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Quick Pitch

The Shared Economy is experiencing record growth rates in membership numbers, but not in utilization, particularly in the peer to peer models.

Get2Kno will provide consumers with a single sign-on portal for all the shared economy services (There are over 300 shared economy providers in the U.S. alone). With our "Trust" score rating sytem, the comfort level in a peer to peer transaction would increase.

Get2Kno is also set up to provide consumers with rewards for being active and responsible member of the shared economy- whether you are a “provider” or a “user”. We bridge the shared economy providers as an aggregator.

By being a member of our community, you will be able to search for available modes of transportation, places to stay, formal wear for a night on the town, all on one site.

3 Core Functions

Data Capture and Analysis. We capture and analyze both structured and unstructured data to score the ability to trust users who register at Get2Kno.  Keep in mind, this is in the context of the shared economy.  Far different from a reputation platform, we have created a unique twist that we sure haven’t come across elsewhere.

Aggregate Shared Economy. Get2kno bridges the shared economy providers as an aggregator.  Starting out we will focus on major U.S. cities.  By being a member of our community, you will be able to search for available modes of transportation, places to stay, formal wear for a night on the town, all on one site.

Rewards. We realize you want to be rewarded for being a responsible member of the shared economy- whether you are a “provider” or a “user”.  We are so confident in the science behind the site, that we are creating a rewards platform exclusively for our members.  In the interest of full disclosure, offering the rewards you care about will mean adding them in the months following our initial launch.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike "Reputation" platforms, that may generate some score, but no rewards, our science is truly predictive of trustworthy behavior- and we allow each user to modify the algorithm to meet their internal definition of trust. We also provide accuracy, tangible rewards and allow members to provide their shared economy log-in info so that we can pull feedback from the profiles and customize their score without diminishing the integrity of the science.  These should give us a leg up and would drive members to our site.  We will also capitalize on the use of social media, tech media, and work to “on-board” auto manufacturers, Credit Card consumers, and include rewards & incentives for referrals.

What is the Shared Economy?

The term "shared economy" refers to an emerging trend where people are deciding to share their time and resources with each other in ever increasing numbers.

This trend is also referred to as "collaborative consumption" and relies in large part on technology to help coordinate transactions. An example of this in practice is the way people rent out their spare rooms, couch or cars and collectively create a network of informal bed and breakfast and mode of transportation.

Sharing Economy have impacted and changed the way we live and work:

  1. It's bringing down costs
  2. It's making customer service more important than ever
  3. It's broadening our horizons
  4. It's making us more flexible
  5. It's making us all a little bit more entrpreneurial
  6. It's giving us more control over our time
  7. It's driving up wages
  8. It's saving us time
  9. It's growing our connections with communities and local people
  10. It's helping the environment
  11. It's helping the economy



Get2Kno may be relatively new as well as our unique platform, however, we have already gained substantial traction.

One insurance company, 3 car share providers, 1 ride share provider and 1 data provider have all committed to support Get2Kno members once capital has been acquired to complete the platform.

Get2Kno is strongly supported within the shared economy providers.  We have received support, encouragement, from those who have invested in shared economy companies, and recognize the need for a solution like ours.

Even before the beta was launched, Get2Kno received, and declined an investment offer exceeding $1.5M.  However, the investor wanted 74% of the company, wanted to become the acting CEO, and had zero social media experience and zero start-up experience.

Get2Kno Our Team

Guy Fraker, CEO

Has 25 year experience in the insurance industry including agent & marketing executive. Built a scenario planning practice within State Farm for 12 years; co-founded a tactical innovation practice that included corporate venture as well as R&D; 3 years advising shared economy companies  re risk management.  Guy is fearless about learning and has a total of 12 startup ventures in his experience.

Sean Udall, COO

In the corporate world, Sean performed key foundational work and consulted leadership in shaping three fortune 1000 companies’ Risk Management and Treasury units.  Specialities were leadership in Economic Capital modeling, investment strategy consulting and risk management for investments in excess of $100 billion dollars. Sean is also founder of a technology investment newsletter, The TechStrat Report.  His often prescient calls on global economics and stock predictions have been published since 2007 via Minyanville Media (

Henry Hexmoor, Acting CTO

Henry is a long time IEEE senior member and has published widely in artificial intelligence and multiagent systems. His research interests include multiagent systems, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, mobile robotics, and predictive models for transportation systems.

Purvag Patel,Development Team

Purvag Patel is a doctoral candidate at Department of Computer Science, Southern Illinois University (SIU) Carbondale with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He is responsible for web development, rendering and integration of algorithms. His research is focused on computing with words, and expert systems. His research interests include fuzzy logic, social network analysis, machine learning, search engines, computer games, and multiagent systems. He is an energetic Software Engineer with software development experience in various technologies such as Java, JEE, Groovy, Apache, Apache Tomcat, PHP, SQL, and Spring framework.

Markum Reed,Development Team Member

His research interest include social and economic networking theory, computational economics, game theory, multi-agent systems, and social capital and network cohesion. He is working on the get2Kno economy development team.

Dr. Dan Rose, Board of Director

Dr. Daniel M. Rose, an anthropologist, is professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania. He has published across a number of disciplines, lectured in the U.S. and Europe, authored fiction and poetry, made three-dimensional art including automotive and other designs and has consulted internationally to financial service and insurance companies.

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