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Fast Facts

GetHealthyDeals is a transformative new comparison platform designed to provide healthcare consumers with easy access to the best products and services their money can buy. We are the only platform offering this much-needed service.

Designed to cut through the hype promoted by individual retailers, our helpful service ensures that healthcare buyers are afforded all the fresh, topical knowledge they require to pick the best solutions for their own conditions, locations and budgets. 

The Healthcare

Modern healthcare in the United States is something of a wilderness. With seemingly innumerable therapies and providers available, it can be quite difficult for regular consumers to simply find the nearest, most affordable source of any cure.

Many medications and medical devices are highly fungible; it doesn’t matter who makes them, as long as patients can secure access for a reasonable rate. Recurring-need formulations, like insulin for diabetics, can cost wildly different amounts.

Prescription Drugs: 1 in 2 Americans can’t afford prescription drugs even with health insurance.
Health Insurance: 1 in 5 don’t have health insurance
Healthcare service: 1 in 2 Americans can’t afford healthcare services even with health insurance

The upshot of this market confusion is that many people end up routinely paying more than they need to, for basic health products that should not be a source of damaging financial drain.

What people need is a single-source portal where they can compare the relative costs of solutions from different providers, so that they may make and informed and enjoyable decision about how their scant healthcare funds may best be spent. 

The GetHealthyDeals

Our solution is to put all the relevant price and location data directly into the hands of consumers. By building a database of relative prices comprising all existing healthcare sales portals, we give customers information they can leverage into real-world savings.

Our platform combines four different data streams to provide users with the best possible price information for their own personal needs:

  • Fresh, accurate price data from many different retail websites.
  • Precise geolocation data for both products, and the people searching for them.
  • Additional discount information from retailers enrolled on our platform as vendors.
  • Accurate science reporting from our own in-house health news team.  

How It

We’ve designed our user interface with ease-of-use foremost in mind, but have avoided sacrificing deep functionality as a result. The upshot is a seamless experience allowing users to quickly find precisely the right solution to any nagging health service question.

While the majority of queries we handle are direct price comparison inquiries for specific drug or devices, with cost being the primary driving factor, this is only a fraction of what we do.

Our primary value proposition for providers is that we offer a closed market experience where their offerings can be positioned directly in front of the consumers most likely to buy them.

By keeping access to our comparison engine free for end-users, we ensure a healthy, growing market of price-conscious health product consumers who are interested in reading about the latest offering from our paying supply-side market participants.

Types of healthcare related products and services featured include: drug coupons, health insurance,  health and beauty services and products.

Company presence already established on Facebook and Twitter, driving users to our site for free. 

Winner of the 2018 Best of Tallahassee award.

Multiple press mentions in 2018, from publications in both tech and healthcare verticals, as well as in local Tallahassee news. 

The GetHealthyDeals

GetHealthyDeals was founded by Babajide “Jide” Sadiq, who currently serves as our CEO. Jide holds a Master's degree in Public Health from the Florida State University and a Doctoral degree in Public Health from Florida A&M.

He has worked in the public health sector for over 15 years, in a variety of different roles and silos. 

Our main Project Manager is Sajidmiya  “Sajid” Shaikh,  a computer developer with over 15 years of experience in developing web applications using PHP, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, ADO.NET, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Hamed Sadiq is our bootstrap investor. He graduated magna cum laude from one of the best Universities in Nigeria, with a Master’s in Telecommunication and Registered Engineer. 

He has over 10 years experience in telecommunication and oil and gas industries in West Africa.

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