Wager, Ladder and Tournament platform for real-money Esports competitions.


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GGOLT LLC: Fast Facts

GGOLT LLC is a digital market platform designed to allow Esports players and fans to participate in ranked play for skills-based gaming with real money payouts from pooled collections of participant cash.

Our unique ecosystem provides the ideal space in which to organically build a competitive online community of players paying small entry fees to join tournaments and competitions where they can walk away with huge, real, monetary wins.

Don’t Bet on Bookmaking for Esports

Traditional sports betting websites, while tremendously popular, suffer from some considerable setbacks when it comes to attracting Esports revenue:

The GGOLT Solution

GGOLT escapes the harsh structures reserved for traditional gambling sites because it isn’t a sportsbook in the traditional sense. It was built from the ground up as a legal organizer of paid-participation tournaments, ladders and gaming lobbies. 

Key Features

Our service consists primarily of two different pay-to-play-for-real-money opportunities which
we offer to our game-fan customers:


  • For players who want to play for money
  • Usually a nice pay out prize
  • We take 40% of the entries
  • Pay out is 60% of the entries collected

Money lobbies:

  • Where players can join a queue for any amount
  • House take 5%
  • 95% of the queue proceeds go to the queue winner

Traction &

  • Over 12,000 users acquired, with minimal marketing, in the 5 months we’ve been operational.
  • Generated $42,000 revenue from unserved interest in one single (obsolete) game on a single console.
  • Huge upside potential when we expand to cover all platforms and titles.
  • January was our best month to date, with over $11,000 in revenue generated from credits purchased, memberships, and other user services we offer.
  • Many repeat users, who come back every day to play with us a little more.
  • Users are starting to see us as a huge threat to CMG, and are planning migrations. 
  • Surpassed 8,000 followers on twitter, which is our biggest and most important social platform.
  • While we are currently in an independent growth phase, we are beginning to look at potential partnership agreements as our user base swells.

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