make Genie a popular solution for manufacturers and interior designers alike. It’s those same clients who will bring average consumers in. Manufacturers and interior designers will utilize our platform with their own customers, who will then begin to use Genie on their own.

Up Next: The Real Estate Industry
When we have perfected our design vertical, Genie has plans to expand our services and platform into the real estate industry. An industry facing many of the same problems that Genie solves for the design industry, real estate is the next natural step for our multi-industry solution to take. We plan to execute in 2018-2019, reaching out to a new core user base of real estate brokers, management companies, and developers.

The Genie team is made up of innovative industry leaders with extensive experience in software development, augmented reality, marketing, sales, finance, and design. The team’s fearless and award-winning leader, David Elmekies, has been a thought leader in game development and has channeled his passion for problem solving and technology into solving outdated business processes.

David Elmekies | Founder and CEO | The owner of patented Augmented Reality Systems technology, David has worked with industry leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, and Sony on publishing and developing over 150 products, games, and software applications. His rich software development background and diverse leadership experience has led his to his true calling at Genie: utilizing technology to disrupt and optimize outdated business models and processes.

Noah Meiri | CBO | Noah has worked as a management consultant with large multinational companies, and was one of the pioneers of augmented reality. He was responsible for introducing the NFL’s virtual “first down line” to television broadcasters worldwide, and has been a true industry influencer.

Wade Tinney | CPO | An experienced manager, Wade has worked with large companies such as Microsoft and Google. He has jointly managed a development company with Josh Welber for over 11 years.

Josh Welber | CTO | Alongside Wade Tinney, Josh has managed a development company of his own for over 11 years. In addition, he has years of experience working for larger corporations like Microsoft and Google.

Lissie Rosenblum | Director of Sales and Marketing | Lissie has over 25 years of experience in the design and construction industry with leading companies such as Phillip Jefferies and Robb & Stucky.

Andrew Xu | Director of Strategy | Andrew has 7 years of experience in finance with industry leaders Goldman Sachs and AllianceBernstein. His sights are set on leading fundraising and business development efforts with research, smart thinking, and big ideas.

Chad Stark | VP, Stark Carpet; Leading industry influence and frequent presenter at design and tech events.

Kerry Delrose | High end international residential designer; Frequently featured in House & Garden, Elle Decor, Luxe, Esquire Classic Home, House Beautiful, New York Spaces, HGTV and more.

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