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Tired of searching for an apartment and getting one vanilla box listing after another? Scratching your head over positive and negative reviews because they just don't matter? With, we let you rate what's important and reveal only the best apartments that make the gist! is an apartment listing site letting users find their perfect apartment using 1-5 rate score card on key areas and matching apartments that fit! Get the Gist and Get moving!

How it Works

We make finding the perfect apartment super easy. Simply rate major points on your apartment lifestyle by rating them on a 1-5 scale. Also, matches you to apartments rated by actual renters' score cards from that community that best fit! Easy, simple, done. Get Gistly and Get Moving!

Get Gistly and Get Moving

With our secret technology we match your ratings score card to apartments that fit the bill based on others rated score card in that community! From the best matches you can view videos /  photo galleries of the apartment and see what other apartment dwellers said about the apartment community.

Then, simply reserve the apartment from or schedule a time to meet with the apartment community leasing office to secure the apartment.

Why it Matters

Trying to find the right apartment online, a place you will call home for normally a year or longer, is tiring and cumbersome and takes hours, days and even weeks to sort and filter through generic apartment listing sites. Currently, these old dinosaur search sites force you to answer standard questions 

that don't get to the heart of the matter on how you really live and instead match up apartments simply based primarily on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need.

THAT JUST DOESN'T CUT IT! So we are changing that by letting you take control of the search process immediately and getting to the gist of what you want out of your new apartment. And what does this do? This let's you find the right apartment faster and easier to get you moving and settled in no time!

Refer a Friend for Gistly Bucks!

Have a friend or family member that needs to find the perfect apartment? Refer to your friends to sign up and receive $50 Gistly bucks that you can use for your own move-in costs. Once they sign-up each friend is awarded $50 Gistly bucks to use for their own move-in costs.

With It's About You From the Start is not about matching you up with how many bedrooms and bathrooms an apartment has... heck, it BETTER have that! No, what does so differently is match you with what really matters based off your exact preferences. So, if you could care less how far it takes to get to work or whether the apartment staff is less than brilliant, but getting to your local sports pub is make or break to your pad, well will match you to apartments that fit that bill!

What's great about our technology is that the matches come from past renters and prospects of an apartment community without their "commentary", which we know is not always that credible. That way you spend LESS TIME searching for the great apartment and MORE TIME staying focused on YOU. And once you got the gist, well you won't want to move out!

So, say bye-bye to all those long hours of searching online, then reading bad reviews, then going to "hopeful" apartments that are supposed to match to then finding out you were so wrong. Get the Gist and Get Moving!

A Gistly Promise

Gistly promises to NEVER "Feature" apartments in your match. We believe in 100% objective matches from the start. That is our promise to you. Fair and neutral matching never led by featured advertisers. We promise to get to the gist to help you get moving!

Help Fund

If you're like most of us, you are probably looking or know someone who is looking for a new apartment right now. And it is time to get away from the old methods of searching and into the new. We promise to deliver the best way to find an apartment online that squarely is focused on the users real wants and needs. Thanks again for considering!


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